Rovio’s Brand New Puzzle Game “Angry Birds Blast!” Out Now for iOS in Select Countries

Rovio have soft-launched a brand new puzzle game in the Angry Birds series – Angry Birds Blast!. It features tap-to-match mechanics. The goal is to free our feathery heroes the Angry Birds from their balloon imprisonments so they can stop those Bad Piggies from stealing the eggs. The game currently features 225 levels, with more to come in the future. For now the game is only available for iOS in Australia, New Zealand, Finland and Poland.

From the App Store:

All new Angry Birds tap to match game!

The pigs have trapped Angry Birds inside of balloons! Tap them free and stop the pigs and save the Birds’ eggs.
Join this addictive puzzle-adventure game and start your rescue mission to save the birds before the piggies turn their eggs into omelettes.

Your pursuit of the pigs takes you on a journey through magical landscapes and tricky levels. Use your skills and experience to outsmart the pigs and overcome all the obstacles they put in your way.
Find the cleverest ways to solve levels, crack the high scores, and receive generous rewards!


Spend your rewards on mighty power-ups or win them through clever gameplay.
Use Slingshots, Twisters, Rockets, Bombs, and Laser Guns to blast your way through levels and always stay a step ahead of the sly piggies.


See who is better at freeing the Birds and help each other out on your journeys defeating the pigs.


If anyone here has more info or general thoughts please share them in the comments below.

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    Comments (41)


    A-a-another Angry B-birds m-match three puzzle ga-game…


    … Yaaaaaayyy… :\

    Is this a spin-off of Candy Crush?

    Partshade says:

    Another soft launch game? The classics are never going to be updated. :(

    Mp127 says:

    TBH this game still have better design than AB Holiday and better Bubbles than AB Pop.

    Imo Rovio’s way is somewhat interesting, seems that they’re using new design teams to soft-launched games like Goal, Ace Fighter or Blast. I’m not a fan of these ‘new’ designs, but it’s still better than the Movie ones.

    Adellinco says:

    And they gave up angry birds stella slingshot for this:/
    all nesters help:
    but i’ll play it ’till it’s angry birds

    Power Pork says:

    Awesome! Cool game
    6 games for this year now:
    1- Action
    3-Ace Fighter
    And 6th Blast

    Power Pork says:

    And The design looks more cute than the last times.

    Sonnykero says:

    How come I didn’t know about TNT?!

    Sonnykero says:

    NVM it’s kinda dumb, I just knew it already as a beta testing

    Nehuen says:

    I hope INFLATION won’t increase the prices of this one!

    TheRedBird says:

    cybird will do the first gameplay video!You will see…hes uploading it right now!

    How many games are they going to make?!

    Power Pork says:

    Maybe more than 10 !

    Sonnykero says:

    More games=more money $$$

    Awesomepow says:

    So,this looks like ab fight…

    Roger Bird says:

    Eu não estava gostando de Angry Birds Goal e Angry Birds Sky Fighters, mas eu estou com boas expectativas deste jogo. Quem sabe seja melhor que Angry Birds POP!

    At least they use their original designs rather than the Movie designs. I just hope they don’t take much time to be released worldwide :3

    Jamie says:

    I can’t wait till this is released into the united states I really want this app :)

    Karibird says:

    Just tap balloons. Boring.

    Power Pork says:

    Just saw a gameplay video, Summary:
    Gameplay is just tapping, but tons of power ups
    And of course, puzzle game means life system.
    The graphics are so cute and adorable, the music of the game is mostly used from AB POP!
    The objective is to pop a certain amount of balloon with same birds (for example the objective is to pop 48 Red bird balloons) , or pop balloons around pigs to pop them.
    There are also glass and woods just like in AB POP and they can be destroyed in the same way too.

    Now that I think about it, I feel that “TNT” is Angry Birds Blast. The names correlate and both games happened at the same time (around TNT beta testing).

    Power Pork says:

    No, it’s not TNT.
    I can only say that ,since it’s a “top secret”

    RedYoshi45 says:

    Uh-oh. TNT is not Blast. TNT is an entirely different game… You’ll see when it’s out of beta, just so much ;)

    Again with this mess??

    Eaglecrash says:

    Oh god… they have like 500 other unreleased soft launch clones… WHY THOUGH…

    Eaglecrash says:

    Also why does it have Stella music ._.

    RedYoshi45 says:

    Because POP! did as well, I guess?

    Eaglecrash says:

    But that was originally a Stella game, and its on the golden island.

    Eaglecrash says:

    AAAAND the horrible life system is back.

    Sonnykero says:

    Life system is always the biggest issue.. Life system gives the opportunity to make extra money ??

    Eaglecrash says:

    The life system is already a big nope for me… :/

    wrw01 says:

    Great presentation in the video. Game looks interesting but not enough hours in the day to play this release. There are a lot of AB games and game types to appeal to many different folks with their preferences.

    Filipe Sousa says:

    Why not angry birds blast for Android thank you for all the other angry birds games and o wish the very best for your team

    Not sure how to complain about non receipt of purchase made while playing ab blast

    LaurenM says:

    so when are we getting this (US android)?

    Mink says:

    Am enjoying but it freaks out at level55, most annoying,

    J Roll says:

    This app is utter rubbish! As soon as you get to complete a level it chrashes. Please sort out thus problem !!!!!!!!

    Holly Ann says:

    Really very happy to say,your post is very interesting to read.I never stop myself to say something about it.You’re doing a great job.Keep it up

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