Will there be a 2017 Halloween or Christmas update to Seasons?

  • it feels like the quietest year yet for Seasons with no updates which makes me fear we won’t get the annual Halloween or Christmas levels….does anyone have any news on it?

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  • SquawkTron

    We’re not sure yet. Rovio will probably forget about a new Halloween or Christmas update for Seasons this year, since they’re busy with their other games.


    @fatboyslick it looks like Seasons is done, see the comment here –

    Rovio's Social Media & Community Manager representing in the Nest!

    Page 5, about half way down.

    Mighty Red

    Based on the comment above, this might be the year when AB Seasons is gonna be put to rest.


    @mighty-red-1 We also never got a proper sendoff to Space and Star Wars 2 just abruptly stopped even though there were other Star Wars offshoots to adapt into episodes after they adapted the first spinoff.

    What’s the point of technical updates if they are not gonna update it with proper content?


    Thanks all, I’ll left a comment on the other thread. Felt really sad when I woke and read this this morning, really gutted.

    is it worth tweeting Rovio?


    looks like the terry jacks song;

    we had joy we had fun
    we had SEASONS in the sun

    now the season have all gone


    @youshered a reply i got on the 26th October. Here’s hoping someone happens

    thank you for reaching out to us. Sorry for the trouble! Our gaming team has been lately focused on developing new, exciting games, and some titles, Angry Birds Seasons included, have fallen behind the line lately. We hope to add some new content and exciting new seasons to explore soon! Thank you for your feedback, if there is anything else we can assist you with, please contact us again.

    Best regards,

    Rovio Support Team

    Hope this helps if I get any more information i will post here regards ixan57


    @fatboyslick see here


    Whilst Rovio may have let us down, us nesters will not let go of the Advent. Please join in and nominate your favourite snowy level. Add your birth date, we all know it’s December, so Sweetp knows when to release it


    Very disappointed they don’t do Halloween updates yearly anymore. I hope they at least do Christmas. It’s crazy that they’re so busy developing new games that they can’t put out at least 3 updates per year.


    It seens that there will also be no xmas update……very disappointing….. :-(


    Here it is, 1 DEC, and sadly there s no ABO Advent update available.  It is a sad day indeed.  Does that mean that there will not be a Birthday update either?


    Im just hoping for a holidays update in general, maybe we will get a larger sized episode than the usual Christmas themed ones! All I want for Christmas is good news in the slingshot universe! My wish list is obviously continued updates to all first five or 6 games but if done right I’d love to see

    Angry Birds Space 2

    Angry Birds Star Wars 3

    Lego Angry Birds (slingshot)

    Angry Birds 3

    Angry Birds Stella 2

    Maybe even Angry Birds marvel vs DC!! Would pay so much for ad free versions of these! There is still so much Rovio can do! I have faith in them! I hope this geys seen and maybe generates ideas. AB Star Wars 3 could already have like 4 episode with many to come!


    RIP seasons

    a very sad moment and Christmas feels a little emptier this year


    @jwgardenwiz, the Advent levels were always in the AB Seasons game, not Original. In lieu of Rovio’s Seasons update, we are holding our own Advent calendar challenges. Head over to the https://www.angrybirdsnest.com/challenge/ page.


    Let’s bombard Rovio with complaints about not having a xmas advent angry birds seasons!


    Now that it is December 2nd, and still no Christmas episode, I’m sad that Rovio isn’t keeping up with Seasons.  It was always fun to have an advent calendar type of game.


    This makes me very, very sad.

    Indi Marie

    Me too. IT is sooo disappointing. 😢

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