Angry Birds Seasons Mooncake Festival Level 1-1 Walkthrough

Welcome to our first walkthrough for Mooncake Festival! Our strategy for level 1-1 is to loft the Blue bird over the level, splitting it so that it pushes the first boulder rightward and shatters some of the ice dome below. Fire the first Yellow bird through the vertical wooden block on the left side to clear the remaining two pigs. The score in the video below is 77,570.

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By Don "Goober"

I got 91,130 using 2 birds. The 1st shot with the blur birds is at the 1st pig and glass block on the far left. With a good enough shot, most of the structure will fall. The 2nd shot with the yellow bird is at the 1st stone in the clouds. Hit the 1st stone and it will go right and hit the cloud of the 2nd stone and both will fall. With some lucky tries (it took a few) the stones and bird will land and hit the wheel and make the TNT box to the left of the wheel will fall and cause good destruction.

Rank: DaBomb with 275 points
By Kidguy (@kidguy)Score: 95,720

Nice strategy Don, I just haven’t been able to detonate the tnt. Does the boulder hit the tnt or is it the yellow bird?

By Jeff

I used this strategy. Got 88,740 but had to use 3 birds. Cannot get the TNT to blast on bird 2 yet, but this strategy did improve my score by 11,000. Thanks!

Rank: Slinger with 1095 points
By DaemonNinja (@daemonninja)Score: 95,130

Good strategy. I didn’t manage to make the TNT on the cloud fall but I did manage 95130 using your method.

By Tom Christensen

96170 with two birds…same method as Don “Goober” except i got lucky with the yellow bird and took out the 1st and 3rd clouds causing the all 3 lanterns and the tnt to fall causing good destruction…

Rank: Deputized with 120 points
By Anaconda (@anaconda)Score: 96,960

96960 using the Goober- way. thx

Rank: Slinger with 1055 points
By wilks666 (@wilks666)Score: 91,140

Thanks Don “Goober” ~ i managed 91140 using 3 birds :) will try again to beat that score by sparing 1 bird.

Rank: Master Slinger with 6640 points
By E-Star (@e-star)Score: 95,420

I used the same strat, but needed 3 birds as well and got 95420 this way.

Here is my video of this strat.

Rank: Sling God with 45465 points
By karen68 (@karen68)Score: 105,780

Ah @e-star, you’re here! I’m trying to improve my Seasons scores, & I so look forward to seeing your videos. I followed the same basic strategy & needed 3 birds as well. The 1st shot is key, you need at least 22k after it to score well, & around 60k after shot 2.
Also, with 3 lanterns & 3 bunnies, there are a lot of “bonus” points available so get as many as you can.
Thank you e-star, improved by 11k!

Rank: Pig Leader with 12140 points
By sunshine (@sunshine)Score: 88,150

@e-star thanks for the motivation, instead of improving my score on my I droid, you have gotten me to pick the iPad and play! Thanks!!!! ;D

Rank: Explosive with 2105 points
By chimichangachick (@mecstaveler)Score: 89,580

@sunshine do you prefer the iPad to android for AB games? I ask because when my Nexus 7 2012 broke down I bought the 3ds version and noticed that there is literally no pause between when you touch the screen and the bird activates. My Nexus 7 always had a significant pause. I have a new android tablet, different manufacturer, and the pause is back.

Rank: Pig Leader with 12140 points
By sunshine (@sunshine)Score: 88,150

@mecstaveler I love my iPad! At first it took some getting use to for playing AB because I was so uses to my android, but now I only use the iPad even for working on google doc.. I don’t turn on my laptop very often. No need to when I can do it all right here. I hope that helps. :)

Rank: Master Slinger with 6640 points
By E-Star (@e-star)Score: 95,420

Your welcome @karen68! Good to know my revisit to the seasons levels is helping you all. Probably need to revisit after I revisit all the levels hahhaha a continuos journey and I love I can do it with all my AB friends!

@Sunshine iPad rules my friend hahahaha (but you know me… Apple Girl at heart) Have fun and I hope you keep the motivation up and when needed, you know all the places I hide out, so come and find me my friend!

