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  • -Apparently there will be some sort of "boss fights" in Angry Birds Rio. What these may consist of is, of course, still a mystery... [!/RovioMobile/status/45237048734523392]
  • -The current PlayStation Network (PSP/PS3) version is actually considered by Rovio to be just the PSP version; the full PlayStation 3 version is coming out later in the year (I assume HD graphics and all that good stuff) [!/RovioMobile/status/45260451201818624]
  • Mentioned by one of the creators! Love it.
  • Can you confirm an april fools version in seasons? (get to the end of he ab seasons free and there will be a pig wearing wierd glasses that look like april fools glasses).
    Do you also know if level creator will be .99c in-app purchase or just a free thing.
  • Nothing so far as pointed to an April Fools version other than that image; Rovio has already said that there will be an Easter version of Seasons, however. And considering those are both in the same month, I would kinda doubt the release of both.

    Right now, Rovio hasn't confirmed a level creator. It is an idea that may or may not see the light of day (recent talks actually make it seem like more of a possible addition to the Facebook app). And, therefore, there is obviously no price.
  • I tried posting this last night, but it and another comment seem to have vanished.

    Anyway, a very interesting article on Rovio and Angry Birds:

    A comment about Rio:
    "Wired played three of the levels in progress and found it to be business as usual. But the pigs are gone (replaced by hanging monkeys), the physics have been tweaked and new objects added, such as bouncy palm trees and working motors. Instead of popping pigs, you free captured rare birds from cages by bombarding them with your own flock -- more or less the plot of the film."

    About future games:
    "After that, Rovio plans to create new games featuring Angry Birds characters (Vesterbacka says driving and sports games are a definite possibility), the first coming out before Christmas this year."
  • Does anyone have an idea about the 6th episode? I mean after Ham Em High.
  • Nice finds, @ladycrumb. Interesting that we'll see another Angry Birds game before the end of the year. Rovio just keeps the excitement constant.

    There have been rumors about Angry Birds Rio lacking pigs, but that quote actually has what the alternative enemies will be. That will be interesting for sure. I wonder if the pigs will make some appearances at all.

    A couple of other notes from the mailing list email what was sent out this morning:

    -Angry Birds Rio will ship with 60 levels now, up from the claimed 45 that we've been hearing about until now. Even more for us to smash!

    -In the news letter, it says to look out for an update on the 11th...since Go Green, Get Lucky has already been released, I assume Rovio means the final world of Ham 'Em High. But it is worded confusingly; I sent a tweet out to RovioMobile to confirm.

    @canor123 We haven't heard anything about Episode 6 yet. I've very curious to see what it will bring. Rovio has confirmed that we will get new birds to play with in Angry Birds Rio. Though I'm not sure if they may be the characters from the movie, and therefore possibly stay exclusive to that game. If not, and the bird(s) that we get are more universal (a bouncy birds would be awesome...or a sliding bird like in Tiny Wings), then I assume that Episode 6 will bring that bird into the regular game. Or possibly a new bird altogether.
  • So for Rio 3 worlds 20 level each?
  • @canor123 Simply an educated guess, but since Rovio has for a while released 15-level Worlds, I would assume four Worlds at 15 levels each. As well as future episodic updates from Rovio.
  • @RLZIII it looks like there was a bug fix to Angry Birds to 1.5.2 for iOS yesterday as well as the Angry Birds Seasons update. .

    No new levels this release, The notes say there is a new preference option to control notifications and such. It appears under your Settings app for your iOS device not inside Angry Birds.
  • -RovioMobile is going to SXSW*, and they plan to make "some announcements" [!/RovioMobile/status/46010837999173632]

    *SXSW (a.k.a. South by South West) is a "music, film, and interactive conference and festival held in Austin, [TX]" every year. This year the conference is being held from March 11th through March 20th.
  • Angry Birds slingshotting to PS3, XBox 360, Wii - Any news on release date or details yet please?
    Downloadable marketplace game or full price retail? Will we get a back catalogue of all levels so far or completely new ones, 1000?. Multiplayer? where whoever completes the level the quickest scores the most points or whoever scores the most points during the level wins the level???
  • Rovio has stated that they are sticking to downloadable products. So I would guess a release on PSN, Xbox Love Arcade, et cetera. The only thing we know is they are planned for release this year. Probably a back catalogs, not new games.

