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  • Yes @DesperateDan I was linking to @HunnyBunny and trying keeping with the chain,
    Did I screw it up again ? :(
  • Well @DesperateDan you got your Fez and I've got my Crown , although it feels a bit 'unpolished' now and not the same joyful surprise feeling and laughter that used to come with it when @Estar first so lovingly created it ...
  • Now I'm gonna play the jukebox , no link, no chain just so we are clear these next few songs Are not part of the game, just Free Will :)
  • Jukebox will have to wait until after dinner..
    OB please have the Blues bring me a drink in the Lurkers Lounge and keep em' coming
    Err.. idk you pick....
  • Evening all. That asher is some boy, you're essentially bashing the same spot repeatedly hoping for a lucky fallout. Is it better to be lucky than good? Anyways just for you @desperatedan I shall post my measly score and toddle off to bed.
  • Dinner Done,, Dishes Done There will be No Ants Marching tonight!!
    Netflix time.. watching ClickBait , it's a tough one really, I watched episode 2 , three times lol is kind of dull
    Waiting on Dave to watch season 5 of money heist
  • G'night @BrianN. Sweet Dreams
  • Nice Flinging @Team BP! @BrianN @DesperareDan @Gumby @comex666 of course All in the top 5n improved Woot!! Free Drinks all around! Free coffee too for early birdies who might have a rain day ;)
  • @kathy, let me do something for you while I'm still here. OB, I'll have a Mike's Hard Lemonade Berry please.
    *Grabs drink from OB, takes crown and slips out. Gathers a cleaner, microcloths, buffers, and polishing paste. Diligently cleans the crown, polishes and buffs it. Then, taking care not to get any fingerprints or any other marks on it, puts it into a cloth sack and heads back to the BP.*

    Here you go, back to its original beautiful glory @kathy. Time for me to put the Blues in their nest for a good night's sleep. Besides, my pillow is calling me.

    Sweet dreams my friend!
  • Oh gosh, @meanguy got a monster high score on the Pig Bang Challenge right at the end. Never worked out the link to Solsbury Hill @brianN. And you promised me a pup. Looks like you sold me one.
  • Trying to work out your link from Coolio to Nick Jonas @kathy. You didn't explain the previous link from The Pretenders. Was that Chaingang to Gangster (I.e. gang) @hunnybunny?
  • As for the pup @desperatedan if you go back and look at the post you'll realise I was just being my usual sarcastic self. The linguistic twist is to turn Solisbury into Salisbury(both pronounced the same way of course). It is an oblique clue, but the level itself is it's own biggest clue. The way it looks that is.Sorry if you spent ages pondering over the song lyrics.
    As for asher, comex, and meanguy here's a musical link to all of them. Nothing complicated here.
  • Hi @sweetp. You still haven't told me what you do for a living. Is it top secret government work like @kathy 's? I' m sure polishing crowns is just a hobby. Anyway, can't talk right now, some of us have work to go to.
  • One of the things I used to like about this time of day was the quietude. Perhaps the odd chippy comment from @desperatedan, maybe an awful pun [email protected] A time for a little rural reflection. Why just today I ran over a red squirrel. It was really red by the I'd finished with it. Lol. I just pot the lol in so @kathy would know I was joking. What sort of a monster do you think I am? If I'd really squashed a squirrel I'd've been gutted. Not as gutted as the squirrel obviously... er... lol.
    Anyway where was I? Oh yes, imagine my dismay yesterday to find the airways clogged with noisy Yanks. Your time is after midnight (BST or GMT whichever applies) when I 'm fast asleep.

