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  • Oh honey no,don't go to that kind of trouble! We'll bring strawberries and cream,pims and bubbly. That's all we need! It was only if you had the old menu so absolutely no need to make another one. We simple folks........... alcohol and fruit will suffice lol!
  • Actually I'm speaking for @hunnybunny and me. @catsnbirds and @karen may want coffee or tea at their time zone ;)
  • Turned the page,lost the thread @sunshine.
  • Wow @jlz666 Nadal? Never thought I'd see you not pick Murray!
    @catsnbirds yup very happy to see Raonic win. He's getting very little attention despite being a finalist last year, but then he hasn't had a very good year overall. (We get the ESPN coverage here & they tend to ignore most players unless they're American or one of the big four.) Have to cheer for him but my heart is hoping Fed wins this year.

    Off to watch more Federer!
  • And coffee is fine with my champagne & strawberries!
  • @Gumby @sunshine @catsnbirds @Tompuss @Karen68 @Hunnybunny @jlz-666 sorry page change I know i didn't get everyone :( Thanks for the well wishes, my eye is still twitchy and itchy , got a refill on my prescription drops, idk it's very depressing, hard also to type. Gumby good idea on the T.v ' s
    Enjoy the Tennis all, and i hope your (whoever) guy wins lol uhmm Then i suppose you all don't have the same guy, so may the best guy win ¿
    sorry i can't be here very often but wanted to say hi!
  • @knichy @ixan57 please pop in and have a drink on the house!
    OB Drinks on the house for all
    I haven't checked the Birthday list @sunshine but i will, you can look in my album I've stored some banners in there:)
  • @JLZ666. @karen68 @hunnybunny Fed is always my pick. So love watching him play! And, yes, coffee to begin with (ESPN coverage starts at 8:00 am). Though, it is now 2:30 pm and the 2nd Fed set and a Saturday (wait, I'm retired, everyday is kinda a Saturday!) I think it is time for something more...festive. Perhaps a Sangria with strawberries to garnish.

