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  • Rude!

    15° today, 18° tomorrow here in the N E of Scotland on 10th November. Anyone still think global warming or climate change doesn't exist? Apart from the Trumpmeister obviously. We all know his hairspray usage alone has been a major factor. (Oh I do miss @kathy, she'd be straight in there defending him.Pass on our regards @hunnybunny.
  • @brianN will do. We speak occasionally, I miss her in the Birdie Site, too
    Amazed at England this morning, after a woeful start in the T20, what a whitewash over India
    It’ll be TMS on Sunday, when driving to an unspeakably expensive hotel for the Ruby Wedding celebration
    God only knows how Mr & Mrs Bunny survived that long
    Two TVs possibly…
  • Is it me or is Virat Kohli looking more and more like an evil elf as time goes by?
  • Er separate houses maybe? Enjoy your ruby weekend at some unspeakably expensive hotel. I'll probably have a Ruby Murray from the local takeaway. How the other half lives eh.
  • Should really be TTMS in the circumstances. Come on England.
  • Trump is behaving very much like Bomb Bird. Just waiting for him to really detonate. Then I think it will be the end for him. BTW, this isn't politics, it's human behaviour studies. He is 100% (spoilt) child, 0% adult.
  • Don't be shouting that too loudly on Sunday morning. Remember where you live.
    See India have a bowler called Arshdeep. So nearly a great name.

    Here's another Trump pie chart: 50% narcissist 50% seditionist. Very explosive. Knows how to manipulate the masses though.
  • Anyone else watching SAS Rogue Heroes? Exactly how fact based it is I don't know but seems authentic. Brilliant soundtrack as well.
  • 1975 a pivotal year in rock music.
  • 1975
    The tipping point when prog started to really go up its backside, heavy rock started to morph into the parody of metal, and glam became novelty.
    The pivot into the explosion of punk the following year.
    Nothing was ever the same again
    Lesser Free Trade Hall Manchester 1976, Sex Pistols.
    Arguably the most influential gig of all time. Google it.
    MES was there.
  • Excellent show chronicling that time period but set in New York called Vinyl. Only ran for one series but I thought it was well acted with good story line. Unfortunately HBO didn't phone to ask my opinion. Showed the emerging underground scene where bands like New York Dolls were bubbling away. Worth a watch.
  • What is it about the English sporting psyche that has the national team approaching a major showpiece game as favourites only to lose to inferior opponents?
    The rugby league team losing to Samoa, a team they mullered in the group stage. The union women losing WC final to NZ(though much less heavy favourites they were on an unbeaten run of 30 games).
    Let's hope the cricket team buck the trend tomorrow.
  • Yes, the comparison of the two Samoa games is extraordinary.
  • Trend bucked! Despite the much vaunted batting line up it was our bowlers that won it.
    What D'ya call a man with spots all over his face? Rashid! Who bowls a maiden over in T20 cricket? Insane. (Our American friends may struggle with that sentence)

    Speaking of which my daughter now has chicken pox. Poor thing, at least broomstick granny's not around to take photos.
  • Hope you have had it. Can be nasty. As is shingles.
  • I agree with whoever said about the England bowlers, especially Sam, who was superb
    The Uber expensive dinner, bed and breakfast (Le Manoir aux Quat’Sassion) was bloody amazing, although at times you felt you were being force fed!
    Back to reality now, unfortunately
    @BrianN Hope the chicken pox kid recovers quickly. I caught off my sister (about 5 poxes) I had hundreds, and bronchitis at the same time, and the doctor called around every day. That was 55 years ago, how times change. Can’t get a bloody appointment at the doctors now
  • Totally agree @ixan57 we should have a limit of one pox per post.

