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  • Now I do realise that one isn't going to mean a lot to the uninitiated.
  • Drinks all round. 15000 points and promotion to Avian Overlord.
  • Congratulations @DesperateDan you will fly through to the next one. Thank you for the drink.
  • Congratulations @DesperateDan ! I think a hot chocolate with some peppermint schnapps would be good today ;-)
  • I'm swimming in drinks all round but thanks anyway. Went to Angry birds themed playpark. Closed on Wednesdays! Gaaaaaahhhhhh!(put some suggestions for Rovio in the letterbox from @ixan57). Actually it looked quite naff so saved a few quid and went to puerto Rico beach instead. It actually has sand rather than volcanic rock.
  • Morocco have an aptly named player called Hakim. Surprised he hasn't been sent off yet.
  • With you on Stokesy @desperatedan, or should I say Avian Oberleutnant.
  • More drinks folks! Finally sneaked a Hollydog. Bit of a puppy parade this one. @steviep147 posted the vid that paved the way for 6 (and counting) pup scores but he missed out himself. Still, he's got one already.
  • I knew this was your year @desperatedan. I believe there's to be a national holiday for Wales in your honour.
  • OMG forgot HollyDogs!
    Stokes for SPOTY
  • According to the Scotsman (take your pick), Footballer Beth Mead is 800 times more likely to win SPOTY than Ben Stokes. I'm sure there is some money to be made there.
  • Buckle in for the ride folks. More free drinks. I have passed 90 million points in the Angry Birds leaderboard. Classics assisted to the tune of half a million, but 3rd place however you cut the cloth. @steviep147 was a bit sniffy about it so I 'm going to continue chasing him down. Hah!
  • @ixan57 must be lying under a hedge somewhere with all these free drinks.

    Heard a conversation in the restaurant this morning. Husband complaining about pains he thought might be caused by trapped wind. His wife's whipsmart reply-"Darling your wind is never trapped." Ah the English abroad.
  • @BrianB you call half shandys free beer
  • A little birdie told me we were closed! Did OB lock the door again by accident? Well here's my spare key, someone make a copy please..
  • @kathy Good to hear from you!
  • Ola! We've been missing you down here @kathy. Have half a shandy on @desperatedan.
  • You have about 500 pages to catch up on.

    Sad sight today as we arrived at Maspalomas main beach some poor guy was being attended to by paramedics using a defibrillator. So many people stopped to rubberneck which I found distasteful but the worst of it was as we came back 4hrs later he obviously didn't make it. His body was just lying on the pavement covered in a white sheet guarded by 2 police officers. What's that all about?
  • @kathy, you have made my day. Soooooo pleased to hear from you.
  • Looks like you have a new keyboard...
  • Like a true football saddo managed to see the World Cup final even on holiday. What a game, hope you saw it @kathy or are you too absorbed in the Eng v Pak test series? Thought so. Anyway tell us how you've been and how you are.
  • No idea what's going on in AB world.
    I gotta new phone so this keyboard I
    IS easier but sorry I can't sign around until I get new eyeballs lol, keyboard is still 3 inches...
  • Seems like the old keyboard to me guys. Wadya think? As for what's going on in AB world @kathy - same old rubbish.
  • Amazing Wordle streak. 3,3,3,3,3,2. It's mainly luck though. Long term average about 3.9.
  • See @kathy, it's really easy to keep up these days. Back to Brrr-echin today and working tomorrow. (Trossachs 0-2 Cold).
  • Given the weather you guys stateside are having I shall refrain from mentioning the cold weather here. Bloody chilly wind though... er that wasn't me... honest. (Glad we couldn't afford a Winter break in Miami).
  • Terrible blizzard-like weather here. Bad enough that it’s delaying our Christmas dinner to Boxing Day. At least we get a white Christmas out of it.
    @catsnbirds you must be getting blasted by the same storm system as we are?

    One of my favourite Christmas tunes
  • @karen68, your weather is big news over here. Just don't send it our way.
  • So how are temperatures in Wyoming @sweetp? Michigan @catsnbirds? Hull? @kathy. Toronto @karen68?
  • Ok just saw your post @karen68. Nasty.
  • Not the tune the weather.
  • Incongruous a lovely word, here's a definition :Bing Crosby appears on stage wearing casual slacks and a lemon polo necked jumper. He sits down on a stool and launches into a rendition of Sex Machine by James Brown-"Get up ah (doo doo doo) Get up ah (doo doo doo) L8ke a sex machine ah.
    Amuse me with your own definitions of the word incongruous otherwise I'll come up with more of my own. You've been warned!
  • @karen68 Yep, we are in the same system (I hear that the storm has been named Elliott). Mid-Michigan gets a bit of a temperature boost from the lake, our low is in the single digits instead of the negatives like Wisconsin. I’ve spent the day shoveling, with lots of breaks inside to warm back up. At least we’re not in Buffalo, New York, aka blizzard central. By next weekend it’s supposed to be 45-50 degrees warmer = white Christmas, wet New Years.

    @DesperateDan We’re keeping the storm on this side of the pond - it’s moving in a huge circular pattern.

    @BrianN Did you jinx Miami? Below freezing temperatures there!?!
  • Wow, just listened to the Bowie/Crosby rendition. Have never heard it before, am amazed that it exists. Wonderful!
  • @catsnbirds I didn’t know they named winter storms! :)
    We’re getting a lot of snow but it’s the wind that’s just insane. I was told to just stay home from work today, maybe tomorrow too.
    We’re supposed to warm up a lot too next week. Just crazy.

    Glad you enjoyed one of my favourite tunes!
  • @karen68 Apparently the Weather Channel began naming winter storms 11 years ago. This is the first time I’ve noticed. Guess the marketing hasn’t been that successful!
  • Well when you name a storm Elliot you're asking to be ignored.
  • @BrianN tumbleweed with that one. If you really need something to do start doing research for the Bloated Pig post of the year nomination.
  • I take that as a challenge.
    Incongruous : A heist movie starring the cast of Rainbow. Bungle as getaway driver. Zippy as the one who shouts at everyone in a Cockney accent and Geoffrey as the mean one who pistol whips the vault guard. (On second thoughts, in line with @desperatedan's wordle obsession it's more likely to be shite movie.
  • Happy Christmas all you mad birders!
  • Happy @hunnybunny all you mad Christmases.
  • Incongruous 3:Flower arranging with John Wick, cohosted by Jack Reacher.
  • Merry Christmas everyone
    Full size drinks are on me
  • @ixan57, thanks, and Happy Xmas to all the BP nesters.
    @catsnbirds, never sure if you guys are talking degrees F or C. At minus 40, it's all the same.
    @karen68, you seem to imply you would in normal circumstances be working on Xmas day?
    @hunnybunny, just drove from Bangor to Newport right through the middle of Wales. 170 miles of stunning countryside. And virtually no traffic.
    Oh, and incongruous? A Scotsman offering free drinks?
  • Best post of the year has to be @birdleader's "I think we're back!"
    Or @kathy's return.
  • @DesperateDan Stunning scenery indeed, but Newport? Hopefully the Pembrokeshire one, not the s**t hole Mr Bunny comes from and couldn’t wait to leave
    Thanks @ixan57 I won’t take the mick, just a glass of champagne for me
    @Kathy certainly tops the best post of the year
  • You welcome @HunnyBunny it is a pity we can't load links to this page anymore.
    Hope it works, if not sailor glass of champagne.
    Classic lyrics
  • Oh you can. Must be emojis that don't work.
  • Yep, @Ixan57 I remember that too
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