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  • I still want to know who J.D.Button is.
  • Probably some loud mouthed American. Btw you saved my bacon there. Don't you come out in hives when you wear the crown?

    I've got a cunning plan for you on how to get a pup. Wait till tomorrow.
  • Today's lunchtime joke.

    For a long time the English alphabet had only 25 letters. Nobody knew Y.
  • @brianN y's that. one for the apostrophe counter
  • Bacon crossed my mind. But I was just saying what had to said. I'm intruiged by the pup comment. Have you gone over to the Dark Side?
  • Yes I am a descendant of Nostradamus and Old Mother Shipton. Plus my friend Karma says you're due one.
  • Apparently using the semi colon makes you look intelligent; I’ve no idea why...
    And I love an ellipsis
  • Then we are kindred spirits @hunnybunny.
  • @DesperateDan I'm sorry I confused the links
    :,\so is the link to Fire and rain¿ Or Roberta Flack I can do both lol!
    I'll think of something lol!!
    Well Hull has alphabet streets, and there's No 'I' in Hull!
  • Okay trying to keep up here, fully reading, not speed reading I see the link was Fire and Rain p so keeping with the obvious
  • @BrianN So you never answered, Truce? I'm trying to be amicable, but as you know I have friends in high places,
    My bad with the Lordes link, thanks for taking the blam
  • @DesperateDan I think J. D button was an aquaintance of the KathyBoard, all I know is when HunnyBunny speaks, People listen! Heehee... I love the ellipsis too, it makes people wonder 'what will the KathyBoard say next'¿?......
  • Sigh.....@kathy, you have to read the links in the right order. The link was from Fire and Rain to Roberta Flack and I explained why at the end of the last page. However I am quite happy to ignore poor old Roberta and go with your rain based link instead. Therefore Creedence Clearwater Revival is the current end of the chain. I will attempt a new link tomorrow if no-one else does.
    There's no reason why people shouldn't post anything they want at any time. So I suggest if it
    is part of the chain then the best thing to say is something like "the previous link was X and here is song Y"
    But if it really doesn't work then I won't flog it.
  • Oh, I'm just hearing that J.D.Button has arrived in the Lurkers Lounge.
  • Okay @DesperateDan I'm sorry, I really am trying to follow the chain, it is fun and we get to hear lots of music :D
  • Okay this is my lame attempt to link both previous links ,
    Cut me some slack I'm trying,
  • Do I need to post a clue? I think it's obvious but not blatant...
  • I might need a clue. This is a joint link from CCR and Roberta Flack to Suzanne Vega right? All 3 songs have featured in movies, but I think that's a bit obscure and hardly unusual. Likewise all American, but again not really convincing. You have me puzzled.
  • As far as I'm concerned there is no need for a truce @kathy. I was just having fun with the crown thing. And as for taking down a few of my comments. I shall be having a word with admin about the arbitrary and whimsical way it was done. Not really, saw the funny side straight away, I post mostly rubbish anyway. I shall try not wind you up so much. I don't want you having a stroke.
    "A stroke of what?" I hear you cry.
    Why, the crown of course.
  • Here's a song linked to today's challenge. I like not having rules.
  • Yes it is raining in case you're wondering. Though set to brighten up later. (In case you're wondering).
  • There is a sneaky linguistic twist involved. Btw wouldn't worry about @kathy's link too much, who knows how her brain is wired. (Sorry @kathy, I just can't help myself).
  • Of course I'm just kidding @kathy. I'm sure your brain is wired up to Navy standards. So your link. Is it Rain and Fire/Have you ever seen the Rain/Tom's Diner? If so there's a lot of rain falling. Bit like Brechin right now. If Roberta's in the mix I'm snookered.
  • Look, whatever is going on, let's all agree Suzanne Vega is currently the last link in the chain. And please try to show some discipline or @brian will be dishing out punishments.
  • I'm tempted to play that lovely Ann Peebles song: 'I Can't stand Lorraine'.

