Angry Birds Seasons: Christmas 3 Star Walkthrough Level 1-16 -

Our strategy for Season’s Greedings level 1-16 is to fire the White bird in front of the first Finish flag, bombing the snow piles there. Launch Big Brother through the ice blocks in the top left. He should leave rubble behind him as he reaches the center of the level. Use the next White bird to bomb the far-left pig and ricochet into the remaining structure. If necessary, clear the footing of the last tower with the Yellow bird. The score in the video is 102,100.

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By nokiawiz

anyone got issues getting 1-16 to load up on your iPhone? I keep getting this error screen regardless if I am to use WiFi or 3G.

I had reset, restarted and rebooted my iPhone 3GS many times but to no avail.

“A Connection error has occurred, please try again.”

Any help will be appreciated.


By Chelsea

I only used 3 birds and got 99880 but only 2 stars

By Kyle

This level is a joke. I almost always have more points heading into the yellow bird throw as the walkthrough and never break 100K.

By ~JaiMe~

109,610 w/ 2 birdz left!! w0o0ot! :D

Rank: Sling God with 34495 points
By Bird Leader (@birdleader)Score: 101,890

I finally got over 100 K, but it took awhile.

By ~JaiMe~

i find most levels are a delicate balance btwn popping pigs, destroying things, & having birds left… quite teh addictive challenge! ;) o dear, just opened todays :o

By Bird lady

where are the Christmas golden eggs?

Rank: Sling God with 34495 points
By Bird Leader (@birdleader)Score: 101,890

We have a walkthrough here.


I can’t tell you how much I HATE this level !!
I have been at this one on and off since yesterday morning,
I have done todays, hours ago, but no matter what I do I just cannot hook up a score over 100K on this one to get the 3 stars.
I have scored 99680, 99740 and now have 99920 !!
I am bloody determined to get it though, I want to get 3 stars on all levels, back to the fray !!!

Rank: Sling God with 34495 points
By Bird Leader (@birdleader)Score: 101,890

It took me like a 500 tries, but I got it. A lot of the Halloween levels were a pain like this one.

By Valerie

I officially HATE this level. I have done all the others and achieved 3 starts. My top score is 99,530 and I am one ANGRY Bird right now!


Jamie, how on earth did you manage it ?
Come do mine please ;)


Never mind Jamie, I got the bstard !!!!
104,730 and I did it with 3 birds :)
Sometimes putting it down and going back to it helps, got that first time I tried again after my last post here :)


To help anyone who is still struggling, follow Bird Leaders plan for bird one, but the fat red bird needs to go a tiny bit higher than above, through the middle of the little ariel, then it takes out all but the pig on the left, the nearest to your launch site, take that out with the egg bird and you too can have 2 birds at 10K each added to your score :)

Thank you for this site by the way, absolutely invaluable, though I do try to clear every level at at least 1 star before I look at hints, no point playing if you know what to do cuz you looked first ;)

By ~JaiMe~

i put it down twice after getting 2 stars sev. times! yes, a good hit with the big red bird is crucial… admittedly, tho, a bit of luck in how things fall/destroy is also necessary with the red bird. after it i had only the two pigs on the left bottom level left with one layer of boards over, then sailed the egg-droppy bird over about the same path as first one & dropped an egg right in middle of them. keep trying, perseverence, some skill, & a bit of luck will pay off ;)

By Willie

This level gave me fits… had to put it down more than once, but finally got it!

By dorine

this level seems bloody IMPOSSIBLE! i know what i have to do to get the 3 stars i have grown accustumed to, but i just can’t manage it. every bird has to be perfectly launched, that’s simply inhuman!
mean while i’ve gotten my 3 stars at level / december 17 in a breeze! greetings from one frustrated dutch bird :o)

Rank: Sling God with 34495 points
By Bird Leader (@birdleader)Score: 101,890

It’s by far the hardest yet, but you can’t expect every level to be a breeze.

By dorine

that’s absolutely true, i second that! but my ego gets a bit bruised if i can’t seem to master this one level – but i must say: it awakes an unknown ‘hunting drive’. i WILL fetch this golden threesome :-)

By baybob

Is anyone else having a problem with the white bird not dropping it’s egg if it’s to close to the target? The second white bird in this walkthrough does tremendous damage and you don’t even see it drop the egg! My bird will not drop the egg if it gets too close.

By Habanero

Yes, I have had quite a few issues with “eggbound” white birds not delivering egg bombs and just crashing softly into their target?

Have still 3 starred the level quite a few times now, but always relying on a successful strike from the 3rd bird as in Birdleader’s walkthrough, but have never got more than a little over 103,000.

Think this one and level 17 are the toughest yet but all good festive fun :o)

By Very Angry Bird

This is the only level in whole game that I can’t get 3stars…………..after over 1000 trys

By Scrogsie

The egg birds in this walkthrough seem to do an awful lot of damage. It looks as though they don’t even release their eggs but still manage to smash loads of stuff up. Mine don’t seem to have the same effect :o(

By Charles J. Baserap

THANK YOU! I have no idea how the score happens. I have a higher score until the second to last bird and somehow they don’t give me as many points or cause as much damage? Is there a difference in some platforms, because I’m seriously over TWO THOUSAND tries and it NEVER gives me 100k.

