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  • bambenio

    on facebook but under shawn
    with a hulk pic
    just playing alot of other stuff in the summer with
    me son
    but will still play


    yup i understand p/u
    rovio maiking money
    but like the levels without makes u try harder


    i guess if u have to pay to join that will get
    some cheaters gone
    but if lance armstrong could fool the world
    it will be hard to catch them here
    i think all new players should at least post how they
    got the scores and a pic at least

    i dont play as much sny more because of the cheaters
    thats why scores are just ok


    my sun has bluestacks on hos computer
    but can t get it off
    nothign but problems for him
    so cleaned computer and its ok now

    just do what i do
    get and i phone
    then tablet
    and pc

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)