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  • Well, I'm lucky: I'm from Turkey!!!! 5.5 hours to Rio!!!!
  • This is my first post in any forumn, ever. I'm not sure whether AB RIO is coming to webOS tomorrow the 22nd or whether I have to wait weeks or what??? precentral doesn't say much and i'm not a tweeter so i'm out of the loop on that one...

    Considering a plane ticket to Turkey so i can play this one tonight...
  • Angry rio birds already !!!!!!!!!!
    And when will the android?
  • 3 hours 15 mins to go!!!!!!
  • 2 hours 15 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Lol check out this vid I found:
  • My version just updated and the ads in the pause screen are MOST ANNOYING! Bad idea on their part and I'm completely turned off by the game now.
  • @vmat, Rovio has already stated that the next version of Angry Birds will have the option to disable the Rovio News (the "ads" in the pause screen). It shouldn't be very long until the update is released.
  • This movie trailer is a thing of beauty....

  • I'm surprised they needed to say it wasn't official - the whole thing has its tongue planted firmly in cheek. 'Visonary director Michael Bay'? LOL.

    (Oh, and be on the lookout for the homage to Indiana Jones. It's priceless.)
  • @ladycrumb Thanks for sharing the movie trailer. I was finally able to post it to the front page (I've been swamped with trying to improve the leaderboards).

  • this is a mashup of rio the movie and angry birds. its official from the rio youtube page.
  • Also the Angry Birds Rio theme music is available for purchase on iTunes as well. Here's a link:
  • Any word on the Android version of Mighty Eagle? I know they were trying to work out the specifics of the payments but shouldn't that be fixed now with the Amazon Appstore?
  • Will be awesome if Rovio did add a stats section, let hope that they will be able to add stats to date (i.e. number of pigs killed), will suck if you have to start from 0 again...
  • @RZLIII That could be the most informative forum post today.

    I have a client in the gaming space that already does all of this. I've tried connecting the two, but to no avail (Rovio, if you read this and change your mind let me know).

    I can't blame Rovio for wanting to do this on their own, but if they do move to the cloud the amount of data they will have to store and transfer will be mind-boggling (and that doesn't even include the yet-to-be-released stuff like Facebook). That leads me to think that they would charge a monthly subscription fee for this service. I'd be happy to pay it, but I'm not sure casual AB players would feel the same way. That's just a guess of course, as it could be completely free. If they do charge for it that means they'd again run into the problem of parallel systems. One that stores data on the cloud (with likely a local cache) and one that stores data locally. That in an off itself presents another problem. It's not a huge problem, but every moving piece requires extensive planning, development, and testing.
  • @BirdLeader I agree that the amount of data transfer would be very great. However, similar (or more extensive things) have been done before. Look at Steam. Very large downloads. The service part is free to the consumer. Or look at Apple's App Store, for instance. Rovio would be able to do it; they just need a data center to handle the storage space and bandwidth requirements. Comparing Rovio is Apple isn't fair; Rovio is a game developer, Apple had over $65 billion in revenue in 2010. But comparing Rovio to Valve, that's another story. Valve was also just a game developer with one intellectual property when they decided to revolutionize the way games were distributed via PCs in the central manner that was easy and free to the consumer.

    The most bandwidth-intensive part of all of this, the way I see it, is saving progress to the cloud. And this same aspect of a potential system that we're discussing is also what you have concerns about with having non-synced parallel data. How is this solved? Instead of continuously uploading and downloading a save file to and from the just have the levels' progress saved individually. There's no master save file that could get out of sync. Each level is saved individually; this cuts down tremendously on the amount of data transfered back-and-forth; instead of a whole save file, it's a very small part. So with players who are using devices that aren't always connected to the Internet (such as an iPod Touch, Wi-Fi only iPad, et cetera), the progress is saved locally until they are connected. Could this still create syncing problems? Absolutely. But upon connecting to the Internet, if the local data is ever "better" than the cloud data, it would be synced. There are problems when you don't connect for a long time on one device (especially when this device has a lot of local progress saved), then decide to log in on another device. But these problems would be minimized for sure. I think that overall, as more-and-more people are playing on devices that are always connected (or at least connected a vast majority of the time), these problems become minor and insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

    Is this whole idea totally original? By no means whatsoever. However, it obviously hasn't been done very well, or developers would be using it. Steam had a semi-slow start, but then exploded. It's hard now to find PC games (and more recently Mac games) that aren't on Steam. When a needed system finally hits the market that is executed correctly by a source that developers will trust (again, Steam was created by a fellow-developer in the eyes of many, which I think contributed a lot to its success), it can really change the way a lot of games are used.

    Again, though, I don't have any inside information about Rovio's plans. I don't have any proof at all that they plan to create such a system. It's just a hunch. But I think if any mobile gaming developer or company is in the position to create such a system that would have a good chance of succeeding, it'd be Rovio.
  • LOL

    Nice video...
    Here is Behind the scenes
  • Thanks for the heads up, though RZIII already enlightened us to everything mentioned in this article. Maybe we should starting writing articles about news rather than forum posts?
  • Awesome! I bough seasons 2 weeks ago, and the race was on 2 get 3 stars on all the levels before easter. and i did. now i need more! So anyone no aroundabout the exact day of the easter release?
  • @Falcon72, we don't have an EXACT date but Rovio has said "next week". I think it might hit as early as this weekend though as the usual timeline for the most recent updates have hit 2 weeks before the specific holiday.
  • @FujiToast, you mean 1 week before that holiday.
    (7th February, 10th March)
  • @RLZIII, hey maybe they'll make a little version of Angry Birds about Japan which is paid and donate half the money they'll earn from this. This could be the Angry Birds game we haven't heard about releasing next week :)))))
  • Easter achievements just popped up on my HD iPad
  • Piggy Bunnies coming
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