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  • House goes on the market Wednesday, the Bunnyman is already stressed
    Buying a flat, nearer the town, railway station and pub!
  • RIP Kathy, I grabbed the Crown
  • Well, I know exactly where it is, due to your rather explicit three words, so I can wander down the (Google) street and view it.

    That reminds me, I used to be on a street corner sitting on my bike, on Google maps in Derby.
  • Ha! Managed to get Version 4.2.0 from a different source (APKMirror) and this one works in Nox 6, so I could finally chase down the final level in Flock Favourites to get into the top 20. It was still a struggle but then suddenly a huge improvement of 9000 points. I was quite excited (oh, what has my life come to?) until I realised with horror that I was left dangling in 21st place. To coin a phrase, GAAAHHH.
  • If anyone is interested AB Chrome is playable again via a site called Yellowsuit.No doubt some of you played it back in the day wonder if anyone can remember whether the Chrome Dimension levels are unique to this game or were they incorporated later into ABO ?
  • Didn't you just move fairly recently @hunnybunny?You must have to plan it with military precision between holidays.
  • OK, I need some help/advice here. I have finally got all 30 levels of Flock Favourites into the top 20. What is required to apply for the sharp shooter badge? Obviously I don't have live tally pages for all of them because only 2 were trophy scores.
    None of the scores date back to earlier than 2021 but I don't think I have access to all of the devices that the scores were originally achieved on, and also some scores were lost when I changed game versions. Am I going to have to go back and do those levels again to get visual proof?

    And I'm sure @karen68 will know as she knows everything.
  • @desperate-dan, as the rules state, you'll have to provide the screenshots of the 3-star tally page for all 20 levels. Keep them with your picture album in your profile. Then, when your badge is awarded, you can delete them if you wish.

    Here are the rules as written by @hunnybunny:

    cc: @karen68 @hunnybunny
  • Sad face.

    Meanwhile @sweetp I was nominated for the Certified Nester badge a while back.Am I worthy?xxx
  • Thanks @sweetp you're a gem.xx
  • Thanks @sweetp. I must have most of them. Some of my best scores on episodes go back 12 years and are long lost but not here, thank goodness. Just to clarify, tally pages are OK, they don't have to be live tally pages?
  • @desperatedan, replay those levels and get a screenshot of the tally page, which will show your best score beneath the current one. Like this example:
  • Sigh...
    I have proof of 24 levels. The other 6 are lost so need replaying. The good news is that I don't need to improve any of those scores, so maybe it won't be too terrible. Maybe. Don't wait up.

    Thanks by the way @sweetp.
  • This could take weeks. Only one level recovered. Some look pretty nasty.
  • Won the pub quiz today
    47 and a half out of fifty
    Lost on Taylor Swift, ingredients of Tabasco Sauce and the half point on the name of the song by The Saturdays
    The Who Wants to be a Millionaire game, where we could have won £105 was lost on the first question
    “Who is the leader of the Liberal Democrat’s?”
    Didn’t have a clue, after getting all ten Prime Ministers in the picture round
    Never mind, we got a free bottle of wine

    And, yes, fitting in holidays between house moves, presently.
    We lived in our last house for 20 years and much better holidays!
    Been around the world, I won’t play the song
  • OK @hunnybunny, here's a question for you.
    How rubbish is British tennis?
    Tuesday, week one of a Grand Slam and the whole useless bunch have been knocked out in the first round.
    Not that I care, but Nadal was very unlucky with the draw and I was sorry to see him go out so early.
  • Depressed. No hope of the sharp shooter badge. I can't get close to my missing scores. Apart from one, and I'm stuck in 21st place. Doh!
  • This is only day one of your recovery and these things take time.You did it before you can do it again.
  • Quick, quick @hunnybunny. More live volcano coverage. Your favourite.
  • 2 down, 4 to go.
  • Anyone watching the last T20 International will know that the hunt for the person who ate all the pies is now officially over.
  • There used to be an even porkier Pakistani cricketer from back in the day,can't remember his name.Wicket keeper perhaps?Just watching our porker go mental.
  • When your not putting Flock Favourites on a rinse cycle @desperatedan could you look up Web games on the Nest walkthrough pages and check out the Chrome Dimension levels?Not looking for an in depth analysis but as our resident ABO expert just wondered if you recognise the configuration of the levels as being part of the regular ABO levels or are they different?
  • Apologies for the missing apostrophe. '
  • I am celebrating big big time. Can't say why.
  • Are we allowed to speculate?
  • 34 times no.