    RovioMobile is at SXSW, and they released a video stating big announcements on the 12th and 15th at 9pm (I assume Central Time). They then posted a tweet saying big news at 4pm on the 12th...not sure if that is a different announcement, or a fixed time.
  • A lot of peeps thought they were getting updates to both Ham 'em High and Seasons since the update on Wed night included both...? So I'm assuming new levels for HeH comes later? Has Rovio talked about this?
  • @malarkey Rovio has stated that the update that came out for Angry Birds was simply to fix a bug. The update with World 14 is still coming very soon, with Rovio insisting on "next week" (some say that it's coming out this weekend). Not sure why they needed to release the smaller update in between...
  • Are there any screenshots of AB rio, just wondering.
  • @JayJuly Nope. Rovio has said they will release video(s) and/or screenshots before the game's release.

    Something is definitely up. I just realized after reading a tweet that in certain levels of Go Green, Get Lucky (I've found in 1-1, 1-6, 1-11, 1-14) there are special four-leaf clovers. When you hit them, certain wood blocks (that have a four-leaf clover on them) disappear. A couple of people have mentioned these in the walk through posts here. Not sure if these are related to:

    A tweet sent to Rovio by EliteLeafHater: "are there 2 golden eggs plus the pot of gold or is the pot of gold considered a golden egg" [!/EliteLeafHater/status/46264312242782208]
    The response: "yes, two golden eggs and a surprise" [!/RovioMobile/status/46284809630269440]

    Again, EliteLeafHater: "so there is an egg nobodys found. Is the surprise when you hit a 4 leaf clover a certain block dissapears or is it another one" [!/EliteLeafHater/status/46288724652339200]
    RovioMobile: "maybe... Maybe not... ;-)" [!/RovioMobile/status/46292099473215488]

    A separate tweet conversation by mattking101: "please answer me!!! Are there 2 golden eggs on any of the seasons? I have 3 stars on all levels and 1 golden egg on each season" [!/mattking101/status/46292111888359424]
    RovioMobile: "there are 2 eggs in St Pat's..." [!/RovioMobile/status/46292704325402624]

    So it seems like we're all missing an egg in Go Green, Get Lucky for sure. Rovio has made it very clear.
  • Hunh, well look at that. Great info @RLZIII. Everybody keep an eye peeled!
  • I just looked through all of the levels and couldn't come up with anything. I wonder if Rovio plans to announce something about it tomorrow? Or maybe it's just really well hidden...

    EDIT: Another thing I noticed is that the 1-8 Golden Egg's pause screen just shows an egg. It isn't numbered like the ones in the regular Angry Birds. So I assume it will have a different symbol, perhaps making obtaining it through non-traditional means...
  • The blocks with clovers on them explode when you hit certain cloves in the level. So, in:

    Level 1 - Two far right clovers
    Level 6 - Aim for the first tree
    Level 11 - Clover on the far right next to the TNT
    Level 14 - Bottom two clovers on the hill right in front of the slingshot (below the concrete)

    Is it a coincidence that there are four levels with these special blocks and four leaves on a...wait for it...four leaf clover?

    Per wikipedia, "According to tradition, such leaves bring good luck to their finders, especially if found accidentally. According to legend, each leaf represents something: the first is for hope, the second is for faith, the third is for love, and the fourth is for luck."
  • On 1-14 I only see one lucky clover under the concrete slab. Am I missing something?
  • Also! In 1-6 there are TWO clovers. Look at the far RIGHT tree as well. The top leaf is lucky.
  • If the valentines ab update came on the 7th and if the saint pat's ab update came on the 10th, I think rovio is releasing ab seasons updates exactly 7 days before the real-life holiday. So, I believe the update for easter is on the 17th
  • BirdLeader posts: "...Is it a coincidence that there are four levels with these special blocks and four leaves on a...wait for it...four leaf clover?..." This lead me to Level 4 which has 4 clovers... ;)
  • @SteveJo That is simply a coincidence. Many levels have exactly four 3-leaf clovers (1-2 e.g.)

