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  • See they've reissued Revolver.
    What goes around comes around.
    That's a vinyl based joke.
    Other formats are available.
    Even cassette seems to be making some sort of weird comeback.
  • Wish Rovio would explode and bring back 8 track cartridges! (that doesn't sound right) Obviously I'll have the most expensive thing on the menu to go with that cab.

    Hey Angry boy Terence Palmer, eggy soldiers would be nice before I have my feast. Been playing AB since I was 95 which makes me the oldest flinger in town... apart from @jim...and @desperatedan.

    Sammit Rees-Jones what a strange maiden name @hunnybunny. So he is actually Welsh then? I imagined he was born in Bootle but his mum 9nce had a Welsh corgi thus qualifying him to play for Wales. Finally something good coming out of Penarth apart from the road to Cardiff. X
  • See there’s a good Hallowe’en Challenge today: Space!
  • I have it on good authority that this year's Advent Challenge will feature levels from Summer camp, South Hamerica, Summer Pignic and Tropigal Paradise.
  • Hot dogs will be awarded.
  • Yes, I would prefer that.
  • So who is the odd one out?
    Jason Orange
    Daryll Stawberry
    Harry Lime
    Keith Lemon
    And what binds them together?
  • Fiona Apple has been in touch.
  • Correct @desperatedan Harry Lime is fictional. (Although there seems to be some doubt about Jason Orange).

    Fiona Apple does not belong in this group.
  • @BrianN i think dryall stawberry is the odd one out unless Jonathan Ross is pronouncing it.
    Leave my Tennants lager at the bar.
  • So as not be misleading what they have in common is to do with the fruits not the individuals. Friendly word of advice:don't call Daryll Stawberry a fruit, he's pretty useful with a baseball bat.

    @ixan57 Wossy bought you a strawberry daiquiri to go with that Tennants.
  • What no maraschino cherry @BrianN
  • He did try but OB couldn't make out what he was saying.
  • One of my customers just had his septic tank cleaned out. Normally a nice spot to have lunch... not today.
  • Anyway you thickos will never solve my jimmy riddle... er juicy riddle.
    So sing it with me:"Opal Fruits made to make your mouth water!Fresh with the tang of citrus four refreshing fruit flavours! Jason! Daryll! Keith! Harry! Opal Fruits made to make your mouth water!"

    Yes the original Opal Fruits line up before they started messing about with nonsense like blackcurrant and don't get me started on Starburst. Bet you're kicking yourselves now.

    So @hunnybunny I here you can still buy Opal Fruits at Penarth's one shop.
    "@!?# off. I've told you before we have 7 5*Michelin restaurants, Prada, McColls... er wait Morrisons just closed it. Dang! Anyway I can't see any Opal Fruits."
    Use your eyes HB they're right next to the Spangles just below the Marathon and Aztec bars.

    Feeling nostalgic? Sweets you loved as a kid but not longer exist. Could be a brand name like Opal Fruits(the sweet itself did continue as Starburst) Thank goodness Robert Kraft didn't dispense with the Cadbury brand. Think he might have had a Fatwa put on him. Lunch over. Bye.

  • @brianN is on magic mushrooms again
    My answer is seeds, not quite sure why, but I think Strawberry is the only fruit with seeds on the outside
    Poss they all changed their names from a similar name
    Obvs haven’t googled, I just knew about strawberry
  • On chocolate bars, Milk Tray Chocolate BAR, not box, with lime barrel!
  • Yikes, didn’t read back
    Harry Lime odd one out, which was obvious
  • I'm on magic mushrooms? Get you!
    Totes agree on Milk Tray choc bar and lime barrels were to die for. Which idiot at Cadbury's decided they no longer belonged in the Milk Tray pantheon?

