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Let me tell you a tale about me. Over a year ago, I signed up for a account on this site. Just like you did. I loved Angry Birds. Just like you do. I wanted to do better. Just like you do. I started posting on the forums eventually, and that continued for about 8 months or so. I have been quite forgotten on there and I find it quite amazing how you stumbled upon my profile. I was the original creator of the Bloated Pig Jr. It didn’t do well and lasted about a month until me and my friends created the Cardinal Capital Hotel. That lasted about 2 weeks I believe, until most of us hit a boiling point. I am still not sure what it was about, or what caused it, but the way it ended was bad. The admins finally used this as a way to get me banned (Like they always wanted to do.). Me and my friends Blahalb09, and Angry_BrownBird were banned. Since then, I quit ABN and Angry Birds since ABN was the only reason I still played that dried out game anyway. Blahalb09 has also been un-banned from the forums, which I think is quite fair.

I will be on this just to check messages and look around. There isn’t really much to do on this site that I haven’t done. Let my posts on the forums stay there forever. They will entertain you.

Also, one last thing. I remember acting very immature and jerkish on the forums. I used to be annoying, sort of like a troll at times. I am sorry.

Bye AngryBirdsNest.


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