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  • anybody else ever see this? I had a glass tower standing with two pigs. It seemed shivery so I just watched it a while, but it wasn’t moving, so I loaded up a bird and aimed. As soon as I had a bead on the top pig, he started shaking in fear – and the tower began swaying. Cancelled the bird, tower settled down. Pulled back the sling again and aimed and the tower started swaying again, this time enough to dump the back pig. Did this a half dozen more times, and on the last try rally pulled back and took good aim, and the towe swayed and collapsed. No shot fired, just the pig’s shaking was enough to do it.

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  • RedSignals

    Haven’t seen this, but I am looking forward to trying your technique.


    While structures can collapse by themselves, pigs can make them collapse, too. Additionally to this, tapping a pig makes it laughing and sometimes moving a bit, which may help structure falling, if close enough to collapse.

    It’s more often just fun than effective trick, but I’ll take it if I can.



    FYI – someone in my clan says that when structures collapse on their own you get the base points but not the bird multiplier. So if you’re fighting where points count, you have to decide…i figure a bird not used is a bird that can strike again, and will take the puny free points in most situations.


    Wow I never knew that. I am so going to try it next time!


    Nice catch, @krena I’ll try it. Thanks!

    Angry Turd

    This is standard strategy when faced with a pig-infested structure about to topple. Good observation nonetheless @krena :)

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