    Picture the scene-Cadbury secret chocolate laboratory mid 70's :
    "Sir we've been crunching the numbers and it seems lime barrel is not pulling it's weight."
    Try crunching the chocolate covered lime cordial you muppets!
    Apparently there are people who think it was the most disgusting thing ever to appear in a box/bar of Milk Tray. Muppets!
  • See this, if Australia hang around the group stage like a fart in a bottle and qualify for the semi's on run rate(again) I'll scream.
  • "Hey @briann it must be time for a Seasons update!"
    Aw shucks if you insist. Had a very enjoyable time going through Hammier Things skill involved and good shots rewarded. Can't say the same about Hamoween. Reminds me of Trick or Treat. Repetition and hard graft only way to get good scores.
  • I seem to remember that Milk Tray chocolate bar setting me back 6p in 1972. Part of a big 10p spend up when I usually got a quarter of wine gums ( in a paper bag) as well and still had 1/2p change. You could blow that on a couple of blackjack.
  • I shall respond with an ABO update. Still chasing @hallieginsb for 3rd place behind @asher and the doc. I was 212k behind, now only 170k. It's come down to Jurassic Pork (arrgghhh). But in the process I have finally got all 699 ABO scores above average. That sounds a bit weak but I just hadn't bothered with the last three for years. So drinks all round.
  • Congratulations @desperatedan, I'll have another bottle of that 'dark powerful stunner with the sensual texture'. Have to comment on your racist inclination though-what's wrong with fruit salad?
  • Can you still get them? Today it's all that Haribo muck. Disgusting.
  • Watched Morbius earlier. Is it just me? I don't get Jared Leto either as an actor or musician. Matt Smith made it watchable though.
  • Sorry @desperatedan your previous post didn't show before I kicked off about Jared Leto(Jared Harris on the other hand was excellent). Not sure if BJ & FS are still around(you might have to go to Penarth corner shop).
  • Frost on the windscreen this morning. Gotta see Winter.
  • Surely even England can't stuff it up from here. Having flashbacks to Stokes bowling to Braithwaite. Getting ready to scream.
  • Phew! Saving those throat lozenges for the semi.
  • What's going on? Two England men's teams into World Cup semi's in one day. Surely the football team will put that right.

    Thinking about chocolate (it's not just a woman's prerogative) triggered off a couple of memories. One was an old Chic Murray one liner:
    I fell over in the street the other day and an old dear comes over and says"You alright? Have you had a fall? "
    " No I'm just trying to break this bar of chocolate in my back pocket!"
  • I'm not telling you the other one.
  • Courtesy of winter, surely.
    However, you are persuading me that MES was a genius.
  • Have to say I have been utterly underwhelmed by the relentless sequence of stupidly one sided rugby matches in the various world cups. Refreshing to get some shocks and near shocks in the cricket.
  • No end to Smithy's foresight.

    Sadly we'll have to wait till the semi's for a decent rugby league game with Australia beating a plucky England. No need for fart in a bottle run rate here.
  • In the final that is.
  • Saturday morning cinema for the kids. Crappy cartoons followed by a crappy film(usually a Western). During the intermission an usherette looking like Mrs Overall from Acorn Antiques would appear with such delights on her tray. I can remember in those carefree halcyon non pc days there would not only be candy cigarettes but fake tobacco in a plastic pouch, think it was called Spanish Gold. It was a shredded coconut concoction dyed brown to look like baccy and in those carefree halcyon non pc days it was probably dyed brown with woodstain.
    I believe you still by it in South America 'cept it's real baccy.
  • Fake fags for kids. Those were the days. The days when (unbelievably) contestants were allowed to smoke on University Challenge.
  • One of my trophies up for grabs today. No chance kids, that one is safe.
    Just hope @asher doesn't read that.
  • Too busy picking up trophies in Hamoween mate.
  • Well ok trophy to be exact. One of Moonsabre's old scores just bit the dust.
  • Check out the Dr's video on Hamoween 1-10.Looks like he's using hacked or modified app. Thought they weren't allowed?
  • No-one near my Challenge score with 3 hours to go. So it's just down to @meanguy, I guess.
  • Should be no trouble for you to stay awake till 2:57 am.
  • How's Twiggy these days? Liking the taste of Welsh cats?
  • She's started woofing in Welsh. With a German accent. Confuses the hell out of any cat.
  • Sprechen sie dachshund?
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