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Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 2,525,650: Ranked 291 out of 591 w/ 20 scores entered
Level 158,660427-7,29060,890-2,230n/a
Level 2150,680147-11,510146,724+3,956n/a
Level 3144,600288-19,180144,772-172n/a
Level 4155,960138-11,380150,432+5,528n/a
Level 582,430327-16,90083,289-859n/a
Level 6140,530104-8,080135,403+5,127n/a
Level 7108,890471-11,390114,924-6,034n/a
Level 8120,400472-22,820129,573-9,173n/a
Level 9136,620226-12,740131,175+5,445n/a
Level 1094,930464-39,410105,654-10,724n/a
Level 11168,950141-14,510160,173+8,777n/a
Level 1295,770382-19,540100,616-4,846n/a
Level 13139,720220-15,690138,246+1,474n/a
Level 14147,190250-11,640146,519+671n/a
Level 15133,230473-23,450143,050-9,820n/a
Level 1694,820180-6,93093,183+1,637n/a
Level 17162,900330-18,870165,160-2,260n/a
Level 18125,790403-29,970135,559-9,769n/a
Level 19156,310118-11,810145,413+10,897n/a
Level 20107,270436-19,990115,113-7,843n/a