    I suppose I should say that' s not you @catsnbirds, you're definitely not noisy. Nor you Oh feathery Einstein Cannuck(I do hope that's not a derogatory term, you must explain sometime). You are neither noisy nor a Yank. Not even you @sweetp, your pearls of wisdom here are rare and most welcome. (feel free to say myob on the job question, most people totally ignore my q's here anyway)
    Let's see if we can solve this mystery. Why don't we take a random sample of say the last 19 posts... I think I see it. A certain @kathy composed 12 of them. Mystery solved.
    On a serious note (D minor's pretty sombre). Keep it up. I much prefer noisy @kathy to comatose @kathy. Good to see you on top form. You have the crown, @desperatedan has the fez, @sweetp is licking your boots... er I mean being a good friend. Everybody's happy. I think this calls for a celebratory song. No excuse needed to play The Buzzcocks
  • [email protected] I did explain my link, from coolio to Nick Jonas keeping with the chain link, the name of the Nick Jonas song is literally "chains "
    I didn't know i had to explain the whole chain from the pretenderss on down. I'm not playing anymore.
  • See what I mean?
  • Come on Dan keep up at the back.
  • OK to get the link back on track
  • Hint for the next link he is the greatest showman
  • The one and only Freddie Mercury covered this song. As did Sam Cook. Here's my link... Heh heh...
  • @BrianN, clearly you don't understand the culture of the Nest, and have no clue about what the BP is all about. Instead, you insist on bashing @kathy and myself to the point of insult. (i.e., "@sweetp is licking your boots" or "clogged with noisy Yanks.") Keep it up, and you'll find yourself in troubled waters.
  • Hey @hunnybunny, how did you do that with the Coolio video? Good tune BTW.
  • Well @sweetp, some people have a sense of humour others don't. But I won't change who I am. I sometimes go over the top with my soh and maybe not everyone gets me. But there really is no rancour on my part. To set the record straight I have no beef with you, @kathy or Americans in general. There are good and bad in every nation.
    If by 'troubled waters' you mean censoring or banning my comments here, that's fine. I can disappear as quietly as I arrived and I certainly don't want to upset the status quo. (Have you seen Francis Rossi when he's angry?)
  • I think the Chain game is causing too much stress to be deemed beneficial to the health of the patrons of the BP. I am waking in the middle of the night worrying about the link between Coolio and Nick Jonas (which incidentally @kathy, you still haven't explained) and the mutation of Solsbury into Salisbury which I still can't link to Pig Bang. Everyone posts songs like crazy without explaining the previous link (which you are supposed to do) or even saying what is linked to what. @brianN, what am I supposed to think "this song" refers to. So I think we should stop and go back to arguing about headwear which was a tantric experience compared to this.

    Anyway, I'm off to the Lurkers Lounge ( no apostrophe) to have a chat with J.D.Button.
  • @DesperateDan I DID Explain my link from Coolio to Jonas, it Was 'Chains"! pay attention to my "explanantion below
    @BrianN played a link that was UnAvailable to me , then @Ixan57 played the Pretenders "Chain Gang" Then @HunnyBunny played Ganstah Paradise by Coolio which is about being in chains or had something to do with Chains, so I ,keeping with the 'Chain' theme played a Song that was 'Literally' named 'Chains'

    And Why DO I have to explain the link to all the previous links that I didnt post, I thought the idea was to link to the song before you, sorry i just read your post above, But i Did think the idea was to link to the song played just before you?
    I do like the game , but @BrianN has to keep making it confusing lol :8~
  • and thanks @SweetP for polishing my crown:)
    go easy on @BrianN he really is just funning , and I dont mind, I give it right back to him although I think he takes me too literally, and too seriously , He really means no harm...
    But seriously @BrianN the "licking your boots" comment Was a bit over the line!
  • The BP should be a stress-free place to escape. Banter in here treads a dangerous line because, truth be told, we don't all know each other as well as we would if we had the chance to meet in person. So we miss body language and vocal inflection which represents about 60% of communication. So we have to respect feedback on this matter since we are operating at about 40% of maximum when making posts. So humour in general is usually fine (I can even put up with @ hunnybunny's filth) but personal stuff does need some sort of filter. I don't claim any moral high ground here, so I apologise if I have offended anyone on the past.
  • Ah, I see @kathy, what you were getting at. However, since the Coolio song makes no explicit mention of chains whatsoever, I was confused. I guess you were working at a more subtle level, i.e. the song is about being trapped. Ooh, this is getting deep and dark.
  • Sorry @desperatedan 'this song' was a reference to @ixan57 's Platters-Great Pretender. He then linked that to the greatest showman. Hence the ref to Freddie who also covered it. I then made the link to Chrissie Hynde. The link may seem obvious but there is a little more to it.

