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  • Yes, I remember that scam. Humourless miserable b******s, both of them. Good at dishing it out, couldn't take a joke themselves.
  • Sitting on the fence there Dan.

    We all clearly have different tastes particularly when it comes to tv viewing for instance tonight I'm watching the second leg of the scottish Premiership play-off quarter-final between Partick thistle(or Patrick Thistle as my wife referred to them yesterday) and Airdrieonians(is there a team with more vowels?)
    TV hell to many of you,not sure about @ixan57 and Dan supports Arsenal so he doesn't like football-ooh Patrick scored again.

    So anyway longwinded way of asking what your personal TV hell is.
  • I do have a reason for asking as I think I see the worst idea for a show ever scheduled.Rob and Rylan's Grand Tour.

    Shoot me now...or hit me with an iron bar.
  • Inverness Caledonian Thistle

    Who also would be my personal TV hell.
  • Actually, all that repair shop stuff makes me want to throw up. There was a spin off with David Jason that plumbed new depths. And auction shows where people buy something for £10, sell it for £20 and get really excited. Was TV really invented for this?
  • All right clever clogs -higher vowel to consonant ratio?
  • Patrick 2-1 Spongebob.

    Never saw it but heard that David Jason show was so bad it was cut after one week.
    Alas I fear the same won't happen to Rob 'judge' Rinder and Rylan 'My teeth dazzle like an igloo wall' Clark show.If they end up getting keel hauled I would watch it.
  • Hope it doesn’t add to 64, Dan

    And as for swinging or shoving, it depends on the naughtiness

    My TV hell is Love Island, I’m a not very well known celebrity, get me off the TV, TOWIE, et al
  • And bloody boring football
    “What an amazing 0-0 draw”
  • Well you know me @hunnybunny I can be extremely naughty.

    Anyway I'm making a league table of silly names.In true Bargain Hunt style I'll start the bidding at Gugulethu Mbatha-raw.
  • Wow! I've never seen the Aurora Borealis so clearly in town.If I hadn't downed a Cabernet I'd have driven to the Caterthuns.
  • Er feel free to google
  • Self flagellation tonight,
    Watching Eurovision
  • On silly names
    I used to work in Rates Department of Cardiff City Council as a teenager
    We had a huge list, can’t remember a single one…
  • I didn't watch the songs apart from Ireland and UK. Instead I sat in the next room and only went through if I heard something that stood out. It all sounded incredibly shouty. I think I only went through for France, which was sung properly and rather good I thought.. Anyway, UK song not utterly awful (and not shouty) but how we thought performing it what looked like a seedy public lavatory was a good idea I have no idea.
  • Just got off null points, phew!
  • My favourite silly name, which I came across in the context of my work, was an American reliability expert called Chuck Boiler.
  • If Russell T stays in charge good odds on Olly Alexander being next Dr Who.

    Very helpful on the silly names front @hunnybunny or should I say Jacqueline Nesta Jones-Davies ?The Germans like a good double/triple etc barrelled name.
  • 6 days and counting.
  • 5 days and counting.
  • 4.5 days and counting
  • If anyone plays that song…
  • Anyway, now in Calpe, my second favourite place in the world
    It’s hot, beautiful and not quite as cheap as it was
    My favourite place is the Commodore Club on a Cunard Ship, looking out to sea and drinking seriously expensive cocktails, dressed to the nines
  • Football trivia factoid. Nottingham Forest may well survive relegation from the Premier League with just 29 points. The existing record is 34 so 29 is just crazy especially as you consider the fact that teams have been relegated with as many as 42 points.
  • Finally into Series 8 of Dr Who and Peter Capaldi. All good so far.
  • 4 days and counting.
  • 3 days and counting.
  • 2 days and counting.
  • Sorry about my absence, I suspect alcohol may have something to do with it!
    Luckily, no injures: no high heels
  • How the Bunnyman avoids injury is his business.
  • 1 day and counting.
  • Couldn't sleep. Grabbed a pup at 0257. Phew! I think that is 39 now. I am the new Badger.
  • Hopefully that's the final countdown(don't worry @hunnybunny I shall refrain from assaulting JBox),can't wait for the big reveal tomorrow @desperatedan,hopefully it's not a retirement announcement-that's already been done.

    So hot today I'm wearing T-shirt,shorts and hob nail boots.Quite a combo.If I borrowed Mr Bunny's heels would it get me into the Commodore Club @hunnybunny?It doesn't sound at all pretentious.
  • Play at full volume (with headphones). If you don't appreciate the duck will be back. You have been warned.
  • Pup with 3 minutes to spare, but also by just 75 points.
    Bring back the duck.
    Only kidding.
    Keep rocking kids!
  • So, Dan. It’s endangered species day. I assume that’s what the countdown was for.
  • @catsnbirds Ha ha heeeeee
  • It's definitely not the Usyk v Fury fight.

    Shame about the pup Dan,if you'd waited 4 mins you could have had another runt.
    Chance of a pup tonight and although it's Seasons -shot at a badge...

    Speaking of which I was nominated for one last week but haven't received it yet.Either @karen68 has fallen asleep at the wheel or I'm not worthy.Which is odd cos most people reckon I should've been certified years ago.
  • See Asher has already mullered it though that's not much of a yardstick.Think I might be up till 2:57 tonight judging by my efforts.Close but no guitar seems to be my motto atm.
  • Are you wasted yet @hunnybunny?Cocktails with the commodore?Is that your nickname for Mr bunny?As you can tell I'm well on the way.
  • You can’t make this up:
    We drink in Max Bar, run buy two gay guys (one from Rochdale, the other half Dutch, half Chinese) tonight it was the Star Wars Cafe, top contenders were two military types - apparently Dutch and Belgian - with the cheapest Thai Bride ever, and the ugliest man in a blonde wig, a green dress and one of those terrible little yappy dogs that you want to put on a spit

    Across the road (it’s all restaurants and bars) is the last remaining Spanish place: a fruit and veg wholesaler.
    They are reversing their vans in and out, some German twat in a £120,000 Porsche keeps beeping his horn, extremely loudly, to the annoyance of those us eating and drinking
    We are all shouting at him to basically shut the **** up

    Eventually, the van in front parks, so he starts his engine only to find Spanish Mama in the van still blocking the road.
    She jumps out, and slaps the German twat, through his open window, repeatedly
    Everyone is cheering
  • Now that's what I call entertainment.
  • The Germans abroad are a constant source of a amusement.Except when it's a world war.
  • 0 days and the countdown is over. The big day has arrived.

    It's my 50 year on school reunion. Let's see if anyone is remotely recognisable after half a century. Or if we have anyone in a £120,000 Porsche.

    Oh, and BTW.

    HB HB. I feel some Beatles coming on...

    See what I did there!

    Keep on rockin' kid.
  • And don't be playing ABO on yer phone when you think no one is looking @desperatedan.
  • Thank you Brian
  • Er...I'm waiting for the punchline..

    So have any of you guys heard of the dancing hat glitch?Not to be confused with the Santa hat glitch in Seasons Greedings.All I know is it's somewhere in SEasons and worth a good few points if you get it working.Maybe I can bring you in on this one @karen68.
  • I think the punchline is "I meant @desperatedan".
  • So you are celebrating 50 years at school, aged 64?
    Surely high school starts at eleven, you leave at sixteen (yippee) or stagger on til eighteen?
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