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  • @BrianN also got request (ignored)
    Love thy neighbour you white hookie. And bring on old garnett. British comedy at its best.
  • @desperatedan you're correct. You can't have two scores in the same level. One will replace the other.
  • I’m here, whip in hand, ready to kill!
    Well, only the builders next door, who are taking out concrete flooring with a pneumatic drill, eight til four, every bloody day
    Never got on so many trains or walked so far; on the upside, both lead to pubs!
  • Also watching the T20, bloody boring so far…
  • Welcome to Page 3200, another major milestone. Happier times maybe back on Page 3000. But well done to those of us who are still here and keep the faith.

    Page 3000 was at Christmas 2020 by the way. 10000 comments in about 1300 days. You can do the math.
  • Hi @hunnybunny I remember you,you're that hot Welsh chick from the 70's.

    I'm starting a new game ,it's called ' Lets annoy Dan'
    You have to make a sentence including as many sexist/racist/mysogynistic etc comments as possible whilst also missing out apostrophes.I think I shall win without trying.

    Speaking of 70's I'm sure there was a film out then called Driller Killer .Think they should remake it HB but call it Kill a Driller.

  • Annoyed already. Not missing, but adding apostrophes. It's not 70's but 70s. But you knew that of course.
  • Apostrophe’s always confuse me.
  • @BrianN one each.
  • Sorry no sexist etc etc's
  • Have to agree the T20WC has been a little dull,perhaps the jeopardy of the knockout stage will bring it to life.
    Euro24 though has been very entertaining apart from England's game wherein they discovered the cure for insomnia.
  • Bit like this page...zzz...
  • See Vlad 'n' Kim are at it again playing besties(it'll end in tears).How does Putin get to North Korea is the question on everyone's lips.My money is on an underground monorail.And does he take his fluffy white cat?Do they have a swear jar?10 roubles if anyone mentions Ukraine,20 ding dong if anyone breathes the word South.These are the questions Panorama should be tackling.Whatever they're up to good to know the world is in safe hands.

    Personally I prefer Kath and Kim.
  • Or Mel and Kim.
  • Almost another runt for Surf 'n' Turf 25. Still trying to pluck up energy to get 30 FF screenshots uploaded. If we get a FF Challenge I could be shafted.
  • Eats shoots and leaves
    Dan should know the book
  • My favourite
    Using a semi colon apparently shows intelligence; I’ve no idea why
  • Well I cant think of anything else to say. about applying appositions to centences
  • Never mind appositions you need to concentrate on your spelling.Or are you playing my 'Lets annoy Dan ' game?
  • Yes I thought the prospect of Knockout cricket would improve the matches.Great that's England into the semis..but no just another group game!Who comes up with this nonsense?Super Eights my arse.
  • The whole thing is far too long. Poor wusses don't need to wait so long between games.
  • Just seen a 100 y old man driving a sports coupe.Took him longer to get out of the car than it did to make his journey .What a waste.
  • Watching T20 Vitality Blast
    As you know, I’m a huge Hampshire fan, from the days of Gordon Greenwich, Andy Roberts, et al…
    Just thinking about alternative names for the teams
    Hampshire Hamsters, with the tag “nibbling away at your lead”

  • Durham Durham Durham Durham Durham Durham Durham etc.Sung to the tune of Pink Panther of course.

    Yorkshire Terriers
  • Sussex Sharks bit the head off the Hamster
  • Of course, Brian
  • I think a shark would have amazing dental dexterity to just bite the head off a hamster...
  • Anyone up for a bit of Wolf Alice? Thought so.
  • The Durham Durham one works just well with the Batman theme.
  • Derbyshire dormice. Bottom of the food chain.
  • Since you mentioned Batman here's Robyn with a twist.
  • Glamorgan Goldfish: swims around hopefully, but dies quickly
  • Just been reading through the Afghanistan v Bangladesh match which knocked out Australia (tee-hee) as it unfolded. Sounds like the most exciting match of the tournament, both in terms of knife edge closeness (with weather as an extra dimension) and context. Also included a classic case of gamesmanship with a severe hamstring injury miraculously curing itself in 20 minutes. Very naughty.

  • @BrianN @DesperateDan looks like your Asian dolly bird Jayati was a flash in the pan. She's not be active for 2wks 2dys. I rejected her.
  • I accepted her @ixan57 and I'm keeping quiet about what happened next.

    Flock Favourites Level 9 proof has gone walkabouts. It was there two months ago but when I came to load it up, nada. It's an evil one to reproduce. The other 29 are all ready to go. I'm never going to close this one out, it seems.
  • Such a drama queen ,get a grip @desperatedan.

    Know it's a bit late but well done Stan-Afghanistan that is.Australia won't have to worry about meeting England in the knockout stages now.As a wise man once said:

    Even later Hants Pants(came to me in a dream your Bunnyship.

    Sorry about prolonged absence but watching England in the Euros put me in a
  • What's going on in County CC !?! First Bashir concedes 38 runs in an over to Dan Lawrence to equal the CCC record for most runs in an over.Few days later Legs-a Kimber smashes 43 off another England bowler Ollie Robinson(with the help of noballs).
    Remarkable innings broke a few other CCC records as well.You should Google it @catsnbirds
  • I was listening to the live commentary once I twigged what was going on. They couldn't cope with all the record breaking and resorted to asking the listeners what was going on.
  • Bearders would be fizzing.
  • Drama, what drama? FF9 fixed once I bothered to read my own (rather good if I may say it myself) strategy. Tired and emotional, moi?
  • Where did you get SharpShooter and UltraSharpShooter @brianN (a.k.a. The Badger)?
  • Just put in your request on one of the walkthrough pages in FF mentioning @admins @karen68 and @sweetp.Make sure you have required proof in album (in order if possible) and you're good to go.
  • Don't think @Hunnybunny administrats know
  • Nope, I don’t, got pissed off…

    Well, England are Shite, the three English Women (our hopefuls at Eastbourne to get at least two to the final) were shite. Well done Billy Harris and Paul Jubb!
  • Very good @hunnybunny.

    Oh dear, thanks for all the advice folks about badges but I knew all that. What I was actually asking @brianN was what did he get his sharp shooter badges for.
  • Don't say flinging.
  • And this is a gratuitous 160000th comment.
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