Tips for getting achievements?
  • Does anyone have any tips for getting high enough scores on each level to reach the "total score" achievements? I can't seem to beat any of my high scores and I'm about 200,000 points away from earning these for episode 1, 3 & 4. The only other achievement I need is 500,000 blocks, taking forever it seems! lol. For Seasons I still need only the 4,100,000 point achievement to get them all. Any help will be GREATLY appreciated.
  • First, I think the 500,000 block achievement may be bugged. I've been playing for LONG time and still don't have it--and I know I'm not alone. As far as help with others, hopefully we can get a discussion going. I actually plan on launching a high-score / leaderboard feature soon, which will hopefully make it much easier to compare scores and find out where you can improve.
  • Thats a great idea, the gamecentre leaderboards are hacked so the scores are inaccurate which really spoils the game.
  • You should have a look to this web site which is perfect to compare scores and find out where you can improve !
  • I remember how I nailed the Total Score achievement for Halloween clearly. About half way through, I sort of decided to aim for this world by world i.e 1.3K, then 1.4K, then 1.4K again. So, I would not even begin playing world 3 until I had nailed 2.7K in the first two worlds. Worked really well, so much so, that when I completed 3-15 (ironically on Halloween) the Total Score achievement came up immediately.
    Downside... this meant I was probably satisfied with worlds 1 and 2 once I'd got 2.7K so did not really try to push any scores further. Still hanging on in the top 300 for Halloween even now though, having hardly played it since Oct 31st, so fairly satisfied.
  • And forgot to say ... yes, the 500,000 block achievement is not happening for me either? (Got the 50,000 light years ago)
  • Does ANYONE have the 500,000 block achievement? I think it's a glitch.
  • Just got Smash Maniac today... 500,000 blocks. Had thought it was glitched too!! Cool!!
  • The bug with the 500k block achievement was apparently fixed with the update that came out this week. Not sure though whether the count of blocks smashed is preserved or if it was reset and you have to smash 500k over again. I would think I'd have enough for the achievement as soon as the game loaded after getting the update but so far haven't seen it.
  • It's official.. I'm addicted to this game.. I just got the 500,000 block achievement today... Started playing in Dec.
  • @pjdambra, as in Dec '10? If so, I REALLY should have this achievement as I've been playing since about Jan '10. This is insane. Oh well.
  • I see achievements have been loaded to cater for the arrival of world 14. We've got the usual ones for finishing, and then getting 3 stars. Also there is the score addict target of 4,100,000 for the complete Hang em High set!

    Plenty of time for us to get our scores boosted on worlds 12 and 13 before we get the world 14 update! My total score for Hang em High is 2,622,080 so there's definitely work to be done there..........

    I'm still waiting on Smash Maniac too - started playing in Sep last year.
  • Which level is best to use for smashing blocks? I`m playing from the start of AB have all achievements but no smash maniac
  • @hjdb I still think the dang thing is bugged, even after the latest update. Very frustrated with that.
  • But some people do have that achievement don`t they?
  • I just got the achievement for playing over 30 hours and I do not have the 500k blocks smashed cheevo yet either!

