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  • @kathy loved your choice, know all the words to that
    And The Bare Necessities has been lurking for weeks, ready to explode into the BP!
    Karen sad, me sad, you and your near death accident, Gumby working all hours, we just needed a happy, smiley, reminds you of when you were a kid, moment...
  • @kathy, still polishing, til you get it back!
    No it’s mine, mine, mine....
  • Sorry, I was hallucinating
    The Crown will always be @Kathys
  • Lol @Hunnybunny It's ok, I did snatch it off your head a bit quickly last turn! at least you take care of it, not like @Bunny @Gumby who let's it kick around in the back of his cab, and probably has a picture of his dog wearing it!! lol!
    Yeah we all needed a little lift!
  • @Karen OB still has that Special Stock on ice for you, if you need a smile pop in
    I'm afraid we've bored @catsnbirds to tears, hope your still lurking out there? or on a fabulous vacation!
  • @kathy I’ve had it three out of four!
    Goodnight all xx
  • Oh Yeah @Hunnybunny , How quickly I've forgotten! OB must be spiking my drinks lol!
    G'Nite Bunny, Sweet Dreams♡♡♡
  • Well the Video is a little creepy The Song is great!
  • @tompuss Thanks for tagging me for the cat drawing. He does such lifelike reproductions, fascinating to watch the process.
    @kathy Still here, just not a big YouTube watcher. @sweetp is making me think it’s time to revisit my favorite vacation destination again!

  • Good to see your still hear @catsnbirds ,I was never a big You Tube fan either, then along came @Tompuss the You-Tube Queen Lol!
    I've never been to Hawaii,, and probably never will :( I've never been out of the states, unless Canada counts, but it's attached lol, I've never been across any Ocean!
    I think I remember when to BP first opened you were on vacation (in the first few pages) and asked if we had Wi-Fi Lol! I'm happy it did :D I think that was you, my memory isn't that good lol!
  • @kathy Yes, that was me. So your memory is that good! Yes, Canada counts as being out of the states, though they are close neighbors. And fun to visit!
  • @Catsnbirds Good to know my memory serves correct for somethings lol!
    and I only went to Canada when i was a child, and that I really don't remember (vaguely) I was about 8 and remember my little sister (2) was Pita and my Big brother (13) got to do way more stuff than I did lol! I do remember being Amazed at Niagra Falls though!
  • @sweetp And I enjoy their Longboard. And just sitting in their outside area enjoying the whole experience.
  • Hmm OB Your gonna have to see where we can get that!!
    Enjoy @Sweetp Hope you can visit home soon! and you too @Catsnbirds , who knows maybe a birdie friends meet up in vacation in Hawaii? wouldn't that be something!
  • Ok... time to be updated... What is Wondering Star (beside myself)? ;P
    And hope that dancing girls are young virginal princesess to play "catch n bite" around together...!!! Hope you @Kathy and @TomPuss are already in.
    Its so relaxing just to say BOO and hear hi-pitched screams and yellings... that make you be sure your are really at home. XD

    PS: Don't be fooled, everyone will be welcomed as long can add some noisy mood to the playground. Up to this moment, old screechy rusty wheeled-chair enthusiastic one who presents there will receive my fangs... THANKS as token of appretiation. But @Kathy have the last word about the go/no-go... Dragons don´t drink nor get drunk (after Yamata No Orochi case) but enjoy hidromiel, honigwein honey mead I think is called in English. Wide open 24/7 for chainmailed knights, wizards and rogues previous reservation and full payment in advance for the funeral services and for the cleaning boys.

    "Smile... tomorrow will be worst."

    "If you're not smiling, whatever your're doing could be, is not worthy... yet."
  • Well anyone love Oasis?
    And the hatred between Liam and Noel?
    Here’s Liam take of “she’s electric”
    No Noel in sight

    It’s my favourite
  • Oops, Noel appears later.,,
  • I think that would be awesome, @kathy! Someday soon, I hope to go back and see my relatives.
    @catsnbirds, Longboard is one of my favorite lagers too, but I like Big Wave because it's a nice smooth ale. Another one I like is the Kua Bay IPA. Hmm...time for me to grab my last one.
    That brought a smile to my face, @hunnybunny! Love Jungle Book.
    Thanks for that sweet song @tompuss.
  • @TienShengLong Lol..UpDate
    Wandering Star is @Ixan57 's lovely horse, He's Wandered off to visit @Sweetp in Wyoming and we haven't seen him since! @Tompuss has a lovely picture of him! She provides the Dancing girls for @Gumby' s Place (which is not actually a place anywhere, not even in the fantasy of the Nest) but it's a fantasy inside of a fantasy (which is the Bloated Pig) that's about all i can say, except No Myself, @Hunnybunny, and @Tompuss are Not part of the Dancing Girls, we didn't qualify lol!!
  • @Hunnybunny I must admit your Country has an Awesome Flag! I'm sure TienShenLong agrees
    And yes I love Oasis! I don't know who Noel is, or any of the Drama of any of that
    That's a favourite song, and here's another
    In fact I love All their music!!
  • @Hunnybunny not only in the flag but the heart itself!.