    As far as the few Chrome levels I looked at, they were familiar ABO levels. Can't say anything about the physics obviously.
  • Thanks @desperatedan appreciated.Have a glass of something on me.
  • Yep, on all ate all the pies
    Here’s the house
    Link deleted, in case Brian was thinking of visiting
  • I'm booking a visit! Lovely garden. Hope you get a buyer soon. I would need a garage though. Where do you put all your junk?

    On a footnote to that, I asked my recent house removers whether they ever moved stuff for people who actually put their car into their garage and they said no, hardly ever, apart from the people who had 5-car garages. I didn't even know that was a thing.
  • 29-10 has been chugging away for 2 days and over 3000 attempts, and is still only at 26th place. I suspect this is not the best approach. But I have better things to do with my time.
  • Had three houses with garages, never put a car in them
    Our last house the garage turned into a huge kitchen
  • And no junk!
  • @HunnyBunny don't know if this will be any interest to you. Just received it in my zoopla newsletter.

    One criticism about the house, the drinks table appears to be very small for my liking.
  • Brian, we also have a 42 bottle wine cooler, a 20 bottle red wine rack, and a beer rack in the fridge
    All remnants of Lock Down
    We tend to drink out now
    And far too much yesterday
    I’m surprised I actually posted something legitimate after the longest boozy lunch ever…
  • No, you were so sozzled you forgot what you posted, we read it and @sweetp removed it. I must say I was quite shocked about that revelation.
  • That seems...ahem... small beer for you @hunnybunny.I'd have liked pictures of your underground wine cellar/dungeon.Nice gaffe btw.
  • Dan, in your wildest dreams…
  • Knock Knock
  • That must be @ixan57.
  • Go on, I'll pretend I don't know. Who's there?
  • Hey, I was beginning to think the BP had closed for a vacation or something! This could be a record for longest time without a post since the place opened ;-)
  • Who wants to know?
  • I want to know.
  • Half of people who buy vinyl records have no means of playing them, according to the Guardian (so it must be true).
  • Well it got you out of the Lurkers Lounge @catsnbirds.Have you been following the Trump trial?(second of four I think-bit like his bankruptcies-I loose count)

    Have to say there's a certain mesmeric appeal to watching him skate on such thin ice.Just when you think it's going to break he does a triple salcho and carries on skating totally oblivious such is his hubris.

    Fiddy Cent summed it up nicely: "The world's almost over" (Referring to a report that during and post trial Trump has had $200m donated to him).

    Yes, guilty pleasure your honour but what if he skates right into the Whitehouse...bloody hell...
  • Yes, @BrianN , I have been following the trial, much as I would like to be able to totally ignore it all. But I live in the country most impacted by this embarrassing reality. Arghhhhhhh!
    The quote that stays with me the most is him complaining “if they can do this to me, they can do it to anyone”. Well, yeah. That’s the whole point of this democracy!
    Enough, back to launching a few birds and petting a couple of cats ….
  • Are you still petting squirrels?

    I was giving our friendly neighbourhood cat a clap today(and a slice of ham) when a young spuggy landed on the lawn and almost bought it.(Not the ham) .This little pussy is a killing machine(I think it might be a runt @desperatedan) dropped the ham and grabbed a fistfull of feathers in the blink of an eye.Always finding mice bits on the grass.Little blighter(cute tho').

    Nite all.
  • Reduced my Flock Favourite (top 20) deficit back down from 4 to 3 after about 10 days of relentless slog on just one level. And I only got it back to 16th. There are harder ones to do. Arghhhhhh! Might just go and do some reading about Trump for some light relaxation.
  • Or Farage.
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