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  • Thanks @kathy. Living here in WY, we're surrounded by horses (neighbors and most of our friends here), so firsthand experience is the best teacher, me thinks! Although I am still learning, because there are so many types and color combinations!
    I've always loved horses, too! But of course, growing up on a farm in a small rural community there weren't any horses nearby, and there was no way we could afford it. I think it's really sweet your daughter gets to ride whenever she wants. Being on such a powerful animal is such an adrenaline rush! And I'd love to see a pic of your statue too❤❤❤
  • Uh oh, sorry I took your crown. I promise to give it a good cleaning and shine it up for ya!
  • @kathy Super "Pale blue eyes", new to me too.

    My pick for Monday:

    Horses for @kathy and @SweetP:
  • Loved pale blue eyes

    Velvet Underground reminded me of Lou Reed, I love this, it’s a BBC complication
  • @sweetp keep care of it, Kathy lost it four out of the last five weeks!
  • @tompuss loved it’s a sin to be poor

    As I didn’t post yesterday I feel obligated to post another

    We are going to see “Judy” on Thursday, we normally walk to the theatre or cinema as Mr Bunny finishes work at midday and we catch a matinee
  • That's ok @Sweetp about the crown lol! As @Hunnybunny said I've lost it 4/5 weeks in a row, she failed to mention However, She's the one who's been guarding it, polishing and keeping her eye on it for me! Clarifying, my daughter doesn't Get to ride whenever wants, she has to pay big bucks and work hard in trade for riding time, working hard by taking care of the Barn and the Horses, But she recently got married as you know so I don't know if she's getting as much time riding as her heart desires, but I know she still does!
  • I'm glad everyone enjoyed Pale Blue Eyes :D I love hearing different songs that I've never heard!
    as with your luck @Tompuss Loved Lightnin' Hopkins Great choice! and the Horse video was amazing, there ya go @Sweetp :D
  • @Hunnybunny Loved Judy Garland! Amazing she has the same "sound of Wonder" in the Trolley song as she does in the Wizard of Oz lol! Enjoy the show!
    and the perfect Ad BBC (i think you meant compilation?) Not complication)
    is great too!
    Here's my choice for Monday, not my first choice but it'll do!
  • Thank you @tompuss for that video!
    I'll take good care of it, @hunnybunny
    Here's my pick for Monday:
  • Great Choice @Sweetp I love 3 doors down!
    and when i unpack that statue I'll upload a pic! it's nothing special, just a plastic horse, and i think one of his ears are broken, but it Is still special to me :)
  • Wonderful and touching video, @SweetP, I’ve saved it in my favourites ❤️

    Loved Killer Queen @kathy

    @hunnybunny Always love Judy and especially the Trolley Song!

    Tuesday: Rod Stewart:

  • Thank you, @tompuss. It's one of my favorites, too! That Rod Stewart video with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra was so beautiful, loved it!

    Childhood memories are the best, @kathy. Even worn out and broken toys. Wish I could be little again!
  • A classic live performance:
  • Well loved them all, Queen, Greg Allman et al, Rod....
  • Here’s something I don’t expect anyone of you has heard before
    It’s sort of goofy and heartbreaking at the same time...
  • @Tompuss I Love that Rod Stewart song, with the Royal Philharmonic it's so beautiful!
    Are they really 'Royalty' and is Rod really a 'Sir' what does that mean anyway, that he's been 'Knighted' like knealt down in front of the Queen and tapped on the Shoulder and dubbed 'Sir Rod' I know Paul McCartney is a 'Sir' i never understood the meaning behind it, if they weren't putting on a suit of Armour and sworn to defend the Kingdom??
  • Outstanding Performance of Midnight Rider @Sweetp Wow that would've been something to see Live!!
    @Hunnybunny Yeah that was different, but not goofy,I liked it, something different ;)
    Here's my choice for Tuesday, glad that it's gone lol!!

    Metallica did a version of it, It's ok but can't beat Lynyrd Skynyrd :D
    apparently can't spell it either! tried 3 times, you all know it!
  • Yes @kathy, he’s a real knight! No suit of armour tho’! We have New Year honours and Queen’s Birthday honours.
    Royal Philharmonic, Royal Opera House, Royal Ballet etc. are under the patronage of the Queen.
    More about the Queen here:

    @SweetP Super Midnight Rider!

    And same to @kathy for Tuesday’s Gone!