    @kathy So sorry the eye infection is hanging on! And -9+! You are REALLY nearsighted.
  • Aww @kathy you sound so sad:( All will be ok soon. Don't try to understand the tennis hon. It's like me trying to understand American football.............not a hope;)
    Well @karen as I said,"head over heart" I'll be fighting Andys corner all the way but my gut says he just doesn't have it in him this year. I feel Nadal has. I hope I'm proved wrong! Raonic is also doing great but agree with the lack of coverage of him. Obviously the BBC will follow the Brits but blimey there's very few of them,so I feel they're pretty fair with the coverage. That's such a pity you get a biased US station but hang on......the Americans don't have many players either. You would have thought they'd have cheered on their closest cousins matches?
    I do like Fed and think the man is incredible but hmmmmmm he just doesn't excite me. Sorry!!!! However I will tip my hat if he wins another Wimbledon. That would be awesome!
    Anyhoooo,off for dinner. Hubbys got the BBQ going.
    Laters x
  • Well, I'll support Andy and Konta all the way through. Come on you Brits!
    But @catsnbirds @karen68 @jlz I think Federer is unstoppable this year on grass. Nadal is a fab player on clay, but grass? And Konta has a good chance as the woman's is totally unpredictable, two good unspellable Eastern European women out already
    Good night. I'm off
  • @kathy wassssuuuupppp
    @sunshine thanks for the coffee :)
    @catnbirds @tompuss @jlz666 @karen68 Glad you all like the new BIG screen TV's :)
  • @Gumby Waaassssuupppp???
  • @kathy nmh I am knackered
  • Lol @Gumby you sound like @Hunnybunny like your from across the pond 'knackered' heehee
    I'm sure you'll be nodding off shortly, if you haven't already. my eyes are knackered!! Twitchy and itchy,, The Mom says that means is healing but crap is been healing for a freaking week!!
  • Nighty Night @Pa ♡♡ please come home.♡
  • I'm knackered also more like @jlz-666.i think
    Nighty night all. ♡
  • @kimmiecv @jlz666 @ kathy @sunshine @mumsie42 @estate @karen68 @tompuss @gumby @hunnybunny @surfcow @catsnbirds @tompuss @fujitoast @hunnybunny@rdnzlrips82 @bernersonn @kartflyer @@sglouk@abcrazy @mvnla2 @wrw01 @lesleyg @windwalker @angermanagement @birdleader and everyone I left out... Hello to you all! Sorry I managed to miss the party. Or is this reunion on for the month? LOVED reading the @kimmiecv and @jlz666 conversation! What a blast from the past. Kimmie are you really going to make a comeback? Missed you something terrible gf! And Miss jlz, those photos are unreal! How exciting for you. Like Kimmie said, it looks like you were practically in his lap! Sooooo, beaver season again...busy busy! Lol I'm so jealous that you're going to Tuscany! You can't help but have a wonderful time! @mumsie42 you're at home and playing golf? I've gotten so used to your globe trotting that I was surprised to see that you're still home. No doubt you've got a house full of kids and/or gkids. @surfcow!!! Holy Cow! Looooong time! You've always been somewhat elusive but I still remember all the laughs you gave me. Hope all is good with you.
    @tompuss, I may have missed the main party, but if you're still offering, I'm ready to take you up on your Better than Sex offer! Wheeeeee
    A BIG HUG and a BIG THANK YOU to Miss @sunshine and Miss @kathy!!!! for sending up the rally cry for a reunion! Fab idea ladies - thank you!
    @kathy, You should be getting a knock on the door soon. FedEx has a truck full for you. Hope your eye stops acting up and heals quickly. Take it slow. Hugs
  • Awwwww @birdaddict ((((hugs)))) You do pick your time :( Can't believe I missed you again! Have to say,I loved the @estate notification! Haahaa! Will be in touch soon,I promise X
    @gumby Seeing as we haven't talked that much,I'm assuming you got the "knackered" adjective from @hunnybunny? Love seeing it used here!
    @hunnybunny Yes I know he's better on clay but I just feel he has something this year and don't forget he has beaten Fed to win Wimbledon before! Yeah it was a few years ago but.......;) It looks like I'm not fully supporting Andy and that's just not true. Let's just say I'm keeping my options open lol!
    OB I'll take a large black coffee to go please. Deck is looking awesome so going to tidy up the rest of the garden before the rain hits later in the morning. Weather not looking great today so plan on.............well doing nothing really! Austrian Grand Prix on later so will be watching that plus some catch up TV. Might also do a wee bit of baking.
    Have a lovely Sunday peeps X
  • @birdaddict I'm still offering!
    @jlz666 Florence best place for perfumes and soaps (I'm a soap addict)! Look for Nesti Dante, divine!
  • Will do @tompuss I'm not a soap fan though. Hazard of my job i.e it's not great for your skin ;) However I do love perfumes. Didn't know Florence was known for this. Any more info? We're planning on using the train to visit Siena and Luca as we've heard they are beautiful.
  • Flippin heck.....I've just imputed my Xmas seasons scores. Got to laugh or I'd cry! I didn't open it daily and think I played it on Boxing Day and only to 3 star it. It needs some serious work! Trying to gather the enthusiasm to improve. To fling or not to fling?.........or bake cake.......and eat it ;D
  • @jlz666 See here:

    Above all, don't miss n°1 on the list:

    . . when you're there check out rosewater and other floral waters!

    I hate to shock you, but I always wash my face with soap and water!!

