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  • ooohh Forgot to say Hi @Sunshine ,@Jlz-666 So happy you could make it :D
  • Princess in the House!
  • Yep @catsnbirds I gathered by the score and time that it wasn't that great. Got to see part of final set thanks to what appeared to be a great game by the British girl Konta. I'll watch the highlights later but at this stage I'll take the win however it was won ;)
    Watching Nadal right now whilst trying to find a day trip wine tour when we go to Italy in August. They're all very tempting!
    Sorry you're still not feeling great @kathy but hopefully that's you on the mend now. X
  • @Hunnybunny ?
    lol The old dot trick!! I saw you notice though was looking forward to the pic;)
    Ok still can't see but I'm trying.. slowly ..
  • @kathy it was a really sad attempt to do something, that a 12 year old would have done in ten seconds
  • lol @Hunnybunny >been there, done that ,heehee!
  • Woot @jlz666 Konta was really determined, might just win Wimbledon one day...
    @hunnybunny nighty night
    WOW things really quieted down after that HUGE reunion party. Lotsa hungover people
  • @Gumby Waaassssuupppp???
    l am still blind.. worst Vacation :( but at least I'm not losing work time!!
  • Great party Sorry i missed it.. eyes is getting icy itchy hope that's a good sign..¿
  • @kathy less itchy sounds good
  • Ya @Gumby everyone says itchy means its healing..idk
    worst vacation Evah ;(
  • Nighty night @Pa Just in case i fall asleep.. ♡♡♡
  • @tompuss I knew you'd asked me something,sorry. Yes I absolutely loved the dresses,they were stunning,as was the music. Thank you :)
    @hunnybunny I think she'll do pretty well this year. Here's hoping I've not jinxed the poor girl ;(
  • Where is @sunshine with the coffee???
    @kathy how's the eye today?
  • @gumby on the way with fresh coffee! Enjoy :)
    @tompus we watched Pus In Boots last night, it made me think of you! ;D
    @kathy how are you today?
  • Good Afternoon all,, eye feels better today,, still hesitant to put contact lens in, but i do need to, in order to shower.. i think now im just getting depressed really,, i had so much i wanted to do on my vacation but just can't do anything:(
    So I'm not really up for chatting , i just don't to be a 'Debbie Downer' everyone
    OB maybe a Blue Mongo would cheer me up,, with a shot of Sunshine's super secret flinging potion please:/
  • @kathy So glad you're feeling better!
    @sunshine Puss in scruffy sandals, more like-:) Aaaargh this weather, so hot I can hardly type!
    @jlz666 Yes, I pictured you in your Scottish castle. . .
    @bernersenn No luck on the €millions I'm afraid. . .
    Hey @gumby, one for you:
    "Little green men":
    @all nighty night
  • @kathy waaaasssuuupppp. :( sorry your vacation isn't going as planned
    @sunshine thanks for the coffee :)
    @tompuss cool a little green men song LOL
  • @gumby Waaasssuppp????
  • Thanks @Gumby but at least I'm not missing work days..
  • Nighty night @Pa ♡♡♡♡
    C'mon Man get better !! get you ratass in here!!
  • Wow not a peep all night!! Just checking in, still can't see very well, my eye feels better but I'm afraid to put my contact lenses in :( don't know what I'm going to do Monday when i go back to work, :( What a wasted vacation :( no fair i want a do over !
  • @catsnbirds @karen68 @jlz-666 watching Murray v Fognini
    Supporting Murray obviously But what a pretty boy Fognini is...
  • @hunnybunny Yes, he is rather easy on the eyes ;-). It's currently 5-4 in the fourth set, will it go to five!?! And @jlz666 , Konta played a good match today.
  • @hunnybunny @catsnbirds good to see Andy pull through! Looking forward to tomorrow's matches.
  • @kathy
    A question? (Men look away now)
    Why do you need to put your contacts in to shower?
    At your age you must by now know which bits need washing / scrubbing / whatever
    And know where the shower gel is
  • @hunnybunny @kathy Heh,heh. I was wondering the same thing. As someone who was severely nearsighted until lasik surgery in the late 1990's, I took thousands of showers without seeing much.
  • @kathy WASSSSSUUUPPP I was also wondering but I didn't want to ask.
  • @Hunnybunny @catsnbirds I'm literally Blind
    without corrective lenses. hoping to convince my doctor to recommend lasik surgergy so my medical insurance will cover it
    my eyes Are really bad, and they keep changing my script and giving me the wrong ones i can't see out of! I need a -9.5 in each eye.. Idk I could probably manage a shower without them but why bother with the bumbling , and tap tapping around to feel my way when i can just pop lenses in quickly and get it over with lol!!
  • @Gumby Wwwaaassssuuuppp???
  • @kathy awfully quiet in the BP. must be everybody watching tennis.
  • Yep sure is quiet @Gumby Guess the reunion party wore everyone out!
    @Sunshine knows how to throw a party and get everyone in here!!
  • @kathy yes she does and the coffee wasn't bad either :)
  • Lol @Sunshine is the Coffee and Breakfast Queen!!
  • Nighty night @Pa ♡♡♡
  • @kathy, @gumby
    After the 4-day Bacchanalia, Nesters must be sleeping it off?
    And the tennis - maybe a TV set in the Aviary would tempt them back in -:)
    @Princess, look after those eyes! Take good care of your sweet self. .
  • @kathy wasssssuuuppp
    @sunshine I need more COFFEE :)
    @tompuss I'm installing 3 big screen tv's in the BP so it can be seen from wherever you're sitting
  • @sunshine Oh!!! You a bear person too? I've got lots, I must get some photos together My dad bought my first one in France during WWII. Never took to dolls though.