Rank: Explosive with 2105 points
By chimichangachick (@mecstaveler)Score: 89,580

@e-star I’m back, and am, once again, finding your videos so helpful! Thank you so much. Like @kathy I’m trying to improve my scores on levels I already played. So glad to see your posts! :-)

Rank: Gold Flinger with 7655 points
By Chicadee (@chicadee)Score: 96,300

I used the “Goober” method and got a lucky 96,300 score with 2 birds. The cloud TNT stayed unexploded but the TNT left of the wheel finally caused some serious destruction. Up until this score I could only manage around 87,000 with 2 or 3 birds and that was even with the cloud TNT going off. Like most of my higher scores, it took many, many goes to get this.

I agree with @karen68, you need to score around 22,000 with that 1st Blue Bird.

Rank: Sling God with 69070 points
By wrw01 (@wrw01)Score: 101,000

Thanks Don “Goober” for posting the 2 bird strategy.
Split the Blue Birds as close as possible to the wood and glass block and look for the fall of the lower stone blocks to the left. The upper wood structure is pushed to the right so the tnt is closer to the fall of the stone. Try to obtain over 21k with the first bird.
Yellow Bird into the 2 stones at the top. Both stones fell along with the tnt. Right stone destroyed the wheel structure and the left stone activated the lower tnt. There was a push of the wood structure to the left which created a good debris fall for the extra points. Was stuck at 94k for a while but kept using the 3Ps=Patience, Persistence and Practice.

Rank: Explosive with 2105 points
By chimichangachick (@mecstaveler)Score: 89,580

Thanks to Don “goober” for the strat! I’m getting there slowly but surely!

Rank: Sling God with 28290 points
By CaptREC (@captrec)Score: 99,020

I used a modification of the “Goober” technique by flinging the third Chuck into the pile of wood. Got lots more than 10k.

By Kathy

I am using android and am having trouble installing this update it says it its too big for cellular and I should use a wi-fi connection.if I plug my phone into the computer directly will it work? Thanks for help:)

Rank: Sling God with 32120 points
By AMslimfordy (@amslimfordy)Score: 95,340

If you can download Android updates via a computer program, then I suppose so. (I’m not familiar with Android, but if there is a program similar to iTunes then that sounds legitimate.)

By Kathy

Thank you for your reply. I was able to get the update finally through wi-fi. computer didn’t recognize my usb

Rank: Pig Leader with 12365 points
By kingbird (@kingbird)

Have kindle fire. Can’t get walkthroughs vids to play. Downloaded flash——-still won’t play. Help?

Rank: Sling God with 26055 points
By sal9 (@sal9)Score: 84,590

Youtube videos should be in HTML5. You don’t need a flash player.
Which browser do you use?

Rank: Pig Leader with 10280 points
By Bogart (@bogart-name)Score: 87,520

First BHb to take out middle pigs and wheel. Since it’s not been mentioned, the real trick on second YB is to graze the top of the first cloud ball and strike the second ball to allow it to take out the third cloud, dropping the TNT which gives a basic extra 25,000.

Rank: Flinger with 35 points
By WereWolf69 (@werewolf69)Score: 88,430

I slightly modified the video and one of the strats mentioned above to increase my score by 7k+.
1) Launch Blue Bird at first structure towards the ice block and split about halfway killing the 2 pigs and pretty much demolishing the first structure. (One of the BB’s went over the top and detonated the lower TNT killing both pigs as well, I’d say that was a fluke).
2) This was supposed to be a 2-Birder but when I launched the Yellow Bird at the first stone above the glass arc, it came down and got the wheel stuck with the little pig smiling at me, so I had to use the other Yellow Bird to knock out the cloud from under the center stone, since there are 2 stones they pretty much pulverized everything below.

Rank: Flinger with 0 points
By TienShenLong (@)

One-bird strat: [BUT low scoring :(]

Aim almost horizontal… and tap when the bird its 1/3 distance from the nearest structure. The top bird must pass over it; the other clear the left part of the ground complex. 2 top-birds-over can do the job well. TNT hit then continue to the ice-arc. Most times 65K average… dissapointing.

There is another way for one-bird and better scoring:
Aim the blue bird to the ice part of the nearest colum, just passing the 1st pig… when really close, tap to hit the horizontal-wooden over (and) the ice panel. That will shake all the structure. If well-hitted, the TNT explodes sending debris to the iced arc or falling on its left base. All pigs will gone as the bunny on the center. Few panels remains. The counterpart its this will left untouched the aerial stuff.

