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Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 964,920: Ranked 403 out of 1305 w/ 11 scores entered
Level 3-137,470671-1,43037,251+219n/a
Level 3-265,160741-6,90065,687-527n/a
Level 3-346,250710-4,23046,106+144n/a
Level 3-496,480279-8,91091,795+4,685n/a
Level 3-555,100544-2,69054,500+600n/a
Level 3-663,620628-4,66062,772+848n/a
Level 3-7140,310791-11,340140,401-91n/a
Level 3-871,820457-16,27068,936+2,884n/a
Level 3-9121,120391-6,460118,354+2,766n/a
Level 3-10135,490731-28,900138,135-2,645n/a
S-7 Bonus132,100517-18,830134,574-2,474n/a