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  • Apart from WOOF what would Twiggy say
  • She actually does a really good cat impersonation. A very convincing meow.
  • Doh, I want my ABO back and I want it now (stamps foot petulantly).
  • There's an unhinged genius to England's cricket at the moment. Even when they win they're bloody awful.
  • Speaking of unhinged genius I reckon Putin has a long haired white cat.
  • Well had a reply from Rovio... "We no longer support blah blah blah try these new games!"
    Have sent a reply asking if they can shed any light on what the problem is and why it should only affect ABO. Not holding breath.
    They did link me to the email you referred to @ixan57 and it seems "Reloaded" is different to what they have planned regarding the original games. I guess they want to redo ABO as closely as possible to the original version but using modern technology. We shall see.

    Wonder if it were possible to download a version prior to the most current that has all levels whether it may solve the problem. Might not be linkable to Rovio Acc though.
  • Progress of sorts. Tried loading up a Windows version of ABO, only one I could get working was version 1.5.1, almost the original, only went up to Ham 'Em High. Which was fine because I wanted HEH. After a few levels it asked for my registration code, which I entered. Wasn't accepted. Back to square one. So then I trawled back through old Android versions and I got 3.0.0 to work in Bluestacks. This goes all the way up to Birdday Party. It's good in one way because there are a handful of levels that were easier back then, mainly in the Big Setup.
  • Rovio did something. It wasn't Android. I trust them less than I trust Johnson.
  • I remember years back, think It was when the ham dunk NBA levels disappeared someone posted that because they had made a purchase for a service and if it was later withdrawn they were due compensation if the company was still operating. Never heard what happened but I would have pursued it if I had have purchased anything that disappeared. Only thing I purchased was one of the mighty eagle things.
    No apostrophe's. Does apostrophe's apostrophe count.
    Jesus my neck is getting sore, like a bit heavy weight on it.
  • Oh, and it will be a premium service... Therein lies the rub...
  • The old version I have on PC (4.0.0)(up to Short Fuse) remains unaffected. Good for some Bad Piggies levels. Just going airplane mode playing through Flock Favourites. You're scoring idea is a good one @desperatedan. (Trying to get a score better than halfway between average and top score). It stops me sprinting onto the next level as soon as I get above average. Though I'm snookered on level 6.
  • Flock favourites is a good fun episode.
  • I deleted my old PC version sadly, probably the same as yours.
  • Yeah they are good, it's been years since I played these levels. The masochist in me enjoyed Red's Mighty Feathers as well. There's something moreish about those Dyson levels(the next fling is the one that hoovers everything up). Just glad the Egg Defender levels do not come with a score,that way lies madness.
  • So you guys stateside, has anyone had trouble loading up ABO or are we Brits being singled out?

    Also I finally managed to download V4. 0.0(android) and I a get a notice saying 'You do not own the content of this app. See here for details' Then it takes me to the Amazon App Store. Anyone know what that's about? Frustrating as I can't access the game unless I can find a way round it.
  • No trouble loading ABO here (knocks loudly on wood).
  • Is that the current version @catsnbirds? (8.0.3)
    Note @smithda44 had the same problem with Rio a few weeks back. Something in the wind?
  • Yes, version 8.0.3
  • Bit of a shock this morning at 0800 when the newsreader on BBC
    Radio 4 (the UK's main national radio station) said "Here are the news headlines on Monday, January 31st"
    I mean, they sometimes get the time wrong but are rarely 4 days out.
  • Hey everybody. Hows things going?
    @kathy Waaaaasssssuuuuuupp
  • The wanderer returns! Hey @gumby, what you been up to?
  • Strange how this issue is affecting some and not others @catsnbirds.
  • @desperatedan, do you reckon someone with a grudge was messing with that newsreader's autocue? Here's how to prank a fellow broadcaster with knobs on...
  • Silly quiz question : What makes this building perfect?
  • Because it’s flawless
  • Dang.!Didn't think anyone would get it that quickly.
    It's actually the day after one of Boris's parties at No 10.
  • @BrianN I have been here, just lurking like @catsnbirds does. Have not been flinging as much as I used to do. Just don't have the energy I used to have. I did get a puppy today with a crazy score too thou.