    Sorry also about the challenge link that was just a throwaway. When I looked at the level concerned it jumped out at me:that's what it looks like!
    It has occurred to me since that not everyone has a brain wired like mine(in fact no one I've ever met) so final clue:it's a world heritage site.
  • Hey @kathy, I think by now I know when you're joking or not. I think I may have misjudged the crown thing. Maybe you guys take it more seriously than you let on.
    As for the boot licking ref, from a comedic point of view, you can see where I'm coming from. But I immediately qualified it with' being a good friend'. Which is what I perceive to be the true situation. If I have to constantly explain myself all the time it takes the fun out things for me here.
    As for yourself @sweetp, you're not averse to a little sarcasm yourself. 'some of us work for a living and actually have a real life, that' s why we're not here 24/7'
    @kathy called me a numbskull and a fool in a recent post
    I don't take umbrage 1,because I dish it out. 2.because I'm happy in my own skin and don't take myself too seriously. 3,because I trust you don't mean to offend.
    So while I do apologise if I've offended anyone I also think some need to be a little less sensitive.
    I agree with Dan's sentiments, but I don't want my finger hovering over the post comment button wondering whether the sword of Damocles is going to land on my head because I might offend someone even though the intention is never there. So I'll take a break from the BP for a while. Will check in from time to time to see how ur all doing.
  • Anyway, back to fun stuff
    The Chain
    Chain Gang, etc, etc
    GANGsta Paradise
    Look it up, it will lead you to Stevie Wonder...
  • Sorry @BrianN I missed your last post
    Please stay
    I like your dry humour
  • It saddens me that the introduction to the BP on page 1 was mostly deleted!
    @DesperateDan it's a Fun Idea!! I think the language barrier my be a factor, over the seas, things are said differently, words have different meanings! But all in all the BP has lasted 10 years with lots of people coming and going, from all over the world! Some have even meet in person! I've met 5 Birdie friends in person! @Gumby has also , but different birdies than I.
    No apologies necessary (woo I think I spelt it right ? Lol)
    I think we All just need to Relax, take a deep breath and play a game! Without being so serious about it and just going with the flow! Jersey!!
    @BrianN I may have called you a couple lame names, BUT I Never figured you for a Quitter!!
  • KathyBoard Doesn't Help!!
  • Hey @Hunnybunny Yeah I shoulda listened to you in the first place and went with Stevie Wonder lol, I wouldn't be in this pickle :/
  • Wat Phra Mahathat Woramahawihan: Pretender to the World Heritage crown
  • Good night all, hope you pop in tomorrow
  • Get yer ass back in here @brianN, you snowflake!

    (lights blue touchpaper and retires a safe distance)
  • @BrianN, my retort was because you questioned why I was absent and not here all the time. I gave you my honest answer, whether you like it or not. And I don't have to tell you what I do for a living because that's none of your concern.

    Have you read our FAQ page? This is what you need to know:

