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  • @fenikus that sounds fair. You know there is that thing hanging in the air? That's all I'm saying. Now when you have an enormous drift to share that strat with me - and that would be a great pleasure - why don't U use the PM? And the P stands for personal, not for power.
    Ok, quit flinging for today, My eyes look like squares now.
    Have a good night, see and read you tomorrow
  • @bernesenn, good night my friend, PM will be waiting for you in the morning (though have to first GET that 1-birder that I see).
  • @Kelani, I think he meant that his eyes were so focused on the iPad for so long that they turned into square shape (though I'd say "rectangles"). Gotta love literal translations of idioms…I had my share of weird looks in my early days here when I did the same thing ;-)
  • @fenikus I figured that's what he meant, but it's a new one, and I like it. :)

    I'd love to see you use screwy English sometime! So far, it hasn't happened once. You've been in the US...10 years? You've picked up the language better than half of us natives.
  • {another UK thing} BBC are filming the Christmas edition of Casualty outside our house. They sent a letter beforehand: certain householders may be asked to have Christmas decorations put up around their homes. I love Christmas, I wanted those decorations...

    Who got them?

    My nice neighbour who allowed the lorries to park in her courtyard parking spaces?

    Or Mrs Ranting Bunny, who didn't?
  • @hunnybunny I spent 5 mins trying to find your garden, before I realized why I couldn't. My money's on that left-of-center boat. Need a pretty big bird, though.
  • speaking of gardens, gotta go see how many plants I managed to kill yesterday. bbiaf.
  • @fenikus @bernersenn just took second place on #9 only 970 points from first place
    Nothing odd there at all, or did I miss something?
  • uhoh. bunny's on the march.
  • @kelani just ahead of you. But nearly bedtime for me, giving you plenty of time to catch up.
    And at the end of the fling, you'll beat me hands (paws?) down, again.
    But who cares, any top ten place is fine by this little rabbit!!
  • @mvnla2, congrats on the great score in TT #7. You beat my best score by more than 100K!
  • @fenikus don't rub it in, poor old @mvnla2 has had it bought home to her in the walkthrough enough times!!

    @kelani I'm struggling now Beak One (I want 2.5m) Beak Two (top ten) HAMerica (ditto) and now new Rio. I haven't even looked at HH yet. What is Rovio doing to me?

    Goodnight @all
  • Oh no, I just had one of those stupid PU presents parachute down on TT #9. I haven't had that happen to me since Rocket Rumble. Since these presents bring 3K, they just contribute to messy leaderboards.
  • Mrs. Bunny, now you're tempting me to go and look at TT #7 walkthrough page, LOL.
  • @fenikus they must know I need them more than you, I get them all the time, not that I ever PU, just some crappy scores in Rio ;-)
    And who knows how messy the leaderboards really are?

    Goodnight (again)
  • @fenikus do they really give 3k? I've seen mentions of that, but never any hard proof. Darn. I've gotten probably 20 of those since this time yesterday.
  • Okay, I understand the marketing strategy with these parachuting presents but why-oh-why did Rovio decide to give extra 3,000 points when you grab the present. Contributes nothing to the marketing ploy but inconveniences their best customers (they obviously know about how competitive AB flingers are).

    Edit: Yes @Kelani, they really do. I paid special attention when grabbing this one today and I saw the 3K graphic.
  • @hunnybunny -- "poor OLD!! MVnLA2"??? That's rubbing it in more than people pointing out that I made a mistake. cc @fenikus
  • Hmmm…just had a thought: maybe Nesters are NOT Rovio's best customers? Most of us are against PUs so they can't be happy about that…idk.
  • @mvnla2, I also made a typo…my post was supposed to read:

    "@mvnla2, congrats on the great score in TT #8. You beat my best score by almost 3K!"

  • @fenikus look at the # of players shown for any AB episode in gamecenter, then compare that with the number of posted scores here. It's not even a tenth of a percent. Kinda sad, having 500,000 people competing against us might kill a few admins, but it'd make us up our game :)
  • Someone's a bad typist or they're nibbling at my TT #2 score. Just got two new sheriff alerts on it, but I'm still in 1st.
  • @Kelani, so what do you do when you get those numerous parachuting presents? Just reset?
  • @fenikus IIRC they keep coming back until you get them. I usually just fling normally. If I get it, fine, if not, also fine. DIdn't know they were really worth 3k though. That's just evil.
  • Hmmm…flags @Kelani's dubious top score on TT #2…it's suspiciously 3K above the most of the competition ;-)
  • @Kelani, I got only one parachuting present and still managed to notice the 3K graphic…you had 20 of them and you haven't? Tsk, tsk, tsk...
  • @all -- Just finished getting 3* and all feathers in the new Rio episodes. Will wait with fingers crossed hoping that some people with below average scores post theirs so the averages go down. (Has that ever happened?)
    Thanks for the comment on #8 @fenikus : ). I did check that one several times. I think sometimes when you're working on feathers you get enough rinse and repeats to up your score. Also, you're trying for something a little different, and you sometimes luck out.
  • @fenikus like I just said, I ignore them. :P

