Let’s Play Angry Birds Transformers | Part 37 | Drift

In Part 37 of our Angry Birds Transformers Let’s Play video series we take a first look at Drift, a samurai warrior. We unlocked him after participating in the 2-Year Celebration event in which he was worth 7500 tokens.

We hope you enjoy this Angry Birds Transformers video and welcome comments below. You can find more videos here. Don't forget to join us in Transformers Forum.

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    Rank: Well Traveled with 1900 points
    By furyslinger2000 (@furyslinger200)

    @mighty-red-1 Out of all the characters unlocked via tokens in event, Drift is (currently) the most expensive Character to trade tokens for, at a whopping 7500 Tokens!

    At least I managed to unlock him. Next up, my 2nd chance to finally unlock Skywarp! :)

    By the way, those new halloween tournaments for Angry birds Friends have just begun, starting with “Little Crop of Horrors” (an obvious play on name to the “Little Shop of Horror” films & musicals). You know what’s a shame, though? These 2016 Halloween Tournaments do not have special music, just like how “Shuffle & Spawn” was used in the 2013 Halloween Tournament, and how the 2015 Halloween Tournament Theme (Werepig Theme) was used a rock remix of the Angry Birds Friends Theme.

    I thought Rovio would at least use the same remix from the 2015 Halloween Tournaments & changed the lyrics based on plants instead of Werepigs, but when the day came, it proved me wrong.

    Rank: Well Traveled with 1900 points
    By furyslinger2000 (@furyslinger200)

    @mighty-red-1 As of right now, I stand corrected. There is an special theme for the 2016 Halloween Tournaments.

    To those of you all who have a YouTube Account, if there is a time to get the theme of the Angry Birds Friends 2016 Halloween Tournaments, now would be a good time. I know someone already managed to post the 2015 Halloween Tournaments Theme. :)

    Rank: Sling God with 45850 points
    By wrw01 (@wrw01)

    Like this transformer but one has to shoot and keep moving.

    Rank: Boss Hog with 12505 points
    By Rowdypup (@rowdypup)

    Is Drift meant to hold the “Great Sword” (explosive rounds) accessory during nodes? His body posture has him appearing to “hold” something, and numerous ads about him show him wielding the great accessory, so I’m just wondering…

    Rank: Sling God with 25410 points
    By Joey (@joeyba)

    I imagined him to be more powerful!

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