    Keep up @desperatedan, I did mention I got it aged 35.(With my pox quota filled I bid you adieu.
    A favourite for many for the first guess in Wordle.
    Too many vowels for me.
    I prefer SHITE.
    No comments please.
    My success rate is 271 out of 272.
    The word I got wrong?
  • @BrianN it is a pity that rovio is not a British company as i reckon they would be breaking trading standards rules. Like yourself I had the problem with seasons on the Facebook issue. Rovio answer is game no longer supported, however they continue to make money from us watching adverts to gain coins. Wonder if a complaint to Google play would either force them to see their cash cow would stop or start supporting the game again.
  • I think we're back!
  • HURRAY!!!!! Thank-you @birdleader !
    I have so missed lurking in my favorite booth and keeping up with the BP regulars :-)
    @briann @desperatedan @ixan57 @hunnybunny @karen68 @kathy
  • @catsnbirds yes!! Definitely nice to see the BP up and running. Hope your favourite booth didn't gather too much dust.
  • Coming shortly the life of @BrianN
    Watch this space.
    Unfortunately no drinks available at the moment as I am still tasting them to make sure none are out of date.
  • Yea, @catsnbirds we are back!
    @Desperatedan my first word is normally BEAST
  • @ixan57 can I join you in the tasting room?
  • Just back from London @ixan57 @desperateDan @brianN and anyone else who can get to The Old Vic next December, go and see A Christmas Carol. It was bloody amazing
  • @honeybunny, gonna try BEAST today. It better be good!
    Anyway, hello again to everyone. I've actually been locked in here for the last three weeks with just Tom Hanks for company. I'm surprised @ixan57 found any drinks left to taste. I never want to see any more crispy pig ears again though.
  • I put some Classics scores onto the ABO leaderboards. Only because I wanted to catch @hallieginsb who did the same and overtook me. If I catch her up and get to 90 million I'm going to take them all off again. Unless @steviep147 panics and does the same. Oh what fun.
  • Used BEAST and got it in 4. Like I always do. Not telling.
  • I used ACORN another of my favourites, as we like to see squirrels frolicking nearby. But they are normally taking their post nut nap
    Got it in four as well…
  • Has BEAST ever been the answer?
  • 'Ere, @brianN, there's a seat for you here!
  • @DesperateDan i think @BrianN will be frozen to a window somewhere near the trossachs and there's nothing worse in Scotland being frozen around the trossachs.
  • Someone must know a woman who can warm up @brianN Trossachs at a price
    Count me out
  • The mother-in-law has arrived, apparently.
    On her broomstick.
  • Oh no @BrianN the monster in law.
    Hope she had a safe landing on all that snow and ice.
  • Thanks @birdleader, nice to know you care about this bijou little pub. No doubt @desperatedan has been spreading rumours about me doing time again. Nothing could be further from the truth simply wasn't aware the BP had come out of receivership (or is that liquidation?)Thanks for the heads up @catsnbirds.

    Sitting in Maspalomas in 25° temperatures, not a frozen Trossach in sight. And just so you know @hunnybunny I've never had to pay a woman to warm my Trossachs. Thermal underwear does the job adequately. Glad the break hasn't reduced the drivel quotient. Love you all.
  • @brianN Maspalomas is dreadfully windy, a little draft around them?
  • If you keep going on about my Trossachs I'll bring up the subject of big knickers again. (They'd keep my Trossachs warm.) Birdleader must be kicking himself.
  • I think both me and @briann would look better in big knickers than a thong
    Two things you really don’t want to visualise
  • Four things you don't want to visualise. Enjoyed the entertainment tonight. Trad fare but fit fit young Spanish birds wearing gold lame cat suits and shaking their baps to bongo music never gets old. Two things you do want to visualise.
  • Delicious irony, we might get a cold weather payment whilst basking in't sun. Heh heh.
  • We closed again?
  • Lot of folks here seem to look like Chesterfield sofas. Brown leather and huge. Think the all inclusive holidays, should be limited.
  • There's an Angry birds themed playpark on the island, must check it out. For the kids obviously.
  • Just debating the worst teams in world sport. Welsh rugby or football team. Any thoughts @hunnybunny?
  • English test cricket on a high. Can't remember when they last won in Pakistan (alowing for the fact they haven't played there for 17 years). That first test was remarkable.
  • Did a lot of running round the Trossachs in my younger days. If only I had known.
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