  • @gumby That was an awesome score on the challenge! Glad you are sharing the quiet corner where I hang out ;-) Welcome!
  • Oh well done Nadal getting to final. Really hope he gets ahead of Djokovic in the Grand Slam tally. Some very dodgy stuff still emerging about Djokovic and his positive test. Very, very poor behaviour all round.
    And @gumby, that was an unbelievable fling. Must have given @asher a shock.
  • Way to go @gumby, haven't been 'Challenging' for a few days, too busy enjoying Flock Favourites. Until I got to 12&13.12 requires a shot that is either not possible any more or you have to be a member of The Magic Circle to pull it off.
    I can hear a voice in my head saying "Go to Timber Tumble". Think it's the ghost of Stevie's dog.
  • Aw man, I come back to do the challenge and it's on a chapter that I haven't re-unlocked yet. Ah well, guess i'll wait for tomorrow.
  • You're not missing much @azurill, it's a toughie. Although every now and again one gets the delicious pleasure of seeing a marmoset land directly on the tnt. Let's see you tap dance your way out of that one!
  • Maybe not so tough, just squeaked a puppy by 10 points. Stitch that you ring-tailed wassocks!
  • Which brings to mind a question I asked the other week @karen68. What does happen if someone ties the top score? It happened to Sigrid last week. Are puppies awarded?
  • Don't think he got it.
  • @BrianN you have to beat the top score. Ties don’t count. No puppy was awarded.
  • But who has the trophy eh? Bettcha can't answer that one!
  • Hey @desperatedan couple of ABO related questions for you. You know my success rate for downloading older versions is almost zero. Managed to get v 4.0.1.Do you know if it's good for any levels?
    Also when you download on bluestacks are you able to assimilate scores from older versions onto your main game? Hope that makes sense. I did read somewhere that it's possible.
  • Oh and thanks great owl.
  • Toowit tewoo! Calling superb owl. Hey @karen68 sorry to drag you away from the tennis, any thoughts on whether the Nest might respond to Rovio's attempts to revamp ABO and possibly other flinging games in terms of scoreboards etc? (Hope you noticed that Batman style Owl on the Toronto skyline.)
  • I think 4.0.1 might not be old enough to get back to a cluster of levels on Big Set Up that were definitely easier. Or one or two others on Mighty Hoax and Danger Above. The problem is that we don't have a definitive list of levels that have got harder, AFAIK. @bonnypattycat collected a list the other way round. Therefore you just have to trawl through the walkthroughs to find out. There were some major changes in about 2013 and I think if you can get back to 3.0.1, then you will precede those. Overall though, later versions have more levels that are easier.
  • Please Nest, don't mess with the historical scoreboards.
  • Not been successful in retaining Bluestacks scores when changing versions but haven't delved into workarounds. I think you are correct, there is a way.
  • Thanks @desperatedan, as I feared hard work involved regards working out which version helps which levels.
    On the other matter was thinking different scoreboard for revamp. Obviously many fingers like yourself have invested a lot of time in building up good scores so relax you know I'm not a trouble maker.
    Speaking of which, where are you @kathy? Still snogging Hanks in the Lurkers?
  • Ps how do you record good scores on older versions that get deleted? Screenshot?
  • Yes, but only at trophy or pup level. I wouldn't bother otherwise.
  • WHAT. A. FINAL. Needed a glass of milk and a lie down after that one. And I was only following it on text. That's gone a long way to clean up the Djokovic farce.
  • Incredible play. Almost wanted to stop watching early in the third set (yes, I was pulling for Nadal), but kept it on, and … WOW! Those guys are in incredible shape, can’t believe how long they went.
  • Really awesome final. @catsnbirds you were up early! I didn’t get up at 3:30 am to watch the whole thing, but saw the last set & a bit. Very happy with Nadal winning.
  • Very tricky to say who the GOAT is. I think Federer still has the slight edge on style but Djokovic has blotted his copybook a bit. I think Nadal might have one more French in him but surely he can't add much more. Federer too old. But the era of the big 4 (inc Murray) is not over quite yet.
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