How to Update Angry Birds PC through Intel AppUp

If you launch Intel AppUp today you may notice there is an Angry Birds update. This will update you to v1.5.1, which includes:

Ham ‘Em High – 30 new levels
– New Golden Eggs. I would presume there are three: #18, #19 and the Super Bowl / Rio Golden Egg.
– The ability to switch into “windowed” mode from the main screen (click the settings icon under the “Play” button)
– A new and improved pause menu.
– Bug fixes

If you don’t know how to update, just follow these instructions:

Click “My Apps”

Now, on the right hand side under “Available Updates” click “Update”. Now, you should see a user name and password prompt. After a couple seconds it should automatically select your user name. At this point you need to enter your password. I should note, I had to click the “Update” button at least 20 times before this came up.

After the update has finished downloading and installing fire it up and begin hunting for those Golden Eggs!

If you don’t yet have Angry Birds PC check out this post where we outline instructions on how to get everything set up. We also have a handy Angry Bird PC and Mac control guide.

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    By MadBoy!

    I have never been able to update Angry Birds through the Intel AppUp program, never had any updates available to install . C.S. is no help.

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