    Glad to see that I am not alone in this boat - only other cheevos I am missing are for the "total score" as well.
  • @hjdb yup some people do have it. I feel left out.
  • I now have all the eggs, all the feathers and all the achievements except smash maniac. Sure I should have got it by now. Very frustrating. Can anyone confirm whether this is still bugged? Would seem from the comments that it might be.
  • I've been playing constantly since May 2010 and still have not hit the 500K achievement either, don't know what to think. Some people are getting it. :-/
  • same here. been playing since may 2010. and NO SMASH MANIAC.:(
    i have 51 out of 52 achievements...yes i got all new ones for episode 5. the score addict was REALLY easy on this one (4.1 mill and i managed well over 4.3)
  • Yeah, as I posted in another thread, I also have 51 of 52 achievements and am currently ranked right around 500 overall on GameCenter, but no smash maniac. IMO, this definitely has to be a bug and I don't think it is a GameCenter bug, either -- I don't have smash maniac in Crystal, either, which tells me that the info that Angry Birds is pushing out to both GameCenter and Crystal is not complete. Grrrr.
  • Ladeluff - agreed.....yes, it was a very easy score addict achievement this time around - it's almost possible to get that score without completing all of the levels! Okay, maybe not quite but it was nowhere near as challenging as Danger Above or the Hallowe'en one.
  • Does anybody knows if we can use the mighty eagle for the smash maniac achievement ?
  • I thought the score addict was pretty low for Ham em High as well (episode 5). I got it a little over halfway through completing World 14. When I started playing in January, world 12 was already out, so I just figured it was always that easy for people if they released the last world of an episode and you've been playing on it for a while. I know I had put in tons of hours on worlds 12 and 13, and pushed those scores almost to the brink (though you can always get more). I had close to 2,900,000 already when world 14 came out, and the score addict for the episode was only at 4,100,000 or something. So a little over 1million for 15 levels + 3 facebook levels was bound to come easy. Now I've got 4,500,000 on Ham em High, about 400,000 points higher than the score addict. For all the other score addicts, I'm only about 200,000 points above those, after tons of work.

    @Maggotte- the mighty eagle doesn't count for smash maniac. Apparently nothing works for it, as none of us have the acheivement.
  • How do you know if you have 500,000 block achievement? I have 3 stars on every game, 22 eggs etc...
  • I got 50 out of 52 achievements but I only need the smash maniac what is the other one I am missing?
  • Hi, I’ve been lurking on here for a while, first post though, to ask…

    Has anyone found any of the secret achievements on AB Rio yet? I think there are five, I haven’t got any of them though, and a trawl through the Internet hasn’t retrieved any info yet. Too early?

    Thanks v much

  • i had achievement not showing up for ages now although the latest update did give me the 200feather achievement but not the 100 feathers & smash maniac. I'm pretty sure I smashed 500k since i've been playing this darn game for over a year now. Not to mention tat if i got 200feathers, i should have got 100feathers as well!

    I'm dumbfounded :o
  • @ Grayson: who told you that the ealge doesn't count for the smash maniac??

    i am sure that it counts, because it says you have to smash 500k blocks and it doesn't say 'without using the eagle'!

    i've also got 51/52 a.s and i am also working on SM since a couple of weeks.

    i am using lvl 7-15 with the eagle.
    i am smashing about 50 blocks in one round and i am able to complete the lvl 3-4 times in a minute. so i need to play 55,5 hours (3 times / min) or 41,6 hours (4 times / min)!
    so it really takes a long time to obtain this achievement!

    i will post a comment asa i've got the achievement!

    ps: in my calculation i didn't count the blocks i've already smashed!
    i think i've already smashed about 150-200k..
  • @mrmikkecom, I too am pretty sure that the mighty eagle doesn't count towards the smash maniac. I believe that everything you smash BEFORE tapping the sardine can would count but nothin after. I say that because I have gotten other achievements will playing for feathers but never after "calling in the big guy". I'd imagine it switches modes or something like that.
  • @FujiToast, well I still think that the eagle counts, but I've just sent an email to rovio and I will post their answer asa I've got it in my inbox!

    an example for an achievement, beside the feather achievements, is that when you finish e.g. the last level of a world with the eagle, you will still get the 'world X finished' achievement and not only be able to play the next world (without gettin' the achievement!), right?
  • @mrmikkecom yeah but that's the nature of the mighty eagle — to let you skip levels if you need to. Regardless, I'm curious what they'd have to say. I'd love to be proved wrong!
  • @FujiToast, yes, you are right when you say that it's 'the nature' of the eagle to let you skip a level. But imo that doesn't have to mean that you must also get the achievement for completing a world. For example you also get no stars.

    But maybe you are right, idk.

