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  • I stole the Christmas Crown just by showing my Christmas Tree emoji doesn’t work
  • Merry Christmas to my flinging friends!

    @desperate-dan maybe the time zone thing made that sound wrong.
    Not working today but did have to work a few hours on Christmas Eve.
  • The BP is beautiful decorated for the holiday season. I especially like the depiction of the Grinch (as voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch) and the candy canes included with each mug of hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps. Merry Christmas all!!!

    @DesperateDan It’s Fahrenheit. Apparently we in the USA are too lazy to switch to the much more common Centigrade (I remember in the early 1970’s there was a movement to join most of the rest of the world, but …)
  • So in true Alan Partridge fashion I'm pitching a few ideas for new tv shows to the BBC.

    Briton's got Tarrant. A show in which tv presenter Fern Briton abducts and imprisons tv presenter Chris Tarrant. By means of a series of fiendish clues contestants have to find their secret location before Chris is dispatched.

    Haven't heard from them yet but there's plenty more where that came from.

    Monkey tennis?
  • Ax o' lotl. A game show from Dublin where contestants bring pet amphibians and race them on an obstacle course designed by the people who made the challenges on the Saw movie franchise. Hosted by Eddie Lizzard with expert commentary from Newt Gingrich.
  • Something I'd like to call Cuttlefish Games. A bunch of Koreans are forced into a sporting contest with the losers facing a gruesome death. Nah that would never carch on.
  • I thought the Traitors was pretty good. For some reason I could imagine @hunnybunny lurking in the castle corridors dispatching victims.
  • Hey @kathy did you get those new eyeballs for Christmas? Get to choose the colours? I'd go for two the same ... though it didn't do Bowie any harm...
  • Yes @hunnybunny Newport has a lot to offer.
  • @BrianN obviously you have not seen the ritual dancing around the post after sundown.
  • Christmas is not the same anymore. Ended up with a black eye. For years me and the lads used to go our local on Christmas eve and have a good knees up then go home and deck the halls. This year the halls were prepared for us.
  • @DesperateDan I could easily dispatch people in draughty old castles, but not random strangers. I have a list…

    @BrianN @Ixan57 Wrong Newport, that’s the better one!

    Bad joke…
  • Love to see that list @hunnybunny.
  • Do you just do draughty old castles?
  • I actually thought that was funny @ixan57. Not like you to crack a funny joke, are you on drugs?
  • What's the difference between in laws and outlaws? Outlaws are wanted.
  • Just been watching Glass Onion, not many films with onion in the title. Onion Fields? Anyways here's something you'd appreciate @tompuss wherever you are. Hope you're well.x
  • Please make some funny / sarcastic / just plain weird comments on this one, just to cheer me up

    Mr Bunny said he would never book a holiday to somewhere colder than home
    He booked a bloody New Years Cruise to Hamburg and Bruges
    Should be sailing today
    We had heavy colds, he had Man Flu, now he’s got pneumonia
    Not serious, but no cruising, and I’m his nurse he’s “too weak’ to do anything
    Doctor said he’ll be fit within three weeks
    He’s going to [email protected]#@#g pay!
  • Is pneumonia worse than man flu?
  • In Bruges is a brilliant little film... Er is that what you were looking for @hunnybunny?
  • Why don't you watch Misery, you might get some ideas from Kathy Bates @hunnybunny?
  • @BrianN not surprised the Bunnies have the cold/flu with all that ritual dancing around the post on Newport beach in this weather.
  • Yeah, not as bad as The Trossachs though. Must admit my sympathies lie with the Bunnyman.
    1 he's married to @hunnybunny. 2 he has man flu.
  • Never mind, nothing lasts forever.
  • Here's one for truck drivers everywhere. Often wonder if this is a metaphor for human life. But it seems so literal.
  • Normal BP jukebox service resumed.
  • I had man flu for 20 minutes today. Co-incided with being told to go out to the shop.
  • What a shit year 2022 was. Can I have my money back please.
  • Well, you made me laugh
    Happy New Year xx
  • I Made it !! .
    Happy New Year Wweooooo Hoooooo ?!!!I got. Lost but I'm doing now:)
  • That made me cry
  • 2023
    I still have to stop myself from starting the year with 19__
    We’re living in a science fiction novel!
  • Happy New year everybody
  • Sorry I scoffed @hunnybunny, sore throat this morning. Shops are shut so won't be playing the man flu card just yet.
  • Pubs are open @BrianN no man flu excuse just a new year's (with apostrophe) resolution keeping fit. Heading out for some exercise dear might be some time.
  • No pubs for me today @ixan57 I partied like it was 1899 last night. Still got snuff up my nose.
  • Well @desperatedan finally got a pc worthy of the name. Installed bluestacks and wadya know still struggling to download the old versions I want to use. Gaaaaaaahhh! On the plus side got a useful glitchy version of Deck the Halls(sorry @ixan57 Wreck the Halls that is).
    Can't figure out how to go over to the dark side.
  • If steviep147 is Darth Vader you must be Kylo Ren?
  • Again thing phone thing tiny can't stay.
    I'm. In the hosp with pnmonia until Tuesday.
    Hope all are well.
  • @Kathy Mr Bunny had pneumonia that wiped out Christmas and the New Year Cruise
    He’s on the mend, but no desire for Guinness or Curry as yet!
    Love and kisses to you xx
  • And The Bunnyman has had a relapse: he’s been hit over the head by a Le Cruset frying pan!
    Apparently, when trying to book a week in Lanzarote (to make up for the forsaken cruise) for the first week in February, the 2nd is wrong.
    The first week of February starts on 24th January…
    Anyone know a good lawyer?
  • Boy @kathy you sure seem to like hospital food. Hope this year's a better one for you. Think I may have an idea to solve the keyboard problem. Smaller fingers.
  • Think we should keep an eye on the headlines of the Penarth Times. "Man bludgeoned to death for booking wrong holiday... twice."
    Sounds harsh doesn't it?
  • Remember that sore throat I told you about? Turns out it's covid again. Thank goodness it isn't something serious like man flu.
  • Even better listen she has to say poor little bunny.
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