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  • Total Score of 5,842,504: Ranked 3 out of 8 w/ 8 scores entered
Level #1, January 4th651,7283-3,804594,557+57,171n/a
Level #2, January 4th720,3943-6,934653,057+67,337n/a
Level #3, January 4th792,9613-12,517722,845+70,116n/a
Level #4, January 4th761,7362-3,426687,950+73,786n/a
Level #5, January 4th857,4182-380781,676+75,742n/a
Level #6, January 4th760,2212-3,856680,312+79,909n/a
Level #7, January 4th504,4513-12,120446,547+57,904n/a
Level #8, January 4th793,5951 Top Score!735,107+58,488n/a