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  • Again I forgot to post the link
  • Could I suggest that the link is both Cat Stevens & Carly Simon have same initials?
  • And Imagine That @BrianN takes the Crown, and has officially turned something completely Innocent and fun in the beginnings of the Bloated Pig, into a dirty , cheating, counting competition. @BrianN it's not funny anymore, you've perverted something fun and coincidental into an ugly thing..
  • Btw didn't notice you saying that when @hunnybunny was doing her counting thing at the end of the last page.:)
  • A cedila, an umlaut, and an Oxford comma for you @brianN.

  • Everyone watching the tennis? Who's Emma?
  • Nice one Dan. Who won last night of the proms? Is it a new dating show?
  • Emma & Leylah put on a great show. We are exhausted just watching. @twiggy fell asleep. But she predicted the winner.
    @BrianN no cheating to get the crown. Thats the rules.
  • That's almost a bigger miracle than Emma Raducanu winning. (Almost an anagram of rude cameraman.
  • I'd just like to say I may have cheated once or twice to get the fez but I have always left the crown for someone else in those circumstances. Anyway, it's my fez.
  • Hey @gumby, I see the aliens have finally released you! Nice to hear from you. I assure you I always abide by the rules.
  • Me and my good lady have been watching Northwater tonight. Colin Farrel is brilliantly brutal as Drax. (wasn't he a Bond villain?) Jack O'Connell superb. Might be on Britbox my American friends, recommend it heartily.
  • Warning! This song has nothing to do with @desperatedan and his crazy link thing(although I think technically I have the next move on that one.) I just like this song. I feel like there are no rules, maybe I'm in France. Hi @tompuss.
  • @Gumby Waaaaasssuppp?? Ya see what I gotta put up with here lol
  • @BrianN No I didn't say anything when @HunnyBunny did the counting thing, because you,numbskull, she was Mocking you!! But out loud so all could see, you fool!
    You think We Don't Know you count posts to get the crown? And yeah He who will not be named was'nt born in Kenya!
    @BrianN you can fool All of the people, Some of the time, and Some of the people All of the time, But you cannot Fool All of the people All of the time!
  • Aw @kathy you love it. Here's a link to ur Carly Simon offering. Bit obvious but hey ho.
  • @BrianN as usual you type 5 comments while I'm still listening to your song you posted!
    Take a break for 5 minutes jeezh, And The Rules Are Written on Page 1 , by the Founders of The Bloated Pig, as they are written, x so they shall stay! What are you some kind of Liberal.
    Anyway here's my link to Lordes , figure it out.. Google it of you have to after all that's Why 'Us People' invented Google hahahaha!
  • Enough for night
    Back to ClickBait.. I don't really recommend it but it's better then counting blue cars..
  • That's way more important than squabbling over imaginary headwear.

    Let's let the dust settle.
  • That really is cheating. Fancy taking down my posts just to give @kathy the crown. At least I get to keep the fez. Or have I spoken too soon?
    As for squabbling @desperatedan I was merely having a bit of fun as the BP resident wind up merchant /annoying git. Surely no one takes imaginary headwear that seriously?
  • Clever strat on today's challenge @desperatedan. Though I fear unless the 0 birder is still out there our man ernor will still have a trophy tonight. I shall be moving on.
  • @BrianN it's the principle of the thing.
    I was crowned PrincessPageChanger because I would unexpectedly change the page quite often! It wasn't a contest or a reason to post constantly in order to get a piece of imaginary headwear, which seems to have great meaning to you ! Lol..
    Yes @DesperateDan let's let the dust settle :D
  • Link to @Sweetp song
    You have to listen to the whole thing.. and again I forgot the link, which I know now doesn't count in the game but it's still a link to Sweetp song
  • Oh that kathyboard...
  • Anyway, link from Carly Simon to James Taylor is once again, marriage. She did not write You're so Vain about him though, that remains a mystery I think. I will mull over the next link, unless someone else gets there (which they may have done). @sweetp choice not in the chain.
  • @kathy, I just discovered this one. His words ring true.
  • Hey up boys n girls, hope you've had a nice rela xing Sunday. Had a good family day out in Perth. Went to see the new Marvel movie Shang-chi and the legend of the 10 rings. Kinda strays into Dr Strange territory, a little overlong, but very entertaining.
    My son said there weren't enough thrills in it!
    I said it was wall to wall kung foo, had a huge mash up on a bus, had dragons and extra terrestrials fighting each other. What more do you want?
    "Well dad I'm just a thrill seeker"
    He's gonna be trouble when he's a teen.
  • Funny thing happened on the way out of the house. The front door fell on me. What are the chances?
    Yeah someone had taken the posts out.

    As entertaining as the film was it's not half as entertaining as winding @kathy up. Think I'd better back off from the crown thing. I'm worried she might remove more than my posts. Or worse still spontaneously combust.

    But just for the record there's no way I have the time or inclination to go about counting comments, life's too short.
  • Well done with link @desperatedan. Are we the only two playing by the rules?
  • Hey !! I'm trying @DesperateDan and @BrianN , it took my some time to get it, and as I said I'm not up on who's who in pop culture!
    So if Sweetp link not in the chain, that makes mine not in the chain??
    So we are back to Carly Simon again, and your do vain doesn't cut it?
  • C'mon @Brian , you know that we know that you know when the page change is coming!! Lol And I really am trying to play the link thing, I called a truce long before your front door fell on you :8~
  • That was a great song @Sweetp ,I hadn't heard it before either!
    Never Forget!!
  • Hey what about my link to Lordes?? No one even guessed the link?
  • @DesperateDan if you look back you'll see I posted a link to Lordes, but as I was posting that link @BrianN posted another Carly Simon link in the middle? If we're gonna play by'Rules, ' then one should probably wait for the other to link before posting another?
  • Hmmm, sounds like Karma got you back @Briann for cheating. It might be worse next time so don't push your luck. Heehee.
  • @kathy, not your fault. @brian posted Lorde but that wasn't a link to anything, and he then posted James Taylor, which was a link to Carly Simon. So Fire and Rain is the current end of the chain (what a powerful song, had me welling up). I hope you guys can see a lyrical link to this song
  • As far as the link between the Lorde and Foster the People songs goes, I have to admit defeat. The best I can offer is that both artists were at Coachella 2014 but that's so tenuous and obscure as to be non-existent. Perhaps @brianN can crack that one.
  • There's more to that door story than @briann is letting on.
  • You'll be enjoying today's challenge @desperatedan. (heh heh).
  • Lyrical link you say? Both songs make reference to the sun other than that I'm struggling. Maybe a clue is required.
  • Hey @kathy, has anybody ever told you that you're an absolute control freak? Dan comes up with a good idea(for once) gives a few simple rules as to how to join in, and you stomp all over it by making up your own rules. The woman who said "rules is rules".
    When I played the Lorde track I made the point very loudly that it was not connected to the chain. Are you MUTTON JEFF!!? Read the posts properly, stop speed reading and just chill. Or you'll get another spanking.
  • Just so you know @sweetp since I live such a charmed and innocent life karma and I are besties. So YOU better watchout. We know what you did last summer!
    So is your moniker something to do with fragrant wee? Anyways this one's for you. And @kathy this-song-is-NOT-a-link-in-the-chain. Read slowly and repeat after me...
  • Oh, I'm done with clues. Fire and Rain is all about seeing someone for the last time. The Roberta Flack song is all about seeing someone for the first time. Do sit up and concentrate at the back.
  • Oh yes, Piggywood studios. Best part about that episode is trying to guess the name of the film.
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