Angry Birds GO! v2.0 Update Out Worldwide – New First Look Video

Angry Birds GO! receives a major overhaul in v2.0: a redesigned campaign, a new upgrade system for karts, new challenges and much more. Update out now on Android and iOS.

After this update, all karts, characters and tracks you unlocked are removed. You start over, but all the karts that you purchased before are converted into gems, so it’s not totally starting from zero.

From the Google Play store:

We’ve listened to your feedback, and after a quick pit stop, we’re happy to introduce Angry Birds GO 2.0!

– IMPROVED CAMPAIGN MODE! The campaign gets a total overhaul.

– NEW UPGRADE SYSTEM! Collect parts and upgrade your karts.

– LIMITED-TIME TOURNAMENTS! Compete to win prizes!

– DAILY RACES! Enter a new race every day and find a hidden gift box.

– NEW HANDLING SYSTEM! We’ve tuned every kart for better handling.


Let us know what you think of the new update by leaving a comment below. If you need help or want to talk Go! be sure to check out our Angry Birds Go Forum.

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Comments (80)

By Laura

What happened today? I started the game, was astounded that it did not take ages (as every single click has done lately + 99/100 of occasions the game has crashed after seeing an ad or trying to get the tickets won in a daily race). At first looked at some fancy new things, then tried to start a daily race. Crash. No error message or possibility to report. Tried another type of race. See previous. Tried to open the carts menu. See previous. OK no wonder it worked quick, probably no-one else could play, either, servers almost idle…
It is Saturday morning here (Finland). So I presume nothing gets fixed before Monday. Why release an untested update at the start of weekenbd???!!!

Rank: Explosive with 2300 points
By Arus73 (@alcusto)

It happened exactly the same to me! After the last update the game crashes every time. It’s impossible to race and also to access the karts and characters without the game crashing. In a way I’m relieved to see I’m not the only one. Rovio must do something quickly to solve the problem.

By Laura

Hmmm. This time I got little further at the carts menu. The menu actually appeared before the crash. Otherwise it is still as bad. Attempts to start a race just substract from the energy and then crash.

But maybe they’ve started to try something.

Rank: Explosive with 2300 points
By Arus73 (@alcusto)

New update today (v. 2.2.8 in Play Store), but it still doesn’t work for me. Too bad…

By Laura

Neither to me today. I read on the forum that it had started working but it still crashes when I try to either open the carts menu or start a race. :-(

By Garf

What happend with telepods!?

Rank: Explosive with 2300 points
By Arus73 (@alcusto)

Update 2.2.10 starts to get much better with fewer crashes! Still some black screens and freezes but overall better experience now.
Telepods scan doesn’t work most of the time. When it does, it allows you to race for coins free of energy, but pretty much useless I would say, compared with previous game as it does not give you any missing kart.

By James Teague


It was so good but now it’s babyish and weasy and sh… I mean bad

By Chino simon

I don’t get, why iGameplay1337 beat chuck with 3 stars in campaign 11, the 3 star score target is 78,479

By Arus73

Really? I have tried with all birds, fully upgraded Trash Trasher kart, but even without crashing, the best score I can get is 77 (I guess it means 77,000). I am on Android. Maybe on iOS the score is appearing correctly and this is why you could see the full score of iGameplay1337. However I would like to hear what is the strategy to get 78,000 points (if even possible on Android, which I hardly believe…)

By Haydn

Need help with telepods!

My telepods don’t work when I scan the telepods they are supposed to unlock the car the figurine looks like, well I scanned bomb and big boom gave me the weak car with the tape wheels! And I scanned Stella with the pinky tonk, it let me have a go with the car but didn’t unlock it. Said I had to pay 500 blueprints for it. Is that how it’s supposed to be or are my telepods fake or glitchy?

By David

They should put the blue scanner back on

By David

Put the blue thing to put telepods in the game

By David

Can you put the blue scanner to put the telepods in the game

By Demesugh Terlumun

Please make angry birds go not to need Wi-fi connection and make Senna Bird be a playable character

By John Romulo

On my parents’ phones, I downloaded Angry Birds Go! Version 2.9.1 and I was having so much fun. But I want the team multiplayer, and the tournaments to be back. And in races, I want the goldfish trail, and State Farm on-the-go repair power-ups back. And I want it to also be played offline, and make the party mode feature work better. Also, I want to get karts by using teleports instantly. Is there any way to put then back? It’s urgent!

By Bird guy

Why did you take angrybirds go and other games off of apple ios app store please put some of your games back on

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