Angry Birds Surf and Turf Level 3 Walkthrough

On Angry Birds Surf and Turf level 3 use the first yellow bird to take out the wood beam supporting the left side of the structure, taking it down. Now use a second yellow bird to take out the remaining pigs, destroying as much of the structure as possible. The score in the video below is 91,140.

Version 2022:

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Rank: Gold Flinger with 7835 points
By Stevenellie (@stevenellie)Score: 95,040

Score: 95040 as per the video. Yellow bird aim for just under the lip of the rock jutting out on the cliff-face taking out the support with the structure falling down and destroying all three barrels. Second yellow bird skim the wooden platform tumbling the entire right hand side of the structure.

Rank: Gold Flinger with 8570 points
By Kartflyer (@kartflyer)Score: 93,560

I had a hard time trying to destroy all 3 barrels, so I settled with a lower score. Thanks a bunch!

Rank: Sling God with 21285 points
By AngryAdvisor (@lesleyg)Score: 96,290

WOW!!! I got SECOND PLACE on the leaderboard with a slightly differnt stategy here. The first bird like others hitting the supporting wood plank but only got one barrel, now for the EXTRA TIP..second bird hit right at the cememnt tiangle and it causes it to slide down taking out whole right side and much more debris. I repeated it several times and got 94K to 96K again so it’s repeatable..I was just hitting the vertical wood right on top of the cement triangle and I got good scores like 87K to 92K and when I hit the cement traingle instead (by accident) so much more debris got taken out, I guess cause it has weight to it and helped crush more stuff, it slides down and/or flies right! Now if I could just get the other barrels I would for sure have top score. So far have only got one barrel to break!

Rank: Sling God with 21285 points
By AngryAdvisor (@lesleyg)Score: 96,290

Does anyone want to share how to get the barrels with the first shot because with the second shot down… I could really get a top score?

By Liam

I’ve played this on the Facebook version(95K) time after time, and the barrels are ‘luck of the fall’. I’ve rarely gotten them all.

By Liam

I forgot to answer your question. Hit the block behind the ball. the whole upper left tier will fall on the stuff below, usually breaking the barrels.

The barrels BTW are only worth 100 to 250 points (Half lob the first bird at the nearest barrel destroying only it) depending on how they are broken.

The wood is all 500 points and the bonus of cracking them, and how fast they fall and break. Less wood showing, more points made.

Rank: Master Slinger with 6640 points
By E-Star (@e-star)Score: 92,110

I nearly had all barrels, just one survived. I hit the wooden plank at the lowest possible point where it sits on the stone beam. You can see it in my video

Didn’t get your amazin score though, nice job!

Rank: Sling God with 21285 points
By AngryAdvisor (@lesleyg)Score: 96,290

Thank you!!!

Rank: Sling God with 45310 points
By Kathy (@kathy)Score: 96,700

Nice score yourself @WereWolf69 i came back as well to improve But so far no luck..ihavd destroys all 3 barrels and everything else with 2 birds but no improvement:(

Rank: Flinger with 35 points
By WereWolf69 (@werewolf69)Score: 95,480

@kathy, if you’re having no luck raising your score, follow angry-advisor’s strat with lots of patience, and in the end I’m sure you’ll prevail. Another thing, don’t concentrate so much on the barrels, it’s actually the right side that raises your score with a nice lucky shot.

Rank: Sling God with 21285 points
By AngryAdvisor (@lesleyg)Score: 96,290

@kathy and @werewolf69 – it looks like you both ended up with some good scores!!! I remember this level very well…Nice job ;-)

Yeah I never did come back and worry about the barrels…maybe if it comes up on a Challenge level I’ll come back…

Rank: Flinger with 35 points
By WereWolf69 (@werewolf69)Score: 95,480

@lesleyg, I hit the barrels just to see what they’re worth and it’s 1500 points each and about another 700 for the bench. It’s probably a 1 in 1,000,000 shot that would have the bird and debris falling to the left and leaving nothing on the left side, plus taking out the entire right side with the second bird for the “Perfect Score”.

Rank: Flinger with 35 points
By WereWolf69 (@werewolf69)Score: 95,480

@lesleyg, I just came back to this level today for round 3, and so far, I’ve only managed to raise my score by 300 points. Insofar as the barrels are concerned I’ve found that usually give or take a few shots, you can get 1 barrel to break about every 10 shots, 2 barrels about every 25 shots and 3 barrels about every 70 shots, also good for points is the bench on which they sit which unfortunately doesn’t break all the time. Sometimes you get the Yellow Bird bouncing back from your second shot to give you more damage on the left side as well. Happy Hunting!