Rank: Gold Flinger with 9485 points
By to mock a mockingbird (@vuelva)

101120/2 thus far for the daily challenge, but certainly more in it. have been playing a variation on the goober strategy where i send the 2nd in a medium arc, accelerating when almost horizontal to go over the first boulder and hit the lower side of the second boulder. the action should be that that second boulder rolls to the right, getting the tnt, and the stone below the boulder falls to the left making the first boulder drop; meanwhile the bird has fallen down and rolls left on the arc, and it combined with the first boulder make the central structure collapse (for this the bird really helps; it’s also possible without the bird, but then the 1st should have pushed the central structure to the right); hope for a good (deep) explosion of the tnt. got several 100k scores with this, with the best scores being 88k after the 2nd with a pig and a rabbit on the wheel surviving (so 106k+ scores/puppies in reach i would say; now got them with the 3rd for 99k), and another time 98k after the 3rd (used for taking out wood on the left) with a pig on the wheel surviving.

Rank: Sling God with 45465 points
By karen68 (@karen68)Score: 105,780

@vuelva thank you for the alternate 2nd shot. When the left boulder dropped it broke the plank the TNT sits on, causing the TNT to drop down almost to the platform before exploding, pushing some wood off to the left. The boulder & yellow bird both rolled into the pit for added destruction.
Lots of wood left behind too as I didn’t get great destruction with the 1st shot as described by goober.

Remaining debris –


Rank: Sling God with 33170 points
By HunnyBunny (@hunnybunny)Score: 101,060

Woo Hoo @karen68 I had no luck on this at all. Congrats

Rank: Sling God with 39390 points
By meanguy (@meanguy)Score: 104,160

I just scored 104,160 points by following the strategy originally posted by “Goober”, with the variation of the second shot that @vuelva added. More destruction by the blue birds would have given an even higher score, but I have enough for another puppy!

Congrats to @karen68 on a great score and thanks for the pic showing the trajectory & debris of the yellow bird.

I have pics showing my second shot & the Tally screen.



Good luck and happy flinging to all !!
Congrats to anyone else that earns a puppy !!!

Rank: Gold Flinger with 9485 points
By to mock a mockingbird (@vuelva)

glad it worked for you and @meanguy . was too tired myself yesterday, so instead of continuing playing i posted the strat, but now quickly got several 103k+ scores with current best 105970/2 . as it turns out, i had been playing the 1st too low, to just above the pig; instead, aiming a bit higher, toward the long horizontal wood, splitting late, is better because it considerably increases the chance that the central structure shifts right, making the horizontal wood on the right stick out, after which an easy shot making the first boulder drop on it suffices (several variations are possible for the 2nd; e.g. you can also hit the 2nd boulder a bit higher so that the bird does not interfere). 95k+ scores are frequent (say 1 in 4). (apart from the shift, this 1st also gives better scores after it, typically 25k+ if the left collapses (not necessary for a good final score), whereas before that was more of an exception). anyway, after this run i think that 110k is doable.

Rank: Gold Flinger with 9485 points
By to mock a mockingbird (@vuelva)

sorry to be self-replying, but sticking to this level, now got 107680/3 by another variation: after a shift to the left (or rather first right than left) of the main structure after the 1st.

27220 destruction after the 1st (as described above, toward horizontal wood):

86810 destruction (still with one pig and the tnt) after the 2nd (as described above, a bit higher on the second boulder to avoid the bird interfering (with the first boulder)):

107680 destruction and final score after the 3rd, which i tried to send such that the tnt would fall down a bit before exploding which it did; a similar shot also often works to make the structure collapse to the left when the tnt is still on the right, leaning to the left):

close enough to 110k for me to call it quits on this one.

Rank: Gold Flinger with 9485 points
By to mock a mockingbird (@vuelva)

first right then left, of course

Rank: Sling God with 32850 points
By asher (@asher)Score: 107,660

107660 with 2 birds.

The second bird is really doing the trick. Thanks ;)

Here is the final result.

And the highscore screenshot.

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