    Hey @sweetp, you've gone quiet again. Are you not supposed to mix with the riff raff? Or did you really do something bad last summer? Most of us just stayed home due to covid.
    So when you're not removing posts... er I mean helping out at the Nest(Phew, don't know where that came from)what do you do in Wyoming?
    And since @ixan57 and I have a theme going, Y-oming?
  • But I am working on the Gabriel link
  • The link is because in the end Suzzanne Vega is dreaming of someone she obviously misses, and the (bells of the cathedral
    And its raining out those are the links, sorry I did admit it was a "Lame "attempt!
    Im trying..
  • I don't get link from Suzanne Vega to the Strokes ?¿. Or i's 9t really hard to explain ?
  • Kk see ya after work.. I'm not supposed to be on my phone :(
  • This is getting far too messy @desperatedan. You realize you'll never get @kathy to understand the rules?

    Are you winding me up now @kathy?

    Just to make things even more untidy. Was the link between Lorde and Foster the People Tania Foster? She did a song called Green Light with Roll Deep.
  • Can't comment on your link to @sweetp song as the content was blocked here in UK.
    Bit of a relief that all in all. Eh Dan?
  • Does that mean we have to work on a link between The Strokes and Suzanne Vega? Did I get @kathy 's official link to the chain right? What songs were in the official link? Did @kathy chose the right ones? Are you getting a headache @desperatedan? I' m about to have a stroke...

    Phew, that's the rain off.
  • Oh for goodness sake, how can this be so hard? Like I say, if you want a song to link to previous one, just say it when you post it. Otherwise the good patrons can post up what they like, no problem.

    I think the best thing is to start again. If this fails then I give up. This is the start of a new chain. Don't look for a link to anything before. Just think of a link and post it, at the same time state New Link.
  • Oh i get it now @DesperateDan. Link, I got one.
    Time to give up. Hee hee he
  • Nice one @ixan57. Think @desperatedan's becoming a bit of a dictator.
  • The power of the crown can unhinge the mind. Just ask @kathy.
  • @BrianN, a thing called "real life and work" takes over so I'm not always here, 24/7 like you are.
  • Hi @sweetp I was just talking about you. So what do you do in real life? Oh by the way you're in the middle of a chain. Here's my offering @ixan57.
  • Ohh Man..i thought i did it right last time..
    @BrianN. Your the one making it confusing..
    I read Dan's new beginning and i get it! But it'll have to wait until after work
    Work= something Some of us do,a place we go everyday to earn $$ to pay rent etc....
  • No rain breaks in the DOD then?
  • Is it just me? Feeling anxious, sweaty palms, palpitations. Think we must be getting near the bottom of the page. What to do.
    "Hey briann, how's it hanging?"
    "Mystery voice from the ether, I thought Ghost busters sorted you out?"
    "Long story mate.Why the long face?"
    "I'm on the horns of a dilemma."
    "Sounds painful."
    "That's not funny. Want me to call Bill Murray again?"
    "Relax, I know what the problem is. Why don't you count the comments but stop at 50.That way @kathy gets the crown, everyone's happy."
    "Isn't that just as forced?"Anyway @desperatedan would miss out on the fez, you know what he's like. Besides what if @kathy goes on another Netflix bender? We might not hear from her for days. She missed a whole page the other week."
    "Yeah, she's not getting any younger either. I hear she fell asleep during an elipsis the other day."
    "As it happens some real life stuff might get me off the hook tonight. Hopefully when I look in later it'll all be over."
  • Anyway I think @DesperateDan is the weakest link "good bye"
  • Here’s my link

  • @kathy your favourite Stevie Wonder song would be OK!
  • Oh c'mon @BrianN. I'm not that bad!! I'm still at work, very slow..but I don't dare to check the chain until I get home ,for fear of being caught. I'm surprised I could even log in on this laptop ! gaming sites are forbidden!
  • thanks @HunnyBunny :) I still got about an hour before I get home. I really gotta start using my SupposedToBeaLaptop at home ,its much easier to type!
  • I Am starting to catch on though, @BrianN. your link was 'UnAvailable'
  • How about this one, here's my link
    Gawd i hope i got it right this time!
  • Which song are you linking to @kathy? I think @hunnybunny's was the last one. It's all going a bit quick.
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