    Anyway, I'll inform you about rovio's answer as I promised! :)
  • I've got a new top-level for smash maniac without the eagle: goldenegg-14.

    with almost every shot you bring all 3 towers to fall and there is only one (big red) bird, so the level takes less time then e.g. 7-1.

    also almost everytime all blocks break down! this roxx =)
  • I personally dont think 'Mighty Eagle' NOR 'Golden Eggs' count towards 'Smash Maniac'. Im still smashing away hoping something happens though
  • lol, no sry, but I can't imagine that golden egg levels don't count!

    I mean, the eagle, okay maybe because this would make the achievement very easy.

    but the golden egg levels? these levels are NORMAL levels with no extra large amount of blocks, ...

    I am sure that these levels count!
  • With all this being 'speculation', I only find it being on the safe side to not waste time on either method since there are countless regular levels to play...
  • I think that smash maniac isn`t bugged it is just very hard to achieve. If you smash an average of 50 blocks a level you need to play (500.000/50) 10.000 levels! that`s more that 40 times from start to finsh.
  • @hjdb; I understand your view and the calculation is correct.
    However I suppose you have the 50K Achievement. And I suppose you got that achievement ages ago. In my case for sure I didn't play AB 4 times from start to finish.

    So I think the average of 50 isn't correct, or (more likely) there is a bug...
  • I do have the 50k achievement but I don`t know how quick I got it but I agree that I didn`t play AB 4 times from start to finish.

    I think the average of 50 might even be too high and if it is a bug why do some people have it?
  • @hjdb, because the link between Angry Birds and GameCenter is bugged in general. For a long time I had the achievement for 3 staring a World but not the one for passing it. I got the 100 feathers achievement before my 50 was activated. The whole thing has problems. There is no doubt in my mind that I should have the smash maniac. I've played this game since Jan '10 I believe. I've got all the score addicts and I've often replayed levels for video recording. I've DEF. smashed more than 500,000 blocks. I hope smash maniac is fixed at some point, it would just be nice to round out the collection. ;)
  • @ FujiToast, personally I can't comprehend your problems with the GameCenter!

    The GameCenter really NEVER bugged on my device (iPhone 4, iOS 4.1, NOT jailbroken), except the 30h achievement, which was an announced error on rovio's side!

    I go with hjdb 's opinion: personally I've played AB alot! I've got every achievement, except the smash maniac and I am play since august 2010 (I used to play AB much longer, but on my old device, an iPhone 3GS and I am not sure, if the smashed blocks and that stuff was transferred successfully onto my new device via backup, especially because there was no GameCenter on my old device with iOS 3.x runnin' on it!).

    and still I am sure that I really didn't reach the 500k.
    especially if the eagle and maybe even the golden egg levels don't count!
  • Sweet jesus, I just got smash maniac. I'm ranked on Game Center around 430ish and have played this game for so many hours, I could not even begin to estimate how much time this has sucked away. And I just got smash maniac. About. Damn. Time. !! :-)
  • It would've been nice to have this achievement show the progress as a percentage ( pie chart kinda thing ... I've seen it in other games )
    At least we wouldn't be having those discussions wondering if it works or not.
  • I just tweeted such to Rovio, including a screenshot from "Fragger's" achievement page.

    @RovioMobile any plans to have progress indicator for things like Smash Maniac? Eg, fragger:
    @DJFord1 we'll look into that, good idea

  • Does anyone else not have the Feather Picker (50) and Feather Collector (100) achievements but has the Feather Gather (200) achievement?
  • Does anybody feel like posting a screen-shot of their smash maniac achievement? Before I try the golden egg solution (14 or 16 are good levels) wanted to see some actual proof!
  • I am not sure if this is the right place to post this but in Gamecenter, I have 42 of 55 achievements but on my crystal account I only have 25 achievements and I know that Gamecenter is right. Is there anything I can do to fix this, because about 6 of them are getting all 3 stars and if I already did, how do I do it again. Any help would be great. Thanks
  • Thanks for the sharing.
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