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  • Not politics but psephology (what a cool word, two silent ps).

    Both US and UK have crazy electoral systems. In the US, the electoral college system (apart from in about 2 states) goes all in, state-by-state, to one party or the other, regardless of the majority. In the UK the constituency structure means that, for example, even when Reform appear to be ahead of the Tories in the opinion polls, they could end up with 1 seat while the Tories still get 100. Most people's votes are meaningless, in terms of affecting the outcome.

    Having said that, I could claim to be one of about 30 people whose vote may have changed the course of UK political history in the 2017 General Election. This was when Theresa May clung on by the skin of her teeth with help from the DUP. If she had won one fewer seat, things could have been very different. And I was in the most marginal seat in the country where if I and 29 others had voted differently, she would have lost that seat. She owes me.

  • ...zzz...
  • How rude.I have to say a system where a convicted felon awaiting trial on two other highly significant charges but could be elected president wins in the crazy stakes.
  • Sorry,even after an edit that came out all wrong-very strong chenin blanc tonight.

    Found another guilty pleasure on Netflix called Obituary.Kind of Dexter meets Banshees of Inisheran .Takes the mind of the rampant nonsense that passes for news these days(re British election crappage).Took to starting to watch 6 O'clock news at 6.15 so they've sneakily started putting election news on at 6.20.Buggers.
  • Look! I do have an influence on world events. I went to the USA and the very next day, Michael Jackson died. Just saying.
  • Dan, sorry you are still haunted about your USA visit 15 years later!
    Hopefully something about the trip was good…
  • Still getting over the fact you voted Tory.Reform Party this year?
  • Course where I grew up you could put a known paedophile up as Labour canditate and he'd get elected.Lots of old mining communities etc."I still hate Thatcher" T-shirts are very popular.
  • Have to say @catsnbirds two of the best weeks I ever were spent in NYC.Stayed in the Bronx of all places(only White face for miles around )and had a brilliant time.
  • dubbleyer for white!?Think I'll vote BNP.
  • It was a simple case of not voting for Jeremy Corbyn @brianN. But over the years, I think I have voted for every main party and now being in Wales, may extend that even further, if you get my drift. Anyway, enough of that. I'm fed up waiting for the end of @ixan57's knock knock joke so let' have something from a very fine band I have been listening to quite a lot recently, although I am sure @brianN will complain about the vocals (haha).
  • Not at all, very Don Van Vliet.

    Sympatico with the Corbyn vote but I'd 've gone Monster Raving Loony.No surprise there then.
  • Hey @catsnbirds are you still with us ?
  • Knock Knock.
  • I've forgotten who it is.
  • Back in my day we used to call it Knocky door neighbour but the kids round here call it ding dong ditch.Unfortunately for them our bell isn't working(heh heh).Ding dong glitch.
  • Scotland, USA, Afghanistan, South Africa. Group leaders in T20 World Cup. Didn't see that coming
  • Aus beating England...think we all saw that coming.
  • Two levels left to get to top 20 in Flock Favourites (again). Don't fancy my chances on 29-2. Can't get anywhere near. The doc reckons Rovio may have nobbled it, but I'm even worse on the legacy version.
  • Good grief. The doc has finally completely blown his top about Classics in today's Challenge comments (Big Set Up 11-13). It's pretty incendiary. @comex666 comes under fire as well as the Disney corporation. I stuck my head over the parapet and fired a couple of shots back but I think ignoring it is probably the best tactic.

    Quite funny though.
  • Heh heh.Not even the first time comex666 has posted a Classic score.I think @sweetp will put him through the mincer.
  • Hooray, FF 29-2 bites the dust. Just 30-4 to crack now. Nothing can go wrong...
  • But 30-4 looks worse than 29-2. Arrgghhh.
  • More quiz show idiocy. When trying to locate Greece on a map of Europe, one contestant in House of Games placed it on the north German coast. And then someone else thought Belgium was Austria. There. Is. No. Excuse.
  • Course back in Hitler's day it was all Germany.

    Good work with the badge @desperatedan but you know you have to go for the Ultra Sharpshooter's badge (top 10)followed by the notional Utter Nutter badge(top 5). Don't know what kind of sadist would come up with that.Any ideas @hunnybunny?