    Level 1 of Ragnahog - what a bugger to get that high-high score! Can't tell you how many times I tried. . .
  • I'll check out those links later @tompuss thank you! I love Rose water so I'll definitely see what they've got in that department. Listen,I can't tell you how many of my clients have got beautiful skin and use nothing but soap and water lol! It's pretty much all in the genes. Yep you can improve the appearance but ultimately you're stuck/blessed with what you were born with.
    IKR? I somehow managed to get 147k on level 1 but now can't break 135k! What gives?! Was it a 1 birdie?! The walkththoughs comments are long again so I'll just keep plugging away then scroll through looking for help.
  • @kathy wassssuuupp
    @birdaddict always a party in here :)
    @jlz666 actually I first heard the word knackered from a friend that I have played more than one online game with. I had no clue what it had meant. When he talks I cant even understand a single word he says. Hes from England but he has a thick Yorkshire accent. Thankfully he can type just fine LOL.
  • lol Yorkshire! Yep I can see that being a problem @gumby. Just as well we all communicate through the written word. Don't think we would understand a word anyone said :D
  • @jlz666 My best was 142,800, I don't know how I did it and why I can't again. . . Pesky birds, pesky rocks, pesky stove -:)
  • @tompuss there are multiple ways to get a 150k score on Ragnahog level 1. I like using the axe to demolish the left hand side. Then bubbles to take out the right hand side. Timing is crucial for the axe.
    @kathy glad your eye is better :)
  • @Gumby Wwwaaassssuuuppp??? not 100% yet but better than it was, i am waiting until i get a shower then gotta take lens out .?
    @jlz-666 @tompuss @bird-addict Does a double take, looks up !!! Huh What ??!!!! must be my eyes acting up do i see really Bird-addict ??? (((( Hugs))) so happy to actually see you all kinda eyes is still a bit blurry, doc told me to lay off the tablet and typing (ya right !!!) heehee!
    Still haven't had the chance to catch up with the party pages, i will through the week once my eye is completely healed. infection is gone, but still mild scratches on my cornea!
    after m my follow up next Sunday, i will have a consult with the opthalmologist to see if I'm eligible for Lasik surgery!! hopefully i am,, the doc today says my chances are good considering my severe near sightedness and recurring issues!! keep fingers crossed for me!
  • Nighty night @Pa♡♡♡♡♡
    @all Wakie Wakie . eggs and bacey, and coffee too if @sunshine has made it already
  • @jlz666 @catsnbirds @karen68 I know what your watching! What a nail biter!
  • @hunnybunny flipping channels between Rafa's match & Raonic/Zverev. No nails left!
  • @karen68 I see Raonic won
  • Down to the cuticles...
  • guessing all the tennis fans passed out!
  • Ahhh I missed the party too 8*(
    @kathy if you see this I can post
  • @hunnybunny I'm nursing my poor fingers. What an awesome match, but sorry Nadal is out.

  • And the time stamp seems to be off here in the BP, it's showing 2 hours later.

    I guess the BP is just ahead of it's time.. :)
  • @knichy @karen68 Good to see you!!
    yay i can post!
  • ahhh s to turn on Mobile data!! the WiFi isn't working in here!!
    OB can you check that connection please?
  • And OB can you fix the clocks also please?
  • @Sweetp I finally could post but only over mobile data, not with WiFi ¿
  • Now try again on WiFi nope only mobile data ..hmmm
  • Weird Can't do it from my phone which has mobile data!
  • @Gumby Wwwaaassssuuuppp???
  • Still mobile data, no WiFi ,@Birdleader I'm getting a wierd error message , i sent you a screenshot!,, weird in my tablet it won't work on WiFi but will in Mobile data
    opposite on phone, same platform confusing for sure!
  • Nighty night @Pa ,, sorry no heart on tablet and can't post on phone!!
    Hurry back and get well!!
  • Right the dot worked so I'll try again.
    Had big issues with the nest yesterday. Firstly I couldn't access my leaderboard page. It just went to a white screen. I restarted phone and cleared cache but nadda. Then I came in here to try to find out if others were having the issue but couldn't post. A red banner appeared saying " your Insert IPL adresss is 23 characters too long" ????? Finally when I tried again to comment last night about the tennis it appeared the clock was out of sync. Reading the posts I see that maybe it was actually a site problem but then how did you all manage to post? Anyway...let's see if this goes through.
    Yep the tennis was a cracker! So if you want a player out then just ask me to put the death wish on them lol! There goes my pick for the winner! Thought they both played unbelievably well but I did think Muller would get it. What amazing strength and stamina from both but those shots from Muller sealed the deal. I only saw the highlights of Raonic game yesterday but it looked great as well! Guess I'll have to stick with my 2nd choice Murray but I don't have high hopes.
    Ok I'll hit send with fingers crossed.

    Right that didn't work. Same red banner. I'll try @kathy idea of using data not wifi?
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