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  • Just an interesting tidbit I saw from Twitter [!/RovioMobile/status/47361443036807168]:

    TREFOIL31: "before Rio was announced there were talks about a new game featuring popular citys like london etc.. any news about that?"
    RovioMobile: "there will be news about that soon"
  • Like "Cruisin' USA" except Angry Birds messing up Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Love it.

    Thanks @RLZIII. Always enjoy your Rovio updates.
  • Oh that's cool, Cities is a great idea.
  • Hey FujiToast! Sounds like Angry Birds is really going to Egypt like you commented:)
  • That's right! Now we'll see WHICH egypt. ;)
  • Thanks, @AMslimfordy. I go through the read all of Rovio's tweets, so I might as well post 'em also. Keep the community informed. Rovio doesn't announce things through traditional methods. They interact with the community via Twitter, Facebook, et cetera. So it's easy to miss things if they aren't big announcements.
  • Like @RLZIII said Rovio is supposed to be making a big announcement at SXSW, does anyone have any idea of what it might be?
  • I'm not sure what it is. The announcement on the 12th was about the 100m downloads and the big projection. But I've no idea what the announcement is tonight (9pm Central). It might have to do with the Android announcement; hopefully something bigger though (the next game?).
  • I wonder if it could be a launch date for Facebook and the official name?
  • Does Rovio check this forum/site because it seems that whenever you post a bug in the game, Rovio ends up fixing it (exploding santa hats, total destruction lvl 6-4, lvl IV-2, etc.).
  • Rovio does know about this site, as they have mentioned this website during a live chat before. Bugs like AB 6-4 TD, the problem with ABF IV2, and whatnot are pretty major; Rovio will definitely learn about them via Twitter, reviews in the App Store, bug reports, et cetera.

    Do they actively check the website? Given my small history with game developers: probably not; I'm sure they are busy doing many other things. It's a hard job that they spend their time doing at work; and while I know sometimes that work goes home with them, they've got other things to do as well. Spending a few extra hours a day also browsing fan sites is probably not on that list.

    Rovio has stated on their Twitter account that not just one person runs their Twitter account. So I'm sure everyone pitches in to help keep the community strong. And when new releases come out, I'm sure they might drop by a fan forum or two to make sure there's no big problems. But outside of that, I doubt they'll read this.
  • Hey, guys new find:
    Question: Rovio, will the mighty eagle be available for angry birds rio?
    Answer: At some point, yes. Not at launch however.

    So, the mighty eagle will be available at some point in angry birds rio!

  • A three-minute video with Rovio's Ville Heijari showing off Angry Birds Rio. It doesn't reveal too much, except that the episode are going to come out different months. This build of the game shows new episodes (30 levels each it seems) in May, July, October, and November. Looks like Angry Birds Rio will be quite a large game, as expected from Rovio.
  • -Rovio is targeting April for the Windows Phone 7 release of Angry Birds [!/RovioMobile/status/47827213004980224]

    -Also, it seems like there is no announcement of any kind tonight. It was probably originally planned to be the Android announcement, but was pushed forward [!/RovioMobile/status/47836793944555520]
  • Whats next please for the iphone since the 'Go Green, Get Lucky' update. Any confirmed release dates, Rio or Ham em High???
  • @wakey77 Rio should be here 22 Mar. Ham em High should be extremely soon since Ovi Store (Nokia) and webOS (Palm) already have it.
  • Rovio has also stated several times that the next Seasons update is Easter. So expect within a month or so. Should be pretty cool...
  • Does anyone have any idea if Rovio will be releasing Angry Birds Seasons for PC anytime soon?
  • Rovio is planning on releasing Angry Birds Seasons for PC and Mac soon; though I'm pretty sure they haven't given a timeframe.
  • Ok Thanks
  • Since this is the "news" and rumors forum, I have been hearing "news" about a new ABN app, so here are some ?'s for @BirdLeader.
    1. Will it be for iPad also?
    2. If you do make it paid, can you make the paid part to be to remove ads?
    3. Can you please make all content available from the start (no need to buy an upgrade)?
  • -I don't have an Android phone, so I can't confirm, but it seems like Angry Birds 1.5.3 (World 14) is now out for Android devices. []
  • I can confirm that it is out for the Android now. I just downloaded it.
  • Nice. Hopefully iOS won't be far behind. I need something to do tonight after watching Dexter.
  • I really hope it comes to PC today. Does anyone have any confirmations of what platforms it out on right now?
  • @joggle496 I believe it is Android, Nokia, and Palm. There maybe others though.
  • Does anyone know why they didn't update for iOS today? I guess I'm too much of a nerd for this game, but it's kinda frustrating to know that they updated for Nokia and Palm, then the Android users, and then iPhone and other Apple users don't get anything today. I'm sure that we'll get it soon. But it was kinda frustrating hitting "update" on the AppStore all day long. Maybe I'm complaining too much, as iOS got most of the AB stuff before other platforms...

