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  • @kelani - Here's me and Wendy (my sis)'s our official "Cancer Prayer Photo": She's on the on the right!!!

    I'm soooo proud of her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Good Night @all...way past my bedtime ;-)))) Thanks for the fun! I've missed you all!!!
  • Wow! Those weren't cougars, they were leopards.
  • WTG @fenikus. You understood Rat squeak.
  • Happy Birthday @Tompuss!!!
    Hi @jlz-666
    Hi @sweetp
    @angryadvisor Bella è molto bello! But how are you're allergies?
  • Wow, @AngryAdvisor (sheesh, it took me this long to catch on, @lesleyg! LOL) your Bella is definitely Beautiful! I can see snuggling with her, petting her soft fur!

    Hello @BirdAddict! You're up waaay late tonight...being a night owl? So good to see you here, to help celebrate @TomPuss' birthday!
  • Ok @kelani, now you have me confused. You aimed at 10:00 and Red went all the way around? How does that happen, unless you aimed waaaay higher than the rocket, just at the very edge of the gravity field?

    I'm getting pretty sleepy, so I'll have to come back tomorrow and get your clarification.

    Night-night @all! Enjoy your weekend!
  • Have a wonderful day @tompuss!!!!! BTW look up.......@estar hung up your banner in the early hours lol!! i.e a few pages ago ;)
    Blimey I was on a roll there and missed @birdie & @sweetp!
    I'm sorry but hi & bye :( @sweetp it DOES have a happy ending! Bella is beautiful! The 2nd photo you showed of her looks like my sis's last lab! Congrats on the new arrival :D
    @angryadvisor Hey there!! Sorry I missed you but it's was lovely to see your name in here again! You and sis look fab! She's amazing! X
    Really gotta go :(
    Kisses to the birthday girl...........ah to heck with it,kisses to all! X
  • Yay! This is the birdday gal checking in!
    @EStar Thanks for the magnificent banner! And that cake - you right, it's absolutely me! Have a slice, everyone!

    @kathy Good to see you in all your splendour again! And thanks for the lovely flowers.
    Let's start with Cristal all round - Princess, OB and Blues, get to work!

    Thanks for greetings @rat. And you too @ABCrazy for the lovely TomPuss pix and balloons.

    @kelani Thanx and meows back atcha! July hmmmmm. . what's happening on the 14th already? Oh! *slaps forehead* - it's Bastille Day of course (among other things. . .)

    @SweetP So happy about Bella!

    Pause for lunch. All for now, you lovely birdie friends - BBL to read later pages. . .
  • Good morning every one! Sorry for the boring tutorial, but I think some people will find it useful when posting images in the BP or other forum sections. Let me know if this works, I will use it as a placeholder and adda link to page1 like little tutorial I posted a while back for the notification settings in the old forum section.
  • Hi @TomPuss!!! Kisses to you, I got to love and leave as well. Will be back later after I caughtup with the 3 pages since I left last night... what happened?!?! hahahaha :)
    Have on marvelous enjoyable day!
  • Good Morning @TomPuss sorry i can't stay.
    Hope your birthday is as sweet and wonderful as you are:)
  • @mvnla2 how is that with these confusing things? We got @rat and @rat9 - @lesleyg and @angryadvisor. On the other hand we have twice @kelani @fenikus @myself, etc.
  • @SweetP That's one gorgeous smiley kitten! And Bella is a very beautiful and lucky lady. If you sift thro' my album you will see a foto of Kinky (mother of the following three) - she was a rescue cat too.

    @AngryAdvisor Nice you landed here today for my party. Eats, drinks, help yourself!
    Your Bella is gorgeous too.

    Hey @mvnla2, yes, big surprise to see the banner up so early!

    @SweetP Wow, more kitty-cakes! Careful now, I'm so proud of losing a few kilos, so one nibble at a time. . .

    @JLZ666 More flowers! More cake! Thank you darling!
    Waaaah! and another bottle of toxic to go with the gin!
    And that wicked card - more laughs xoxo

    @mumsie Merci pour la chanson et le gâteau, mon amie.

    @bernersenn Thanks for that lovely card, bless you.

