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  • They are in the iPhone version also
  • We'll soon be able to sync our high scores across multiple devices, without having to do it the manual way!
  • RE: The Green Bird (Boomerang) plushie should be out in July.


    Could the "new game" be the Facebook version?
  • @BirdLeader, Rovio has said several times (and even recently) that the Facebook version shouldn't be out until May. Could be detail about it, however.
  • Yeah, that's what I was getting at. Will be interesting nonetheless.
  • that's way to too late. it needs to come out today. I've got to have something to do instead of my taxes.
  • AB Seasons : Easter Eggs trailer
  • Angry Birds Juhannus confirmed!!![Source:[ ]
    Question: Are you planning to make "Angry Birds Juhannus"? ;)
  • I'm sure people have found out that Angry Birds Seasons: Easter Eggs is now out for iOS devices. Go get it!
  • just have a look at angry birds magic
  • Very nice find, @btown. Angry Birds Magic definitely seems interesting. It seems to be exclusive to Nokia right now; hopefully if the next generation of iPhone also incorporates NFC (which has been rumored for a long while now), Rovio will consider porting the game over. Or, perhaps after Nokia has had it exclusive for a while, port over the levels in a non-NFC fashion.
  • I still can't believe no-one has mentioned anything about the alternate reality thing mentioned in rovio's blog! I asked them about it on twitter and they said there will be an announcement either today or tomorrow...
  • @RLZIII I'd like to turn this last post into an article. You okay with that? I can set it up and then I can also give you permission to edit it.

    Maybe we'll see a real-life Angry Birds scavenger hunt that incorporates the Angry Birds Facebook edition and Facebook Places. Check in at the right location and it unlocks a new level or something to that effect. I realize this is a long shot, but it sure would be fun.
  • It seems like no one can find the Golden Egg in Seasons Free. Now, I doubt you need NFC to unlock it, but maybe it's unlocked in a non-traditional way. I haven't had time to mess around with it yet, but I plan too.

    Hopefully, there is actually a Golden Egg in Seasons Free and it's not just a mistake.
  • @BirdLeader, I have sent a tweet to Rovio asking if it was a mistake or not. Hopefully I get a reply pretty soon. I have taken time in all three new levels to break everything with no luck finding a Golden Egg. I have three-starred the three levels, and I've searched through the menus and Help (?) screen. My guess: it's a mistake.
  • Cant find a damn thing >:c
  • *Just checked ABSeasonsFree files and didnt see any golden egg pack. I believe its an accident
    *Also checked ABSeasonsEaster files and there are 10 golden eggs plus the 3star egg
  • Great job fellow sleuthers!

    I threw a couple posts together about Angry Birds Magic and the "alternate reality" version. Do you guys mind reading them and letting me know if they sound accurate?

    RLZIII, my goal is to get your account set up today. I know I've said that before though. It's been a little hectic since the update. Errrrr....
  • The posts seem fine to me. Right now it's hard to make really detailed posts about the products because of the vagueness surrounding both of 'em. As Rovio announces more details on the products, I'm sure the fog will clear.

    @xBloopBloopx, I didn't even think to just search through the ABSF files. It seemed like a mistake as Rovio hasn't added Golden Eggs in any Free editions before (having removed them from levels in applicable cases).

    @BirdLeader, sounds good. I know you're all sorts of busy. Just let me know.
  • @Birdleader The articles look good, but the AB Magic has 2 exact screenshots
  • Anyone got any screenshots of the 'AB Juhannus' yet? It was mentioned in an earlier post by @Sean .
    PS What is Juhannus? I live in the UK and I've not heard of it.
  • "What Midsummer celebrations, you may well ask. Well, Midsummer – or juhannus – as it is called in Finnish, is one of the most important public holidays in our calendar. It is celebrated, as you probably guessed, close to the dates of the Summer Solstice, when day is at its longest in the northern hemisphere. Finland being so far up north, the sun doesn’t set on juhannus at all. Considering that in the winter we get the never ending night, it’s no surprise we celebrate the sun not setting."