    New Age, really beautiful song, @hunnybunny

    More horses in my Wednesday pick:

    . . . plus more beautiful breeds:
  • Beautiful draught horse, @tompuss. I have to admit, I didn't recognize the breed and had to look it up. It seems these draught horses are Suffolk Punch or Suffolk Sorrel. Originating from Suffolk county in East Anglia Great Britian, this the name.
    Thank you for the link on the rarest breeds of horses! I loved learning about these I had never heard of.

    Here's a video I never get tired of watching and listening to:
  • Another little played, but fab song
  • @Tompuss Thanks for the History of the Queen and the Royal doings, I'll never understand it all lol! but it is interesting!
    And what a beautiful song, I believe is Acapella ?
  • @Sweetp Yeah Stevie Ray!! awesome! My friend was stationed in Alaska and saw him live just before he died! that is one amazing guitar!
    @Hunnybunny 'Kiss Me' I always thought it Sweet, but not my type of music rely, it is a classic though ;)
    I haven't got a choice just yet.. been a blah day Pouring Rain when i got out of work, so I've just been sitting here dreary lol!
  • Ok Here's my choice, but i think I've played it before?
    Bet you thought i was gonna play a rainy song lol!
  • @kathy, that is a one-off 1981 Robin Octave double-neck guitar that was modified, which Stevie Ray and big brother Jimmie played that song "Pipeline" on in that video. It was named the "Family Guitar" which was also used on their Family Style album. Stevie Ray said he'd always wanted to record with his brother, and that wish was the last studio performance which was released almost a month after his death. Sad, I think he was the greatest guitar player if all time.
  • Mine for today
    Love the Big Band
  • @SweetP wow, Pipeline! Never saw a guitar like that before!

    @kathy Sheryl Crow always great!

    @hunnybunny That’s such a sweet song. . .

    Thursday: "Hard to say I’m sorry":

    . . . and a surprise visit from Fonzie!
  • I love Fonzie!
  • Anyone thinking of going to the Cinema?
    Chose Judy
    Renne Zellweger ( or however she spells it ) is amazing ..
  • Thanks @hunnybunny. And thanks for the Bobby Darin flashback. Such happy memories of my parents back then ♡

    That was cool, @tompuss. I used to watch Happy Days all the time because of The Fonz
  • Thanks @hunnybunny. And thanks for the Bobby Darin flashback. Such happy memories of my parents back then ♡

    That was cool, @tompuss. I used to watch Happy Days all the time because of The Fonz
  • @Tompuss Great Chicago cover! I love that song, never knew the name of it actually,!
    and A special appearance by 'The Fonz' love it!!
    @Hunnybunny great big band flashback!!
  • I forgot you were seeing 'Judy' I've heard a few people discussing it, all good, lots of memories?
    Love ZZ Top @Sweetp , one of the old greats!
  • I have a song in my head, don't know the name of it! searched the lyrics for hours but nothing, hopefully I'll think of it tomorrow, for now here's my choice for Thursday
  • Well, @kathy, Alexa could make herself useful for once - just sing her the tune and ask for the lyrics! -:)
  • On my way to work.... back later
  • Got home early, and spent the of the morning baking this special cake!
    Sunshine 6.jpg

    @Sunshine I hope your having a Wonderful Birthday!!
  • and just for you @Sunshine, a special Flower
  • @Tompuss Alexa just keeps saying 'I'm sorry, I didn't quite get that" useless ... unless you have use for a spy in your house lol!
  • Happy birthday @sunshine!


  • Tee hee @kathy, heaven preserve me from an "intelligent" home!

    Mine for Friday: Doris Day: "Autumn leaves":
  • Ohh My Giraffe @Tompuss!! See Alexa IS a spy!! yesterday when I was searching for songs ' Autumn Leaves' kept popping up!!! different artist but seee!!
    I love the Doris version :D
    And I remembered the song I was searching for, with no help from 'she who will not be named again'
    Here is my Friday Choice (really Thursdays choice but...)
  • and where the HE (double hockey sticks) is that Bunny!! she said she was bringing cupcakes to the party! @Hunnybunny????
  • The Nest is soo quiet today, it's spooky :/
  • @kathy give me chance

    Sunshine cupcake
  • Aww @Hunnybunny That's an Awesome cupcake, and big enough for everyone!!
    I hope @Sunshine pops in to see how much we still think of her! Maybe some music, she loves music :D
  • Does anyone realize Just how many songs there are that mention Sunshine!!!
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