Angry Birds Seasons: Christmas 3 Star Walkthrough Level 1-17

Season’s Greedings level 1-17 may be the most difficult level in the entire Angry Birds series to earn 3 stars. The best strategy is to fire the Red bird through the square and rectangular snow blocks supporting the top-left pigs. You must pop all four pigs in one shot, which should put you over 21,200 points. Fire the first Blue bird roughly horizontally, splitting to break the small ice block, the two presents, and the pig in the bottom-left. At this point, you should be over 35,000 points. Arc the next Blue bird, splitting through the middle two sections of rope supporting the bells. You should pop the leftmost pig, at least. Repeat the shot with the next Blue bird, aiming a little flatter, and split through the remaining two pigs. The score in the video is 64,200.

Note: Higher scores on this level are a result of the Santa Hat glitch. This glitch has since been fixed and thus is no longer possible. While we don’t have a video, the trigger was the Santa Hat atop the bottom-leftpig, but resulted in a less extreme explosion. To see which levels have the glitch, we have tagged them.

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Comments (157)

By Cynthia

Thank you!!! I never thought about not splitting the little bluebird.

By Jim

They did split the blue bird right before it hit the line of bells.

By Joey

Thanks so much!!!! I have been trying to get this level all day! Haha

By ~JaiMe~

hellzbellz this level was haaaard! tried a few ways w/ 1st shot & quickly decided on teh way i later found posted in walkthru when checkin to see if it was just me or if there was a better way… finally got 65,230 onnit :) kept tryin awile for a lucky shot w/ one bluebird instead of two to kill 3 pigs on right but so far only got 2 & injured 3rd damn bells! lol

:o btw… several times i saw teh hatted pig (w/ presents) explode, flying up & taking out the level below single pig, killing it. anyone else notice? much smaller boom than level 7, but i had a few smaller ones on that level while tryin for a big one…

By ~JaiMe~

photo of damage done by hatted pig exploding after one (red) bird –>

By Rashid

How did you do that ? I know pig with hat give some kind of explosion. I tried so many times but it just gave a very very small explosion not like yours. Tell me the secret ! :D

By Youngyy

It was a glitch, fixed in a later version so no longer possible.

By angrybirdsseasons

Great game,
But very hard

By Joao

It’s impossible get 3 stars at this level, I do the same and I just get 2 stars.

By Jay

It’s not impossible. I just did it following this method. Didn’t get it the first time after watching, but I eventually got three stars. My score was an even 64k.

By snow white

I have achieved 2 stars at this level, but the 3rd star eludes me
. I have a high score of 62K and change, does anyone know how high the score needs to be to get that rotten last star? My children are not being fed, laundry is going unheeded in my quest to get the 3rd star.

Rank: Sling God with 37420 points
By Bird Leader (@birdleader)Score: 64,930

You can check out our score guide to see what score you should be aiming for.

By Habanero

64,000 or more does the trick … good luck with it, it’ll happen via the walkthrough method – this one is nowhere near as annoying as AB Free IV-2!!

Rank: Sling God with 37420 points
By Bird Leader (@birdleader)Score: 64,930

Hey Habanero – If you didn’t join the forum yet you would be a great addition! There is a new discussion on high scores and getting achievements that I think you really help with. If you’re interested, I’d be happy to make you a moderator as well! Feel free to use the contact form or post to the forum and we can get the ball rolling. Thanks!

By Rachel

Thank you! I finally gave up on this level and only had hope again when I saw the walkthroughs for Hogs and Kisses.

By Thomb

I have beaten this level with this tactic probably 25 times, and the highest I can get is 63920. I average about 63400. I do not understand why I cannot get over 64000. I destroy a fair amount more blocks than in the video and still less points. What gives angrybirds??

By Pacmag

Keep trying ….. I got 65260, need to have one bluebird left.

By cainuk

i have to agree with the likes of Thomb and snow white here…..I have 3 stars on every level bar this one, and have been playing over and over for weeks trying to beat this level! I have mimicked the method above but still score just below the required 64000…..sigh!