    Anyone make any progress? I'm trying 3-stars while hitting the 4-leaf clovers but having some difficulty.
  • I've tried going to all the four-leaf levels and activating the triggers. I've also tried beating the levels without hitting the clovers. I also tried changing the date on my phone to the 17th. No luck with any.
  • I went through and destroyed every clover in the game, including the one on the golden egg platform. Nothing.
  • Again, I post: If the valentines ab update came on the 7th and if the saint pat's ab update came on the 10th, I think rovio is releasing ab seasons updates exactly 7 days before the real-life holiday. So, I believe the update for easter is on the 17th.
  • @JayJuly I guess we'll have to wait and see. I wouldn't bet against you though. Right now I'm trying to hunt down this mysterious 2nd golden egg in go green get lucky, assuming there is one.
  • guys, just a heads up, the blocks with clovers in 1-1,6,11,&14 are remote bombs triggered by something in that level. For example, in level 6, the triggers are the palm trees.

    check it out.
  • I think there isn't another golden egg for these levels. The two golden eggs seem to be the one found on 1-8, and one for getting all 3-stars. The surprise may be referring to the picture you see after beating 1-15, or something we'll find on St. Patrick's Day. Possibly a new update that day?
  • The blocks are triggered by four-leaf clovers.

    Rovio has confirmed clearly that there are three eggs: the 1-8 egg, the Pot o' Gold (Three-Star) egg, and a yet-to-be-found egg.
  • Working on getting 3 stars on the four levels with the 4 leaf clovers by first triggering the 4 leaf clovers... I have them on 1-1, 1-6, and 1-11. Unfortunately, killed my battery so as soon as it's charged I'll keep going on 1-14... maybe that will work.

    Did it... didn't work.
  • -According to Rovio, there will be an free ad-supported version of Rio and a paid non-ad version. I think the iPhone version will obviously have only a paid version. But it seems like Android may either have simply an ad-supported version or perhaps both. [!/RovioMobile/status/46738390321872896]

    -The paid version(s) of Angry Birds Rio will cost an expected $0.99 [!/RovioMobile/status/46748788198604801]
  • -I am waiting for confirmation to make sure this is official, but it seems like the announcement today was a game for Kinect called "Hungry Hungry Birds". A short video of it:

    The video is short, and what is shown is a very simple game. If I had to guess (assuming the game is real) it will be a collection of mini-games surrounding the Angry Birds theme. Seems pretty cool...
  • Haven't found the rumoured 3rd egg, but I see everyone complaining about the ad's...the answer is simple, turn off your 3g network and poof the ad's are gone....or if your of more advanced intellects, have your device rooted then download "adfree" or "ad free" from the market, and poof ads on EVERYTHING are gone PLUS you get FREE wireless tether (subtract 20$ from your bill) either way the ad's are gone!
  • will there be any new birds? in rio or not
  • @canor123 yes there will be new birds in AB rio. The only known one is a pheonix that ignites the structure, but I am sure that there are more to come.
  • In re the four clovers on level four, it appears impossible to eliminate them, one-at-a-bird, from left to right, and I've yet to accomplish the reverse, from right to left.
  • @JayJuly There is no phoenix confirmed for Angry Birds Rio. The phoenix was an idea that Rovio has for a potential future bird; it was not said to have anything to do with Rio. Rovio has stated that Rio will have at least one new bird, but not what it will look like or what ability it will have.
  • RLZIII, I think the Kinect version of AB was the 'big news' last night at SxSW. I also found this:

  • @RLZLL sorry, my bad. Must have misread.
  • -It seems like Rovio is making good progress with the backup/sync system, as they expect it to out "within a month or two" [!/RovioMobile/status/47008805137039360]

    -Angry Birds has now reached 100 million downloads! That's about a third the population of the entire United States! [!/RovioMobile/status/47010563234078720]
  • New AB Rio trailer! Looks amazing!

    Also new miniseries episode:
  • @vezok1090 @RLZIII Thanks for the heads up! I've posted the news to the homepage.

    Actually, while I'm at it, thanks to everyone on this forum. You all rock!
  • The achievements for Angry Birds 1.5.3 were up I believe Friday! Im surprised the updates still not here....
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