Rank: Flinger with 35 points
By WereWolf69 (@werewolf69)Score: 95,480

@lesleyg and @kathy, I just now raised my score again by a paltry 170 points, seems the game wants me to suffer through the entire ordeal, and to top it off I only had an initial score of 23k after the first shot with nigh a barrel scratched, that leads me to reinforce even more my belief that the game itself decides when it wants you to score.

Rank: Master Slinger with 6195 points
By rdnzlrips82 (@rdnzlrips82)Score: 95,780

Pull the first bird back and down just a smidge. You want the two straps of the sling to be almost to the point that there is about a pixel of daylight. If you see daylight, adjust slightly to where there is none. Fire and boost about halfway. There is a nook in the hill. You want to hit that nook to where the bird bounces back into the first barrel. The first piece of wood finishes it off and the rest of the wood can potentially take out the other barrel on the plank. The highest I got on first shot was 32k. Then do what you do best on the second shot. I tried your method and added 1k to my score. Do you usually hit the stone triangle on the top corner? That’s where I had the best luck. Clip it just right and the bird pushes it down and bounces off to take vertical stone block down to the little ice blocks below. Thanks for the extra 1k. We all know every little bit helps on the leaderboards.

Rank: Sling God with 21285 points
By AngryAdvisor (@lesleyg)Score: 96,290

If I remember correctly…I believe it was the top, or the tip that is over hanging or sticking out on the hill. I just came back here so I could answer your question and its so strange after playing in space for so long! Have to get my sea legs back, lol. Thanks for tip on first shot. I’ll have to come back and give it a try once I get my DZ badge.I notice from a few of your post that you have good tips for manipulating the birds in the sling, I want to try that, like the “wind up” you mentioned in a previous post. Thanks.

Rank: Master Slinger with 6195 points
By rdnzlrips82 (@rdnzlrips82)Score: 95,780

Thanks for getting back to me AA. I referred to the Surf & Turf levels as my vacation after being on the Space Station for a couple of weeks. I found myself missing the targeting system from Space on the beach. Especially on 15. As far as my sling manipulations, I use those when fully zoomed in to help me dead-eye a lot of shots. I’m just not sure how well they translate across platforms. Plus, if I didn’t share my information here, I would go insane. No one in this little town I live in takes this game as seriously as I do. They just roll their eyes when I tell them my rankings compared to others or that I got a top score. It seems that people here appreciate my obsession.

Rank: Master Slinger with 6700 points
By wanda (@wanda)Score: 94,250

Thank you and AA! Between both of your tips, I improved my score by 5k. I also noticed that the timing of accelerating the first bird did make a difference. I usually score about 29 to 30k when I accelerate the first bird when it is over the last of the large cloud bank.
As far as being appreciated for your skill, don’t feel bad! There are plenty of AB addicts here to keep you company :).

Rank: Master Slinger with 6195 points
By rdnzlrips82 (@rdnzlrips82)Score: 95,780

Hear that, AA? Our teamwork is helping people. Yay us!

Rank: Sling God with 69430 points
By wrw01 (@wrw01)Score: 96,060

@rdnzlrips82 Thanks RD for the Alternate Strategy for the first bird. This level was a challenge. I play the games on an iPad and zoomed out. One adjustment to the first Yellow Bird was that a little daylight between the straps is needed to complete the first bird. Two barrels and platform damage was the most I could obtain. Need to reset if not close to 27k and above.
With the second bird I did it a few time like AA mentioned but could not get that great “push” to go with a good first Yellow Bird. Settled for the second Yellow Bird to slide across the wood plank with the small pig and take everything out on the right side.

Rank: Avian Overlord with 15305 points
By chrchr (@chrchr)Score: 98,140

Thanks man! First real hit of the triangle got me 98k !

Rank: Gold Flinger with 9940 points
By kimmiecv (@kimmiecv)Score: 95,440

Thank you @lesleyg for the awesome strat, @e-star for the visual with the vid and @rdnzlrips82 for the Pat on exactly how to fling! So far its helped my score 4k+ now I just have to get that 2nd shot down! At least I’m above avg! Now it’s just extra icing I’m looking for ;D You all are awesome!!

