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Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
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Level 10n/an/a106,558n/an/a
Level 20n/an/a85,112n/an/a
Level 30n/an/a99,834n/an/a
Level 40n/an/a89,167n/an/a
Level 50n/an/a107,268n/an/a
Level 60n/an/a112,140n/an/a
Level 70n/an/a133,063n/an/a
Level 80n/an/a103,730n/an/a
Level 90n/an/a128,818n/an/a
Level 100n/an/a119,381n/an/a
Level 110n/an/a75,489n/an/a
Level 120n/an/a101,427n/an/a
Level 130n/an/a86,640n/an/a
Level 140n/an/a97,328n/an/a
Level 150n/an/a116,845n/an/a
Level 160n/an/a102,793n/an/a
Level 170n/an/a129,822n/an/a
Level 180n/an/a121,328n/an/a
Level 190n/an/a68,856n/an/a
Level 200n/an/a105,579n/an/a
Level 210n/an/a141,742n/an/a
Level 220n/an/a110,253n/an/a
Level 230n/an/a139,672n/an/a
Level 240n/an/a166,953n/an/a
Level 250n/an/a127,923n/an/a
Level 260n/an/a118,282n/an/a
Level 270n/an/a123,610n/an/a
Level 280n/an/a185,007n/an/a
Level 290n/an/a165,226n/an/a
Level 300n/an/a122,665n/an/a
Level 310n/an/a211,007n/an/a
Level 320n/an/a157,882n/an/a
Level 330n/an/a87,888n/an/a
Level 340n/an/a261,008n/an/a
Level 350n/an/a189,341n/an/a
Level 360n/an/a163,215n/an/a
Level 370n/an/a130,479n/an/a
Level 380n/an/a199,310n/an/a
Level 390n/an/a160,518n/an/a
Level 400n/an/a222,234n/an/a