Nest's Advent Levels Tradition Request

  • The word that’s been going around these days, is that Rovio is no longer going to update Seasons, so therefore there won’t be a new Advent Episode for 2017.

    We want to keep the tradition going here in the Nest, so we’d like to hear from you! Let us know in the comments below, which were your favorite Advent episode levels you’d like to see in the Daily Challenge!

    (Just a reminder, there are no underdogs awarded during the period Dec 1 – Dec 25.)


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  • Kathy

    Hey There @Sweetp Thanks for the Forum , sad there is no advent update but Hey We are Nesters after all andI think it will be great fun to use each other’s favorite or most challenging levels in the place of!

    I can’t say any of them are my favorites but i kinda like Ski or  Squeal

    I’ve a couple to choose from no matter to me which are chosen

    Ski or Squeal

    1-5, 1-6 , 1-7 , 1-9 or 1-11


    Great Idea.
    Winter Wonderham 1-18 and 1-19 would be nice to play.


    On Finn Ice

    Levels: 1-25, 1-16, 1-4, 1-19, or 1-13


    I really liked the Ski or Squeal theme (even have it as my ringtone) but that’s about it. Never really had a favorite level per se in any game.


    @sweetp Ski or Squeal Big Red Cable Car please. It’s just so much fun. I’ll search for more.


    Winter WonderHam 1-24 hard but intriguing…


    A few golden eggs:

    Seaons greedings „Big Present #2“
    Wreck the halls „New Years egg #29“
    Winter Wonderham „Golden egg #41“


    Well, no one has gone Seasons Greedings yet, how about 1-14 lots of bomb birds which are good!


    @sweetp I suggest Wreck the Halls 1-5 and was wondering about puppies if we do this instead of an advent because normally the levels for advent were too new to have been able to award puppies, whereas all the previous advents have been around for a while now.

    I think if we do our own ABN style advent that puppies should be awarded if somebody beats the top score. Just my opinion.

    Thanks for all you do here in the Nest


    Thanks for your suggestion @gumby. However, we’d like to keep the advent tradition and not award any puppies. Besides, I need a break from all the work that I do with the Daily Challenge.

    Hope you understand!


    Agree @Sweetp it’s nice to have the Dec/Christmas break 🐣


    @hunnybunny, haha! Love Bomb Bird, and it’s always a fun level when he causes lots of destruction!!

    Keep the suggestions coming, everyone. We have to fill up that Advent Calendar!


    Well, I want Christmas Puppies!

    A new badge!

    If Rovio can’t be bothered, we can in The Nest!


    @Karen68 @Hunnbuunny
    Seasons Greedings 1-5
    Winter WonderHam 1-8
    Artic Eggspedition 1-24
    On Finn Ice 1-5,1-6

    That’s all i can come up with at the moment, I’ll look for more later 🐣



    Seasons Greedings 1-25

    Wreck the Halls 1-8, 1-14

    Winter Wonderham 1-1

    On Finn Ice 1-25

    Ragnahog 1-8


    Winter Wonderham 18

    Ragnahog 25

    On Finn Ice 25




    14 December…..any level will do for me

    still holding out for an update ;)


    Am adding three snowy levels from Pig Days:

    Penguin Awareness 5-13

    Polar Bear 6-1

    World Penguin 6-11


    Isn’t one of these Pig Day levels with a former glitch? Shouldn’t we try to use levels which never had glitches?



    In keeping with past traditions, we will not be including any of the Pig Days “wintery” levels for this Advent calendar.

    However, I will schedule these sometime during the winter months, so keep your eyes peeled!

    Thanks for the suggestions!


    Well, we finally got our list of levels for our own Advent Challenge, so stay tuned!

    Thank you everyone for your participation!

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