    Will ze go to the wood? quo' FOZIE MOZIE;
    Will ze go to the wood? quo' JOHNIE REDNOZIE;
    Will ze go to the wood? quo' FOSLIN'ene;
    Will ze go to the wood? quo' brither and kin.

    What to do there? quo' FOZIE MOZIE;
    What to do there? quo' JOHNIE REDNOZIE;
    What to do there? quo' FOSLIN'ene;
    What to do there? quo' brither and kin.

    To play cum the WREN, quo' FOZIE MOZIE:
    To play cum the WREN, quo' JOHNIE REDNOZIE:
    To play cum the WREN, quo' FOSLIN'ene:
    To play cum the WREN, quo' brither and kin.

    Sadly, no are who remember that but a corrupted and twisted variant that failed to its purpose and despite the literal way is authorized to be up to this days, the conection is still there. To chase little birds is a lesser price considering you still have your souls.
  • You should watch "George and the Dragon" movie, the one that keep the true spirit of the tale. Trust me, I'm a Dragon and I'm a George (Jorge). NO MORE FIGHT! (but nice graphic!)

    (or aren't we didn't lost enough to that wurm/vermin?.... XD)

    PS @Tompuss that is a chinesse image from a calendar and the name showed states HORSE... but I understand the visual introduction for the lovely snack... errr... horsie is Wondering Snack... Star... slurp. Also, both have the eyes of Jean Reno on "Shut up" movie too! (the one with Gererd Depardieu)...

    and happy for the connaisseur's knowledge of you to be able to identify a dragon's tail (cauda; coda) at first hearing.
  • @tompuss late to the party, I put up Five o’clock somewhere a couple of days ago!
  • @tompuss I may have posted this before, who knows!
  • @Tompuss Lovely pictures of Wandering Star and Phyllis , Is that really you riding? beautiful!
    and Nooo @TienShenLong there will be no 'snacking' on the horsies Lol, @Ixan57 would not take kindly to that heehee!
  • @Tompuss That's ok Repeats are welcome, I love that song! Alan Jackson and Jimmy are welcome anytime :D
    and same @Hunnybunny I loved The Macy Grey the first time too!
    Here's my pic for Thursday
    also may be a repeat¿
    @hunnybunny apparently not the only country with a dragon on its flag. Bhutan
  • Love Jewel, @kathy!

    Yes, that’s me riding!

    And @TienShenLong I’m so glad I was born in a Year of the Horse!

    Mine for Friday, two great kids:

  • @tompuss great kids

    Now watching BBC Four Music and this came up

    One of the greatest songs ever...
  • @Gumby Waaassssuupppp??
    @Tompuss Wow! what talented kids! beautiful future for them i foresee!
    @Hunnybunny also a great song, I've never hear Joan Amatrading before, very nice!
  • No explanation Why this song came to mind, my choice for Friday..
  • Well for some reason I woke up with this song in my head! I think it was the music from the bakery downstairs going into my dreams
  • Or maybe because I Did Lay in Bed all morning just to pass the time lol!! should've got up and walked the beach! someday i will....
  • @kathy Lovely Carole King, nice cat too! And great song from Tears for Fears ❤️

    @hunnybunny Loved Joan Armatrading and Macy Gray!

    Saturday - "Long ago and far away":

  • Good choice @kathy on Friday
  • Another good one there @tompuss
    Time for something completely different
    It’s a bit morbid, about a model who died
    You will all know it, and stick to the end, best guitar solo ever!

  • Beautiful song @Tompuss , Happy you enjoyed Carol King, and Tears for fears!
    Here's another of my choice for Saturday your song reminded me of it
  • Ohhh @Hunnybunny Stop playing that song! I love it but it brings tears to my heart!
  • I didn't know it was about a Model who died, but it has other meaning to me.. same but different..
  • @kathy Always loved the Carpenters and Karen is tops!

    @hunnybunny I’d heard the song but never seen that amazing video

    My pick for Sunday:

  • Hey There @Tompuss :D
    Glad you enjoyed my choices, I'll have to listen later, in the middle of watching my Sunday shows! Crossing Jordan' next up 'Cold Case' ;)
  • And Flingin' of Course :D
    ABO tutorial, stupid episode! but gotta fill in that Leaderboard ya know!
    OB While I'm here I'll have ,uhmmm, I guess a Old fashioned PigKiller! haven't had that for a while! and cook up some pizzas!
  • Wow, @tompuss. That Wandering Star is a pretty stout Palomino! Or is he a Blond Chestnut? And Phyllis looks like a Dun. They're both gorgeous!
  • @Tompuss Loved The Bluegrass!!
    Here's my choice for Sunday, I've never heard it before today, heard it on one of my Sunday Shows
  • Hey @Sweetp :D
    You sure sound like you know your horses! My daughter is into horses, She rides quite a bit!
    Funny how children have tastes of your own, even though you never told them your hearts desires,I always wanted a horse for Christmas lol! of course Santa never brought me one, and i wasn't brought up around horses, i was always just drawn to them!
    although one Christmas 'Santa' did bring me a nice 'statue' of a beautiful horse,I still have it!
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