    Remember last year's Proms, when Peruvian tenor Flórez sang to Paddington Bear (who came from Peru)? A very short clip:

    @gumby Super, that should keep them happy!
  • @sunshine thanks for the coffee!! Enjoying some tennis again this morning.
    @gumby good idea for the TVs.

    @tompuss love the video, beautiful singing.
  • @gumby Hey, nice being able to watch Wimbledon while enjoying my coffee in the BP!
  • .....oh and thanks for the big screen TV OB. Just realised it'll come in handy next Sunday. Wimbledon final and somebody's birthday :D @Sunshine do you think you get find the wonderful spread you've put out in years gone by? Think we can all contribute to the other occasion;)
  • @JLZ666 Love the Caturday! (Which for me is everyday.) Yes, Andy does provide some edge of your seat entertainment! Unlike the match going on right now, Djokovic v Gulbis. And, hurray @karen68 , Raonic moves on!
  • @jlz666 here is another G&T. My Pooh bear is 50+ years old. Thread bare, stitched up from a dog attack (the neighbors dog got him right after I got him:( my grandmother helped me sew him up). @tompuss
  • @jlz666 there are actually 2 birthdays that week. I found all of the stuff for Sunday. Should I email you? @kathy @hunnybunny looks we have more parties to plan!! ;D
  • Me too @catsnbirds Have my Lily monster fighting for competition with the G&T in my hand. Helps to be ambidextrous when you own cats ;) Yes,Andy likes to keep us on our toes. As you may know,I live and work close to his hometown and we all have a love/hate relationship with his games!
    Djokovic match is what you don't want and I hope Fed's isn't the same. Although as I said earlier,a win however it is done is good this week. Next week is different. Don't know if we've all said our thoughts on the winner this year? I'm going head over heart and saying Nadal! He is on fire! There's just something about him this year. So there you go,Jules for a Nadal win.
    @sunshine my Mum is 64 and I think she got him when she was 5 so both bears have done well!
    Yep I know about the other one sunshine lol! Hell you know I love a birthday and have missed the parties so.............
  • @jlz666 I remember the party we the first year the pub was open for Wembly, but I can't find the old menu. I'll work on one for Sunday!
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