    Anyway, enough whining. Anyone know what's the hold up?
  • Grayson, with all major app stores, the store (such as the Apple App Store, Android Market, Ovi Store, et cetera) has to approve new apps and updates. Normally when there's a holdup from an update being released, it means the store is falling behind, not Rovio. Rovio already stated a few days ago that they submitted the update to all the platforms. But it can take upwards to a week or more for an update to get approved (which is why Rovio doesn't normally give release dates, as they're hard to guarantee; big releases, such as Angry Birds Rio, can be collaborated with on both parties most of the time to ensure a set date for release).

    Rovio can try to work with the different app stores, having the stores "hold" the updates after approving them, then giving the signal to release all of them around the same time after all the app stores have approved the update. What likely happened this time around is that Apple fell behind on app approvals, and Rovio didn't want to keep the other stores waiting. We'll get it soon (hopefully tomorrow at the latest). I've been doing the same thing, clicking the App Store button constantly; but we've gotta be patient. It's out of Rovio's hands.
    Thanks, I must have missed Rovio saying they submitted it to all platforms. I've been following thier Twitter and Facebook a lot recently, and they only thing I've been seeing them say is "really soon" for the Ham 'em High update.

    I'm sure it's not a piece of cake to get an update out to millions and millions of users, but it's kinda frustrating to be the last, when I'm so addicted.

    Thank you for calming down this addict :)

    BTW, hate for these two posts to be my first on the nest. Love the site, come here everyday. Will be posting more. Thank you guys for all that you do.
  • It is strange that the iOS platform is getting the update last. Normally we are first, or rarely second to Android. So I feel you. Haha. Welcome to the website. I hope you'll like it here; got some great people floating around. Look forward to see you post more.

    Just remember the number one rule: Don't side with the pigs.
  • Was supposed to be getting back to work but I instead check the itunes app store and see that the Angry Birds 1.5.3 update is now available. Trying to download now...
  • "-I've seen a lot of negative comments on the news reel built in to the pause screen; I guess Rovio got the message, and they plan to add an option to turn this off."

    I really hope so. My son really liked to pause the game to see the destruction his bird caused.

    I can't believe they only have 50 people. That said, that number doesn't include all the amazing fans here that help out the community.
  • So...Are we gonna get bored in April? Only Easter!!
    Only interesting thing would be details about Angry Birds Cities? also I doNT know you guys but rio is gonna make me busy!
    Will rio feature golden eggs?
  • Also about Rovio News: No Internet= No News
    I think that the item marked in red is an alternative to the golden eggs
  • I was taking a walk down memory lane this morning and doing some old Angry Birds levels, and noticed that the "rovio news'" is no longer showing up in my pause menu!? Im connected to internet, and still the Rovio News doesnt show up. Is anyone else having this issue (well i should say blessing)?
  • Wow, it seems to be gone from mine as well!!!
  • Angry Birds board game is called "Knock on Wood" and will be out 5/16/11.

  • @RLZIII They will probably release the PC version of Rio the same time as the Mac version
  • I still have those ads in the pause menu. At first I thought it wasn't that bad, but once you start restarting levels over and over to improve your score, it gets quite annoying. Hopefully they remove them
  • Apparently AB Rio is already out in New Zealand. Anyone heard any more about this?
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