    Forum Rules

    Treat other members with respect – treat others like you would like to be treated.
    The forum language is English only – please only post in other languages in PM
    Please do not spam. Spam is defined as an irrelevant or commercial post. Posts considered spam will be removed.
    Please do not post text in all CAPS. Nobody likes to be yelled at.
    Racist, sexist, offensive, insults, or personal attacks (bashing) against anyone will not be tolerated.
    Do not post any religious or political comments. We don’t need an angry mob in the Nest.
    Like the rest of, profanity of any kind is NOT allowed. Remember, this is a family-friendly website, and children often visit here without your knowledge.
    Please do not post inappropriate material. may change these rules at any time without notice.
  • OK @kathy, I'll make a link sometime if I can work out where the end of the darn chain is. I did get to Stevie Wonder as well incidentally, much help it gave me.
  • And today's Challenge is a brute. I can't get anywhere near my top score. Night all.
  • Also Do you guys know The BP team were the original founders of the Daily Challenge! We called it LOTD (level of the day) it was posted on page 1, and we all would come up with music and drinks and snacks that matched, or were close to the theme of the LOTD.
    There's a lot of history here, a lot has gone past, or been distorted, But it's always been a friendly, welcoming place.
    I' agree with v the rest @BrianN please don't go? But I'm not gonna beg ya lol ;) sit and pout if you please, but when you return, and you will, free drinks and a meal on the house also for Dan because that's part of the Newcomer Package, and neither of you were ever properly welcomed!
    I Blame the Hostess, she was too busy watching Netflix!! I'm tempted to fire her, but I can't, she's Co -Owner.
  • Not part of any chain or mini, just a song :)
  • @kathy, I was cleaning your crown long before, when Kimmie couldn't any longer. so the constant snatching by others got it all dull and dirty. Referring to licking boots was pretty offensive and over the top of being humorous.
  • Oohhh yeah @Sweetp I'm so sorry I forgot that!
    And agreed that comment was totally Out of line, and yes offensive!
  • Nighty Night Birdie Friends. .. ♡♡♡
  • Hello guys, I know I said I'd said I'd stay away for a while, and I will after this post.Just wanted to say thankyou for your supportive comments, it's been a lot of fun and I enjoy your virtual company. I'm certainly not quitting('snowflake' Dan? Such an offensive remark. How do know I'm not black?).
    I just think there is a point of principle involved. I certainly see the need for policing a site like this. I haven't come across it myself but I have read posts by people who have seen links to porn sites posted here. That kind of thing is truly offensive and needs to be crushed with an iron hand.
    I've also seen spats on the walk through pages get really out of hand and become nasty and very personal(usually when two intractable people refuse to back down) that too should be dealt with. My point is I'm not sure dear Prudence [email protected] that you are the right person for the job.
    You don't like my sense of humour? Fine. You think my comments were offensive? Fine I've apologised for that. But to be truthful I'm sure I've said much worse.
    I hope you don' t mind me speaking candidly but I think you're far too sensitive. I will be offline for a couple of weeks to reflect on things. I hope you do the same. I say this for your own well being as much as anything else. It can't be easy going through life with glass feet.
    Just to give an example. Couple of months back I made an observation that a(tiny) part of the nest hadn't been kept up to date. Turns out it was something @hunnybunny used to look after and she hadn't been in admin for some time. I made a flip remark about not being able to get the staff these days. The next day you were down at the BP accusing me of throwing you under the bus. (Well you accused poor @desperatedan, guy didn't know what'd hit him. Was it a bus?)
    You do have a magic wand but I think you need to be careful not to abuse it.
    I'm sure you'd like the last word @sweetp, you may have it. I won't be checking in, not even to read any posts. Just to let the dust settle. So don't be offended if I don't reply. I sometimes don't know myself where a post will end up when I start typing. To have to consider it all and lose any spontaneity makes it less fun for me.
    I could go out with a bang like our man ernor and say something like...Ahem(clears throat and adopts the voice of Thanos(you didn't know I could do that did you? Something else you didn't know about me))... "your tiny threads are meaningless to me"
    But that wouldn't be true. Instead I'll go out with the words of the legendary Mark Williams... Ahem(clears throat and adopts Brummie accent)... "Ah'll get me coat".

    Was that all a bit melodramatic?
  • @BriaN Whatever... "Good for thee , but not for me" seems to be your motto. You are a snowflake , which is not a derogatory remark aimed at people of Any colour , it means your too delicate. You can dish it out, but you can't take it!
    I don't hear youi stepping up to volunteer any of your free time to help police the Nest. Do you Even know How Big the Nest is,???
    There are currently only 3 Volunteers that i know of, @comex666 make videos for all of the Nest, @Bernersenn has all of ABFreinds on his end, and @Sweetp is doing the Daily Challenge and everything else! Like leaderbords ,walthrough moderation etc...
    Believe Me she weilds her magic wand wisely! A few of us help out as we can but don't have the power to do anything but report.
    Fling a few birds, you'll feel better.
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