By Ares


Was lucky w the second bird, he cleaned the field! :)

By Ben

63400 for daaaaayyyyssss. Just what in the heck is wrong w. This glitch heavy level. Had a bell floating above a damaged block. Aaaarghhhh

By beck

this level hates me. stuck at 63930. what gives??

Rank: Flinger with 0 points
By djhaun (@djhaun)

Finally got it 3*’s on all levels. 64,200 if I never play this level along w/ 1-16 it’ll be too soon

Rank: Out of this World with 2885 points
By mjr73 (@mjr73)Score: 64,300

couldn’t agree more with djhauns statement. this level sucked a big one, took so many tries i even got the grinch achievement. finally, pure luck, 64300… good riddance…

Rank: Debriefed with 1255 points
By FrithaB (@frithab)Score: 65,220

OMG!!! After literally hundreds of tries, cracked it with 64,030. Hasta la vista 1-16, 1-17 and 1-20.

By bob

TIP: If you don’t clear 36,000 with the first two birds, don’t even bother trying your luck with bells.

Minimum 3-star score is set too high on this board– it’s not consistent with the other levels (even the Xmas board– by far the hardest). Took me 20 tries of doing pretty much the exact same thing to get it. Felt like I had to count every snow block. Three-starred every single Angry Birds level (pre-Rio) except this one with no help. Had to come here to verify my method was right before trying it a bunch of times. Weak. Ready for an AB break.

By Sergei

now it’s done – my score is 64860 points ! at long last with the method shown in video. The last level in season greeding :) Hooray! good luck everyone!

By knightrw

It appears there is a glitch that is specific to certain smart phones, and apparently inpacts those running Android. I can consistently achieve 64000+ on the iPhone but cannot get past 63820 on the HTC Evo (after several hundred attempts). Go figure…

By matahari_1946

This is THE WORST level ever! Can’t seem to break 63,870 with the above method. May have to be content with 74/75 stars. :(

By matahari_1946

Lol. Not even two minutes after I posted my comment I finally got over 64,000. Hallelujah!!!!!!

By Elfslayer

have tried this level at least 300 times to finally get 63,990! 10 damn points short! I went completely berserk!

By Jess k

Please help their must be another way I’m pulling my hair out lol

By kharm77

who’s dumb idea was it to make snow blocks defy gravity? soooooo annoying

By Jess k

This level and 16 iss sooo hard

By rebecca wilson

it sais 1-16 not 1-17

Rank: Pig Leader with 11200 points
By FujiToast (@fujitoast)Score: 64,650

Yeah it looks like scarbzscope made an error on that video but the level is still correct.

Rank: Flinger with 0 points
By NICOS (@)

I give up , i cant get three stars in this level.. I have 63720 !! D: i was trying the whole day and i dont wanna waste more :P

By terri_schiavo

I somehow got 65440 after trying for over two hours on this level. For the longest time i was stuck at 63390 I believe; 10 freaking poitns. I finally got it, and I’m trying to replicate it now but I can’t. Nonetheless, here is my advice using the method in the video above:

-Try to rack up early points… 35,500 can be attained with the first two birds without too much fuss.
-The third bird is the crucial one. You have to kill the middle and left pigs AND MAKE SURE that the sure right-most bell falls off and doesn’t dangle there, because you want a completely clear shot at the last pig.
-With last bird, aim directly at the last right-most pig at your meanest angle and explode the bird when it’s pretty darn close to the structure. This will hopefully give you deep impact into the base of the structure, giving you enough points to creep over the 64k limit.

On a side note, screw you Rovio for making such a level with such ridiculously fickle level. It should never come down to ten-point margins. 3-star limit should be 62.5k or 63k at most.

By tess

i really think you are right, my son loves angry birds. but that level is tooooo hard. i try to help, but im not so good at this game. they have to remember that this is a game for all ages.

Rank: Flinger with 0 points
By GmaBird (@)

Thanks. Your advice kept me from grinding the iPod beneath my angry foot.

By Silverrose

Stuck at 63990 forEVER. Finished every other level at 3 stars, then came back to try again. Finally got 64640! It can be done. Try and try again. I did it on iPhone.

By ray

i hope your right im stuck on 63970 and everytime i cant seem to get quite enough on the last bird, so frustrating, been doing it all in all like 3 hours non stop lol

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