Who’s still around from the very beginning (Oct/Nov 2014)?

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  • I can’t believe I’m still playing this 🤦‍♂️

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  • otter

    I’ve been here since day 1…….


    [ I posted an answer but this board doesn’t show it here but shows it in my activity, so I had to add this text in order to get this posted ]

    I have played ABT since it soft launched in iOS at Sep 25 2014. 🙋🏼‍♂️

    Here is a memory lane topic: What’s Your Rank


    I was there Day 1, took a break for a few years after Rodimus came around, came back last year.


    Not quite the beginning. I started playing in early January 2015.


    Began playing in 2015, and now im revisiting my childhood game once again


    Playing since mid-Nov ’14, and playing on the same Android tablet.


    Started in Jan 2015 and still here

    The Dark Knight

    I started 15 December of 2014. And i am still playing the game not so much but i am trying to unlock each new character.


    I started in Mid November 2014 on my IPad and still playing


    Playing since the beginning and don’t remember to miss a single day since then 😀. This is crazy 😂


    I finally found the way here! Now if I can just find the games again! I love everybody and miss everybody and I’m dying to find a way to download seasons and start playing again where did the games go? It’s a good that The Forum just popped up in my email. I’ve been trying to write like crazy and I keep getting disconnected. I love this game and I love this forum and I miss my friends! We’re the cool kids if we’re still here right? LOL


    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I’ve played from almost the beginning as well, did take a break for 2 years because I was playing angrybirds fight. Playing almost everyday.</p>


    Me! And I agree ….WHHYYYYY am I doing this?? <face palm> <lol>


    Here’s another victim(?).
    I’ve been playing it from the start and a few months later after a crash all over again, but now with FB connected.
    Like @20qmindreader and many others I’ve often wondered WHY??? Especially when R/E has scr**ed things up for the umpteenth time.
    But I think the answer is that I like to be part of this forum, so I’m still playing it.

    Otherwise I guess I would have stopped several years ago (although I’m not 100% sure, because playing ABT has become some kind of addiction for me).


    I replied with a link but it doesn’t appear to be showing up.

    Anyway: “sunk cost fallacy”.


    I have been playing this game since october 2014, I believe. I was getting ads for this game on another angry birds iteration, so I gave it a try. No sooner I had started playing it I dropped all the other AB games. I tried to quit it, managed to stay away from it for a time, no sure how long, but when I returned I was missing 2-3 bots.

    Yes, I am addicted to this game.



    Funny enough, even though I’d played other AB games before picking this one up, this game was the first one to prompt me to join ABN.

    Also, my first few posts (all questions about various aspects of gameplay) were deleted by mods because they thought I was spamming, lol.


    I started playing at the beginning,  but didn’t sign up for this forum until relatively recently (last couple of years?  Who’s counting?)  I still play, on and off, but not very consistently any more.  I’ve only unlocked maybe 2 of the last 6 TFs.


    Started when it was first released. Play often but not so much. A total of 30 characters still unlocked !!

    The Dark Knight

    It has been a long 5 years and 20 days since i started… man that’s too much! Now that i have started and thinking of it… it a big number and a long time…


    I wonder how many hours I’ve spent playing this, and what I would’ve done with those hours if I hadn’t started playing this game?

    Let’s say an hour a day, everyday, for five years.

    That’s two-and-a-half months equivalent, if one didn’t have to sleep!

    Scary thought!


    @optimuspig, your estimate is making me regret the day I’d clicked that ad announcing a new game…


    Just realized that yesterday was exactly five years since I started playing.


    I’ve been playing since October 2014 and joined ABN in August 2015.

    I adapted a strategy a year or more ago when I was questioning why I was still playing this game. I have a FitBit and walk a minimum of 20,000 steps a day. Whenever I play I’m almost always walking. It now feels weird to me to try and get a game in when I’m sitting down, unless I’m on an exercise bike. I was shocked at how many steps I could get by walking while playing! If I do all daily tasks, the challenge run, and the normal event runs during my waking hours, I can easily get in an hour of walking.

    I would guess that taking the time to walk while playing the game nets me 10,000 steps a day. This is the main reason that I’m still playing this game. It helps the time go by and I don’t feel like I’m wasting it.


    Started playing the game in December 2014.
    Joined ABN a bit over a year later, January 2016.

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