    Sounds fun.
  • @vezok1090, I saw that Rovio mentioned that a few times in the last few days on Twitter. The reason I didn't post anything about it was because the responses were a bit unclear. While one post made it seem like they were in fact making a game/update for Jahannus, another made it sound like it's a possibility only and that one could come out sometime later. If Rovio does decide to release something Juhannus-related, I'm sure it will be an update to Angry Birds Seasons. Do I think they will? Not quite. I think that a Summer update for Angry Birds Seasons is very likely (named something festive like Angry Birds Seasons: Summer Fun) and that perhaps Rovio will incorporate some Jahannus-inspired levels in this release.
  • @RLZIII I agree with what you think. A Summer AB Seasons episode would be pretty awesome! I'm getting the image of pigs with sunglasses and straw hats ;-)
    This Egg Hunt is interesting stuff. Maybe it could be made in future versions of AB that users actually have to go to a place to find some kind of code hidden in the building? That would be cool!
  • I wish they'd send people here for clues. Well, I guess that wouldn't work since they would then be able to find all the Golden Eggs in every edition...ever!

    Hey, RLZIII, if you post the clues here I can copy them over to the post. That way we can keep a running list in a central place.
  • @AMslimfordy Looks like a celebration of some sort. Maybe it'll feature multiple celebrations from around the world (think, juhannus + cinco de mayo + dunno).
  • @BirdLeader I'll be keeping track of the clues for sure. I'll keep posting 'em here so you can reflect them on the main page.
  • Breakthrough! Do you know how the 3DS is going to get the eShop that will soon get angry birds rio, original, and seasons? Well Rovio can also put Angry Birds magic too because the 3DS has new technology used by street pass.
  • JayJuly, I don't know much about this whole Street Pass thing (and since I really have no plans to buy a 3DS, I'm going to be lazy and not even look it up), but I'd guess it's a passive wireless connection that's constantly running looking for local players. NFC (which is what's used in Angry Birds Magic) isn't new technology; but it is just now being implemented in mainstream smartphones. But the advantages aren't in what it does, it's how it does it. Very low power, always-on, et cetera. Any phone (such as the iPhone) could use Bluetooth do essentially do the same thing (such as the whole Bump thing for the iPhone). But Rovio is specifically trying to promote NFC (and more so Nokia) by making Angry Birds Magic utilize NFC.
  • Did anyone see the facebook post Angrybirds put out a few hours ago? here it is:

    "Angry Birds
    Did you find all the Golden Eggs already? Remember to update your games to the latest version for the best Angry Birds experience! Now that the Ham 'em High episode has reached its conclusion, it's time to hang up the spurs and saddles and start preparing for a new squawking exciting storyline! Ca-caw!"


    I know that thier facebook posts are usually well behind what people learn from twitter and other places. But, does this mean we should expect episode 6 in the next few days? I know that sunday is may 1st, so I guess it's has just crept up on me faster than I expected, because when episode 6 was announced for May, it seemed like forever ago, and I figured it would be later in may. I guess this might come out before the Rio update that is slated for mid-may.

    Sorry if I this was prior knowledge, I just got a little excited for it. After being hooked to Rio and Easter, I've been craving some plain AB, and salivating over the promised "larger than usual update coming for Angry Birds". I'm hoping for an entire episode all at once, and maybe a few surprises.
  • I saw it. It's definitely an interesting teaser, though I haven't seen any firm dates other than sometime in May.
  • am i corect tht we culd be expecting and update to AB origanal AB sesions and AB rio all in may ???
    and aney hint to wether if mitey egal put in sesions and rio if it will cost again n if so how mutch??
  • @RLZIII I have heard (don't have the twitter URL sorry) that AB update will be "later in May".

    And I would expect Mighty Eagle to hit Rio in the July update.... unless the short delay of May is for the sake of the Mighty Eagle.
  • i think the mighty eagle comes in the last update along with every other bird for a final boss tougher than the mighty eagle.I also predict each bird will be used once in that fight (yes inculding the mighty eagle)
  • @AMslimfordy, Rovio said they plan "before summer" (source: cbf finding it) for Mighty Eagle on Rio, which can only mean the May update (assuming they are talking about the northern summer...)
  • @RLZIII-- well, the news about AB Magic is disappointing for me. So far, I've been able to play all versions on my iPhone 4, and it will be a major disappointment to see others playing a new game that I won't have access to. Hopefully they will eventually get it to work with non-NFC devices.
  • "rio/seasons/chapter 14 for windows" is coming "soon, no exact date yet"
  • @ChaosTsar, I'm with you. As Angry Birds started on iOS, I think it should definitely stay supported as much as possible. If there's a version that can't be ported well (like, for instance, if a Kinect game was made) I'd understand. But since Angry Birds Magic doesn't seem (this is, of course, just based on the information we have) to actually need NFC for anything, it would be nice to see the game ported over. My guess (that I also stated before) is that we will see it ported over eventually; there's no reason to keep it strictly on only NFC devices. The levels will find their way over in some form or another...
  • Angry Birds Rio Update coming out next week according to AB Facebook page. :)
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