Rank: Master Slinger with 7305 points
By surfcow (@surfcow)Score: 95,010

Outstanding thread, y’all. Lots of golden nuggets to choose from: videos, über-detailed details and good friends sharing an LOL or two. To think, I originally joined the Nest for some cutthroat competition and its reputation for no-holds-barred word swashbuckling. Oh well, if you can’t beat ’em then join ’em is my new motto. Or maybe it was the other way around. I forget — consuming mass quantities of diet Mountain Dew and then scarfing down Serrano peppers by the handful (at midnight) will tend to make you a bit absent-minded. Enough about me though. It’s time to celebrate the Surf and Turf finale. Muy Caliente! Surfcowabunga! Aloha. cc: @lesleyg @e-star @rdnzlrips82 @wrw01

Rank: Sling God with 45310 points
By Kathy (@kathy)Score: 96,700

Awesome @lesleyg great i wish one of the sharpshooters were here..i can see a one birdie but i can’t do it..i almost did by accident if you just aim for that corner of the triangle and slide yb right through the wood hit corner of triangle it will slide down as you said and probably take out everything..

Rank: Sling God with 45690 points
By karen68 (@karen68)Score: 103,980

@kathy I spent a fair bit of time trying to get this with 1 bird with no luck, even though like you I can see how it would happen but I was never quite there. I found the good scores few & far between on this level, I lucked out with 96k & can’t score near that since. I found glancing the second shot off the top of the stone triangle rather than hitting the corner of it gave me better results but it’s still tough. Also, if the right side doesn’t fall right away but wobbles for a bit before collapsing, the level likes to time out before you get all your points. Good luck :)

Rank: Sling God with 45310 points
By Kathy (@kathy)Score: 96,700

Thanks @Karen68 i won’t keep bonking my bird of the stone lol.
i can’t seem to even reach my existing score lol
I guess the ‘L’ factor is in use somewhere else:(

Rank: Sling God with 33080 points
By asher (@asher)Score: 108,750

Thanks for the tip.
I have been using this exact strategy to get the highscore.

The first bird is aimed at the angle below the wood plank and it rebounded into the rightmost barrel. Here is the trajectory and the result:
I got 32k on this one, but since the bird from the second shot is often falling to the left, 30k is enough for 95k+ scores.

Anyway, the second bird is aimed just at the tip of the cement block, like this:

And this is the highscore screen:

Hope it helps.

Rank: Sling God with 26000 points
By Uncle B (@uncle-b)Score: 95,360

This level is the epitome of a daily Challenge level requiring two near perfect shots to have any hope of besting the Challenge high score! A handful of times I’ve managed a great score of 32K+ after the first shot only to then toss a less than remarkable second shot. D’oh !!!

Rank: Master Slinger with 7130 points
By Kelani (@kelani)Score: 96,400

You’re not kidding about perfect shots. I’ve had the triangular stone block break the wooden leg twice during this challenge. Curiously, both came from firing flat and triggering about halfway. My 96k score came from a mss, where Chuck slimmed the top of the triangle block, making it somersault down the slope. Never had that happen again, either :)

Rank: Sling God with 24465 points
By justpast40 (@justpast40)Score: 99,450

Revisiting these levels … started with 95090 (#250 on LB) & following @lesleyg from 3 yrs ago tweaked by @asher 2yrs ago, managed a massive 4k+ improvement to 99450 currently #7. After 1st shot I had 32k.

Thanks AngryAdvisor & Asher & while I’d like to think it’s my great skills, LOL, it looks like my 95090 was from Sept 2014 Challenge & I haven’t gotten that much better, so I suspect this level may have gotten easier.

By Liam

Sorry, forgot, try hitting the wood just above the beach ball with the first bird. There is a one bird clear there if hit just right. This way also got the barrels several times.

By Zsgorf

1st Shot Aim between the Wood @ Steel bar, Makin the Yellow bird Bounce back onto the Middle Barrel than Allowing the Structure to Fall and Distroying All Three Barrels.
2nd Shot don’t dispare Shoot right through the wooden Block standing-up, (in the Middle) Taking -Out the Whole Back-End.
98420… Sweet !!!

Rank: Fling King with 4000 points
By Bill (@dollarbill2208)Score: 90,210

I wouldn’t be concerned with barrels. Just concentrate on stone and wood, that’s where the points are. points from the barrel are negligible in comparison. If they happen to crack, then great. Way to go on your 98k.

