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Shark apex uplight vacuum is the best in everything

I rarely believe in cleaning products such as vacuums, because I don’t think they can clean every nook and corner of my house. But one time, I accidentally saw the introduction of Shark apex uplight vacuum on an online shopping channel. After reading thousands of comments and  Shark apex uplight reviews, it triggered my curiosity, so I decided to buy one for myself. And turns out this vacuum gives me a great cleaning experience that I never had before.

My first impression about Shark uplight

I’m pretty low-tech in assembling electronics. So I thought it would be difficult for me to assemble this Shark uplight by myself. But I was surprised when I read the instruction sheet, it was full of information and even had pictures to make it easier for me to identify the parts of the vacuum cleaner. I successfully assembled the Shark apex vacuum cleaner in less than ten minutes.

Shark apex uplight makes house-work easier

Just like the seller’s recommendation, this Shark apex duoclean vacuum has a super strong suction that can clean everything from biscuit crumbs to small dust particles like sand or salt. My living room and bedroom are covered with carpet and the cleaning function of this Shark uplight is also working well on carpeted surfaces.

I was very concerned when buying this vacuum with a fear that it might not be able to clean other places such as the ceiling, sofa bed, etc.. But I was wrong, this machine has a great design with a dirt compartment near above the handle which makes the nozzle can be easily moved under the table and chair. This Shark apex uplight lift-away duoclean  also comes with a variety of brush heads which are removable to make it suitable for cleaning anywhere in the house, even inside my car.

Another thing that I really like about this Shark apex vacuum cleaner is the self-standing function. Thanks to the wheels behind the nozzle which help this machine move easily while vacuuming, and when I don’t use it, this function allows me to leave this Shark apex uplight at any corner of the house without taking up too much space.

Shark uplight has zero M technology – hair remove function

Unlike other vacuum cleaners, this Shark apex upright vacuum with duoclean has a Zero M technology that surprised me. I often hear my friends complaining about how often they have to change their vacuum cleaner brushes because they get stuck in kinds of hairs that can’t be cleaned. This Shark apex uplight vacuum has a brush roll at the bottom that can automatically spin to clean the hair from the main brush without having to use manual methods to clean it.

Shark apex uplight vacuum with duoclean helps me save my money

One of the things that I worry about when using electronic devices is their durability because they often come at a high price. If the durability of these machines is not guaranteed it will be a waste of money. But this Shark apex uplight lift-away duoclean is guaranteed by the manufacturer for five years and I can get help from the manufacturer whenever I have problems with it.

In short, this shark navigator lift upright is the best thing I have ever used. I highly recommend everyone to buy and experience Shark apex uplight corded lift away vacuum for themselves to see all the great features this amazing vacuum has to offer.