Angry Birds Update v1.6.1 Out Now – Fixes the Loading Issue

For anyone who has had problems getting Angry Birds Mine And Dine v1.6.0 to load you definitely want to download and install this update (v1.6.1) as soon as possible.  I just installed the update and so far everything looks good. If this works for you please let us know via the comments. Android now has the v1.6.1 update as well. Go get it!

If this still does not work DO NOT REMOVE ANGRY BIRDS from your device, as you run the risk of losing all your progress.

I don’t normally announce minor updates like this, but given the sheer number of comments we’ve received regarding this issue I am making an exception.

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Comments (145)

By mikko vuori

I try to play angrybirds friends tournament with my mac book air ( what i have done years with no problems ) now when i try to play it says : your browser version is currently unsupported. and i cannot play anymore. What i shall do ????? I use safari 13.0.3

By Robert Nisbet

When i play Angry Birds it is very slow to open.When started it is slow, hesitates, freezes & when i try to buy power-ups it takes my coins but, i do not get the power-ups. Is there a problem with this website.

By Kathy

Angry Bird Pop keeps crashing even when I hold the Home and Retart buttons for 10 Seconds. What else can I do to fix it?

By Kathy

1My Angel Bird Pop App. Crashes every time I launch it. Resetting my IPAD air does not help. What else can I do?

By beverly onwiler

My angry birds 2 game is moving slow and keeps kicking me off.

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