    @mvnla2 did you find any ridiculously hard-to-feather levels?
  • @All just so you know, if you buy a tip with powerups, then a few turns later it gives you another Want Tip? prompt. It's the same blanking tip.
  • @Kelani, were you getting any of those presents in BR? I never got even one.
  • @fenikus When it first released, I got maybe 5/day for the first two days. The frequency drops off after about 3 days, though.

    State Farm must have paid a fortune in fees because this update is nuts. When I was score-hunting yesterday, I'd do about 40-50 flings on each level, and several times I'd get 2 of them on one level. Oh, I forgot some are provided by Rovio, so two sponsors may explain why so many.
  • Oh well....since I can't fling today....I suppose I should at least upload the Rio update.
    *enthusiasm oozes from every pore in my body*
  • @Rat Even without flinging, It's nice to look at.
  • Home at last!! What alooonnnnggg day! ! Had a dr. Appt after work , the far away one where my xrazy sister comes with me..I Just got home 10 minutes ago! !
    I did manage a couple flings in beak 2 hee hee.
    OB a PigKiller please:)
  • @Kelani, I don't know how you use your iPad when you play but if you turn wi-fi off, the presents don't appear.
  • @fenikus is correct @kelani I use airplane mode when i play, which also saves battery a little. Ave no WiFi.
  • @kelani -- There were 2 or 3 levels that it took forever to get the feather on, and when you get it, you wonder why this one is 100% and the last 10 weren't. I always try the ME before flinging any birds, and there are some that give you 100% that way. It also tells you which parts are going to be hard to clear, not to mention where not to land the sardine can.
    Don't remember which I had the most trouble with, but if you're having a hard time on some, I can try to remember / help. Can't believe I'm saying this to the mighty Kelani. : D
  • @fenikus I wonder how many people do that. Since those are worth 3k, it seems like disabling them would be a handicap, but if everyone lets them do their thing, it should average out.
  • Sorry @Kelani. I flung a few while I waited for all the updates to load. I was way behind in my upgrades. Three from Rovio alone. Anywho, as I was saying Kel, I flung a few. Thanks for keeping the big chair warm.
  • @mvnla2 lol. no might here. I whine for help as much as anyone. :P I haven't gotten to feather mode yet, just wondering. I remember from other Rio eps it's mostly first-time success levels, with a few impossible ones scattered in, like BR-20. I still remember that one.

    @Rat no problem, but don't get too comfy. I'm ipadless again for 24h starting tomorrow night.
  • If you keep finding points Kel, you may force me to play level 38. But I don't want to.

    Edit: I'm saving him for the nuclear option.
  • @Kelani, I am happy to have that handicap. I know for a fact that all my scores are squeaky clean -- even if I get those presents, which I do very rarely, I make sure that I grab it and then immediately reset the level. If that prevents me from being competitive, meh -- so be it.

    I always played with wifi off until Rocket Rumble. Then when people started reporting these 3K gifts I turned it on because I wanted to investigate. I got few during Rocket Rumble and then nada, zip, zilch…until today when I got one (and still haven't gotten another).
  • @fenikus Have you been flinging a lot today? I have wondered why some people get tons and others don't.
  • About 2 hours so far. But like I said, I only got a few in Rocket Rumble and then absolutely none until today, with all the hours of flinging in High Dive and especially Blossom River. I think it's like Hunnybunny said, Rovio knows who needs them and who doesn't, hahahaha.
  • I must be missing something major on #14…I was so excited about my 204 score and all it gave me was 2 stars, lol. And the top score is 232K.

    Edit: Ah, never mind -- got it.
  • @kelani @fenikus what presents. .ohh never I'm still in space duh!! I can't update my tablet cuz my wi-fi not working:( I did update my phone though hmm..
  • Hey @all on my phone when i installed the update. I only got Timber tumbller not the high dive one?
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