  • Sorry @tompuss,I'm just popping again. Busy day at work I'm afraid. Hope you're having a fab birthday! That video is fantastic! He's genuinely belly laughing! Gotta love grumpy's face!
    I don't watch NCIS I'm afraid but I take it she's not your blue eyed,blond haired all American cheerleader type? Haahaaaa! I'll google her later.
    BTW I'm LOVIN the name @demonlady666! Dang I want that now ;(
  • @bernersenn -- I'm always getting the terminology mixed up but hopefully this is correct:
    Every member has an @username and a nickname that they chose when they signed up. Life is easier for the rest of us if the username and nickname are the same. The @username is used for @mentions everywhere except in the old forum. The old forum uses @nickname. The old forum also can't deal with nicknames that include spaces, hyphens, periods or other special characters.
    Your username cannot be changed, but you can change your nickname by going to "edit profile."
    It sounds like @AngryAdvisor may not have her notifications set correctly to get notified in the old forum, even if you use the @username. E-Star or someone posted a link to directions to select the correct notifications.
  • Hi @estar, thanks for the HTML tutorial -- very helpful. Do you know why embed feature doesn't work in walkthroughs? I am 100% sure that I've seen some older posts where members (including Slim) have a thumbnail of their screenshot in their posts. However, when I tried it couple of times in the past, it just shows blank and looking at the View Source of the page, it looks like some of the embed HTML has been stripped. Last time I tried, Slim had to fix my post and I even sent him a PM asking what I did wrong. He seemed to think that it should work, but his fix involved making it into "text" HTML.
  • Hi @TomPuss, happy birdday! You share the best youtube videos ever.
  • @JLZ666 No, Abby is a most lovely Goth with black hair, tats etc. In real life too v nice person, loves animals. Google her, plus images. She owns a black lace parasol I would kill for!
  • WTG @Rat. Oh and thanks for letting me be the 8-29 sheriff for full 43 minutes.

    So now I've overcome the milestones in both Beak 1 and Beak 2 -- 2.5M and 2.7M, respectively. The question is: am I going to say "Mission Accomplished" or be inspired to run for the office? I don't know, top overall scores seem awfully high, it would take some doing to chase them...
  • @fenikus congrats on the #29 1b! Also, damn you. :P Do you remember what Red bounced off at the end to cause the big boom?
  • Happy Birthday @Tompuss!! Have a fantastic day! :)
    Sorry I'm only a popper but I hope everyone else has a fantastic weekend as well.
    @jlz666 I love Abby - she's one of my favourite TV characters. And totally rocks the Goth look.
  • @mvnla2 thank you for this explanation about the user- and nicknames. And no, I don't want to change anything at my own names. Was just curious about the double names.
  • @angryadvisor, it feels good to see you together with your sister in good health on a photo.
  • Hey @karen! Am I the only one who doesn't know her? Yikes! Loves black,cares patio neatly about animals,plays a forensic scientist and was in a Metallica video????? She has my life lol!!!
  • @JLZ Get in line! Cute Perkygoth / forensic science genius has always been on my Christmas list. :)
  • Lmao! Ok a few edits needed there! Patio neatly was "passionately" and she has the life I'd love to have. I'm NOT a forensic scientist nor have I ever been in a Metallica video!
    Ok off to eat and drink the yummy spread in front of me.
    Have a great night everyone!
  • @estar what a nifty idea (the edit). :) I gotcha on the ascii. I'll peek at it in a bit.

    As for the notifications, I'm talking about the popup one. I don't enable any email notifs. Whenever those changes were made a few weeks ago, they started working, then a week or three ago, they stopped again. Not a problem since I read everything anyway. Just a curiosity.
  • Thanks for the Star translation @DemonLady666wannabe. I was having trouble with that one.
  • @TomPuss They have Abby's parasol at the CBS store for $49.95. Please don't kill anyone. Oh wait! I forgot our traditional greeting. How's it hanging? lol
    Happy Birthday Lady.
  • @fenikus Big thank you for that, dear friend, much appreciated. I love tracking them down and so glad when peeps enjoy them. But hey, I sure posted the last playlist at the wrong moment. . . . just before the football match which shall not be named (vergeef me, NL)
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