    Thought I'd dedicate this one to the Doc.
  • Great band!

    I'm really going to wind the doc up now as I am going to post an even higher score than @comex666 on Big Set Up 11-13. And another runt, of course.
  • Ding Dong
  • It's Leslie Phillips! I thought you died.
  • The Tories will be foaming at the mouth after seeing tonight's Party Political Broadcast from Reform. I'm no supporter but it was genius. I'm sure it will make headlines...
  • I forgot my forecast of a 6-0 Scotland defeat. 3-0 at halftime. They are woeful.
  • The Tories are always foaming at the mouth,usually drugs or kinky sex games.

    Anyway Scotland are doing much better in the T20WC. Though I can't possibly imagine they would collude with Australia to knock England out .Two nations who have such love in their heart for England and we know Australia love the spirit of the game more than life who mentioned Jonny Bairstow?
  • Speaking of people who are dead: how are you @hunnybunny?Missing your whipsmart comments(emphasis on the whip).Anyway maybe you can tell me why Plaid Cymru can't budge Labour?I thought the Welsh would be all over it.
  • Hope you're following all this @catsnbirds.
  • BTW the Cricket World Cup is being hosted partly by USA and Canada is it making any impression over there @karen68,@catsnbirds?
  • Well, the USA are through to the Super 8s, so it may go up a notch.
  • I've had both Plaid Cymru and Labour candidates pay a personal visit to my door. It's got to be the Harry Hill solution - fight!!
  • @BrianN No, I am not following any of it … almost like we are speaking different languages! Tennis is the only sport I follow at all, but there has been some mention of the USA actually winning a cricket game (as in … can you believe that the US team actually won?!?) And more political bullshit? Argh!
  • Apologies @catsnbirds for our very parochial and idiosyncratic observations. Quite happy to indulge in some tennis talk come Wimbledon. Meanwhile it's likely to remain swingometers and reverse swing.
  • Funf-eins @ixan57,funf-eins.

    Never mind better things to come in the T20WC?Since you don't know a Chinaman from a googly @catsnbirds this one's just for you.
  • Yes @BrianN it would have been a different story if it were the hedge hopplng championships
  • Oh my giraffe, as @kathy would have said. There I am, banging away at Flock Favourites 30-4 for over a week, getting nowhere in my pursuit of getting proof of the the last pesky level into the top 20, stuck in 21st place. Then an epiphany! One of the 20 people in front of me is actually my (unproven) self. So for the purposes of proof, I am actually already in the top 20, if I remove my 2nd place score and replace it with what will be the 20th place score. So it looks like I am there. Just need to upload 30 screenshots before anyone else decides to beat my scores. Sigh. I think I preferred travelling to arriving.

    @sweetp, my logic is correct, isn't it? I can't appear twice on the list.
  • Finally mean congratulations @desperatedan.

    Had a friendship request from someone called Jayati,can't say I've come across that name before.Anyone know them?
  • You may remember I mentioned some dodgy looking scores ages ago by Orbitbird.They've resurfaced under a new name Vesperxyz or some such.Same old scores put up.As has my old friend Stratto(Bstrats I think).What's the point?
  • I think Jayati also requested me as a friend recently. I usually say yes. Don't want them to be Jayati-NoMates.
  • Nothing to do with the fact she's a hot looking Indian chick?Just checked her profile page.
  • Hey @catsnbirds going through Hairy Fogmother and up to level 1-11 where you have an amazing score.Have the original 6.0.0 for android but nothing significant happening and wondered if maybe things went BOINK on ios.Can you recall anything helpful?
  • Just out of interest did any of you guys post friendship requests within a week of landing at the Nest?
  • Wow. A high score that’s lasted 8 years. Thanks for asking @BrianN ! I don’t really have any helpful advice. Don’t think it was a glitch, I’ve always been on alert for them.
  • Hot looking? Chick? Have I landed in the 1970s? Based on my avatar, what the hell do you think I look like @brianN? Perhaps I'm her type.
  • Think I hit a raw nerve there.Sorry meant to say very attractive young women of Asian descent.Now I'm off to watch some repeats of On the Buses.
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