By eggomaniac

[one bird], only 90K, but I like 1b,,, Left Click at upon release, trajectory into bottom of Beach Ball.[just above the wooden plank…. very rptbl

By eggomaniac

sorry, just above rock slab… must plow under the beach ball

By eggomaniac

tried to beat the 90 K , 1 bird, but could only get mid 80’s,,, to make the 1 bird you have to propel instant of release, b4 bird is out of sling and hit where the Beach Ball sit on the slab. The concrete triangle in the middle has to move and the left side pushes the right side over. [did another 1 b hitting above the Beach but cldn’t repeat that 1]

Rank: Shooter with 835 points
By dnnaples (@dnnaples)Score: 99,040

Been working on this one for about a month and finally nailed it. Probally the hardest two perfect bird shots of any of the games.
First bird – bairly under the stand of where the ball is, if you are under 30k start again. Made 32000+ with this one
Second bird – let her go as level as you can to clear the stand accelerating fairly early. Took everything out as the final stones tubbed on to the glass.
99,000+ lucky two shots back to back!!!!!

Rank: Explosive with 2380 points
By duffy (@duffy)Score: 94,850

@AA & dnnaples. Congrats to both on fabulous scores. It’s also very generous of you both to share the insights of your hard- earned & much
deserved successes. I especially like it when you mention your 1st score & tell us if it’s under a certain number, reset and try again. Neither of you is in danger of a higher score from me but it’s fun to live vicariously with other people’s victories. Congrats and thanks again.

Rank: Gold Flinger with 9130 points
By bird addict (@bird-addict)Score: 95,460

Another good level. I like them when they are challenging but doable and require more skill than luck. My thanks to @lesleyg, @ndrzlrips82 and @liam for sharing tips.

Rank: Champion with 3895 points
By ants97 (@antsand5597)Score: 107,340

Have @linnu scores been confirmed? Abnormally high scores for the first three levels of Surf and Turf with all three being the only three entered

By the way I have found a one bird solution that I will post sometime in the near future. After reading through the comments I’m sure many who put the effort in for their two-bird high scores will be disappointed. I honestly hesitate to post it though because @asher will blow by my score out of the water! ;D

Rank: Sling God with 32120 points
By AMslimfordy (@amslimfordy)Score: 91,140

Thanks for the heads up. Looks like Facebooks scores and have been removed.

Rank: Champion with 3895 points
By ants97 (@antsand5597)Score: 107,340

Ok, here’s my one birder.
There are two types of one birders possible. One I used to get nothing over 97K, and the other to get my 102K. They are similar but someone let me know if they’re interested in knowing the first one.

Launch your bird in a high arc, accelerating before the first structure, but the bird should be high enough to crash into the second. The right structure has three horizontal wooden boards, and three stone pieces holding it together. The goal is to accelerate so you break through the first and second levels of wood, while hitting the upper two stones out onto the bottom right structure below. The falling stones should fall with enough momentum to take down the bottom right structure. The hard part is for the third level of floor to break, but also not immediately break. When the third floor breaks, give the left tower 3-5 seconds snd it should come tumbling down.

As you can see, there are still 3 half damaged barrels worth maybe 2K, and all the ice on the right hasn’t even been touched. My screenshot is a score of 99,000 with a potential of 5K-10K more points on the board. I think 107K is a possibility.

Rank: Champion with 3895 points
By ants97 (@antsand5597)Score: 107,340
Rank: Boss Hog with 14970 points
By bonneypattycat (@bonneypattycat)Score: 100,000

Great score and strategy @antsand5597!

I haven’t played this level in a very long time, but I am pretty sure this strategy wasn’t possible, or not as easily done as it is now.

I will add this level to my list

Rank: Sling God with 45590 points
By comex666 (@comex666)Score: 106,960

thx to @antsand5597 for details
here a video with 106k:

Rank: Sling God with 37010 points
By catsnbirds (@catsnbirds)Score: 108,060

I used the strategy of @antsand5597 for today’s challenge and a new puppy. And I agree with @bonneypattycat , the level is easier!

@sweetp :

Rank: Sling God with 33080 points
By asher (@asher)Score: 108,750

108750 with one bird.

Same thing. The strategy from @antsand5597 is the way to go ;-)
And indeed the level is much easier than it used to be.

Here is the final result.

And the highscore screenshot.


Rank: Sling God with 33790 points
By sparty83 (@sparty83)Score: 93,860

Following the walkthrough to try and get above average

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