By Lucy

this has got to be the hardest level yet. Did 18 today, no trouble, but 16 and 17 continue to elude me. I think it might almost be give up time! And I have problems with constipated egg birds,too…….

By Cat

this level made me one angry bird!!! Took me well over a thousand attempts, spent 3 solid hrs trying to 3 star this last night to no avail….Finally managed it today and almost wept with joy and relief!!!! To those out there still struggling…don’t give up, you will make it!!

By irin

I finally did 100010 after hundreds of attempts!!

On the contrary, I did 3 stars in 17 in the first attempt.

By RikkiMama

Any chance of getting an alternative 3 star walkthrough posted for this level?


Do it fast. If the other angry birds you shot off are still on the field they act like pinballs as everything collapses. I tried the method in the video a bunch and failed but if you do it basically the same way but in a fury it goes much better. I got over 102 k.

By H

Is there only one way at achieving 3 stars on this level???? Have now completed the other 24 levels and cannot get the third star. Highest score i have got is 99230! Obviously doing something wrong somewhere


I hate this level. I hate Angry Birds. I hate my phone.
Can get 99k repeatedly. Too much luck involved with the way things fall.
I’ve had a couple where the first two take out pretty much everything but one pig manages to hang in there.
Too much luck = less and less fun.


Okay, for those who have cleared this level with 3 stars, how many of you are on a Droid? I just can’t get the white birds to drop the egg right before impact like the walkthrough.

Whoever set the 3 star bar at 100K needs to come to Nashville and prove that it can be done on my phone, because I don’t believe it. 3 stars on every other board but this one. Arg.

By =NoXiouS=

Grrrrrrrrrr! I have invested at least fifteen minutes per day trying to 3 star this level since Dec.16th. I too have had issues with first bird not bombing. Sometimes I press so hard you can see the lcd screen react, but the game doesn’t. 99,880 is the best I can get and I did that again twice today. Always so close, but no ***! Arrrrrrrgh! I’m going to keep trying until I finally get it. Using Xperia X10 running android 2.1

By =NoXiouS=

LMAO! I got it and one of my shots was totally off. Dumb luck that the blocks fell just the way they did and I had two birds left over! The way I got it was not the way in the walkthrough videos. Final score was 105,220 and then the big present level was a pain too. Took me about ten attempts, but I finally got it without going after the gifts up top. I just know the next seasons is going to be a huge pain too. ipad users get way better aim, velocity and accuracy; but I’m still not buying one.

By Ray

I finally got it with 2 birds! 108,610!! I’m on a DroidX and often the white bird won’t drop the egg if I’m too close

By =NoXiouS=

Finally! Arrrrrrrrrrgh! Rovio needs to tweak angry birds a bit more for android users.

By Allyson

I’m still working on level 16. This has to be the hardest from Seasons.

By =NoXiouS=

Keep trying, you’ll get it. Frustrating, I know.

By Lesleym

I started this level (obviously) on 16th December and only managed to get 3 stars last night! (6th January) That makes it the trickiest level I’ve done out of all the angry birds games…

By Tanner

I’m stuck in 23.Put that in here so I can see it please

Rank: Sling God with 34495 points
By Bird Leader (@birdleader)Score: 101,890

The walkthrough for level 23 is here.

By XoRt

There are a couple of ways of getting 100000+ on this level beside the one posted on the walkthrough. I definitely don’t think this is the toughest of the christmas eps.

By josh

care to put your money where your mouth is and post another way to break 6 figures?

By =NoXiouS=

I have no clue which other level could have been more of a challenge to get all three stars for android users. No other level took me more than 15 minutes of trying to get the ever elusive third star. Now I’m working on the regular angry birds game which my girlfriend is also addicted to now.

By Evee

Anyone has any other way to get the freaking 3stars in this level? I’ve done it like 1000 times and i’ ve been stuck at 99,970 for 2weeks now

Rank: Flinger with 0 points
By JessicaSantillo (@jessicasantillo)

Yes I got 103’270 and it took me literally 2 and a half days to do it.

By =NoXiouS=

Don’t give up. As I said in an earlier post, one of my shots actually strayed from where I wanted it to go and the result left me with two birds left over and a final score of 115,000+. Keep trying and you will get it eventually.

By =NoXiouS=

Whoops, I just looked at my earlier post and my final score on this map was 105,020 I think. Anyhow, keep trying :)

By Evee

Ok. Thanks… Ill try not break my bf’s iPhone trying lol

Rank: DaBomb with 280 points
By malarkey (@malarkey)

OMG I finally FINALLY did it. 102940 on a fluke. One bird left over. Now my life is complete!

No matter how many times I tried to repro the above vid, I would end up with low scores even with a lot of destruction or with a bird leftover. Took me till today, Feb 12th. Pathetic!

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