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  • I’m at 101. Where are you?

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  • Mad Kat

    Your Rank is just based on how early you started on the game, whether you have Jenga mode to earn coins for upgrades faster, and how often you play. Of course there is another factor which is whether you are willing to spend unreasonable amounts of real money to buy gems but so far, it looks like nobody on this board is biting.

    I am at rank 180. I play at least once a day, even if just for a few minutes. During the day, I do quick visits to the app to pick up coins and I have Jenga mode to notch up coins too. I started out in late October/early November 2014.

    I get my characters up to at least a level 8 now, before unlocking new ones. I still have 3 waiting to unlock. The rise is pretty fast when you unlock a new character as the early upgrades don’t cost much and are fast. Once you get TFs to about level 7 the rise slows down.



    I started playing in October, about a week prior to the first iOS update.

    I’ve never spent a dime on gems, or on Jenga mode.

    That probably means I spend way too much time playing it, lol.

    Edit: I also try to log in every four hours (except when I’m asleep) to collect the 400 coins per node!


    Same as Optimus_Pig except that i started along with the worldwide release for Androids.



    Got 19 TFs.

    Started playing in mid-November. No Jenga, no real money spent. Playing for about half an hour a day, collecting coins every 3 hours. Kind of slow, isn’t it?

    P.S. about the coins, I found out that it’s about 2 coins per minute. You can collect coins when the number of coins in that node is greater than or equal to 10. As the maximum is 400, try to collect coins every 3 hours, as the coins will max out after 3 hours and 20 minutes (200 min).


    It’s exactly 100 coins per hour. Four hours to reach the maximum of 400 coins per node.


    Thanks @optimuspig
    I just approx. the number. Thanks for the correction.


    Dang I suck. A pitiful 101. I refuse to use real money however.


    I’m at 185 with no money or gems spent on coins and no Jenga. I spend my gems on clothes for my bots. I know its not worth it but I want them to have style!


    I just started this week, Android player, level 50. And I purchased gems to see what happens when I do. I did not, however, opt into the JENGA mode which i may do in the future. It looks fun. Level 6 for one character, 4 or 5 are 5’s and the rest are getting there slowly but surely.

    Sumit Arora

    Level 170, started playing since the day it was released. No Jenga Mode.


    182, started to play late October. No real money spent, jenga mode not purchased. I use gems for instant upgrades on low level TFs.


    Level 163 on iPad. Playing since sometime in December, I think. I have bought Jenga mode, and have so many coins I can’t imagine ever worrying about it again. I have all the characters unlocked, but none over level 8.

    Really really pissed these days over the bug where the characters die way too fast and with nothing happening to them. I just upgraded energon galvatron to level 8 to get past a level and it is stuck again only a day later. Now two slots are stuck with chakra heaters that cannot progress. Makes the game a lot less fun…

    (Hmmmmm. Despite being level 163, I only just figured out that Skywarp can destroy those stuck nodes. That helps a lot!! Still, I shouldn’t have to do that…)


    @buriedtreasure “(Hmmmmm. Despite being level 163, I only just figured out that Skywarp can destroy those stuck nodes. That helps a lot!! Still, I shouldn’t have to do that…)”

    You know, I’ve sometimes wondered if the Skywarp option was put in by Rovio because they couldn’t figure out how to fix the problem with the instant-death nodes; or if they were planning to implement that all along.


    rank 189 ( 4 stars super warior) :
    the rank is the level of all your characters together .
    optimus prime lvl 10
    bumblebee lvl 10
    soundwave lvl 10
    bludgeon lvl 9 (upgrading to level 10)
    heatwave lvl 7
    lockdown lvl 8
    ultra magnus lvl 9
    galvatron lvl 7
    soundblaster lvl 6
    sentinel prime lvl 6
    energon starscream lvl 9
    energon sounwave lvl 7
    energon grimlock lvl 7
    energon lockdown lvl 7
    energon galvatron lvl 10
    energon optimus prime lvl 9
    ultimate megatron lvl 7
    ultimate optimus prime lvl 6
    high octane bumblebee lvl 6
    goldbite grimlock lvl 9
    thundercracker lvl 6
    jazz lvl 6
    brawl lvl 6
    grey slam grimlock (or original grimlock) lvl 6
    dark megatron lvl 6


    I started a little over a week ago and am at rank 88. Highest level is 7, lowest is 3.

    Mighty Red

    I’m rank 247. My Brawl is upgrading to level 10 with Grey Slam Grimlock and Dark Megatron to follow. $0 spent, more than 66K pigs, more than 2700 gems and almost 4M coins. Started playing on October 30, as I am an Android user.


    I started in mid-to-late November on my iPhone, and got up to 140.

    Then I switched to Android around Christmas, which caused me to lose all my data (because Rovio thought not putting in Rovio account support into every game they make was somehow a good idea…)

    That said, I’m back up to 160 on my new phone. The squad bonuses are really helping me collect coins. Still need to get Dark Megatron, though…

    Mad Kat

    I don’t time travel. Some forum members have reported a way to time travel without being penalised by the game, to upgrade characters faster.

    I like having the right date and time at all times on my device (calendar for meetings, reminders).


    Rank 210, android, since october. Transformers ranking from 7 (5 new ones) to 10. No real money, no jenga.


    Jenga mode is fun

    Mad Kat

    I am in awe @mighty-red-1!

    What are your tips for progressing so fast?

    Mighty Red

    @vrinda-rajkumar Time travel and a lot of gameplay helped me rank up so fast.


    Time Travel is not really allowed thing now and Rovio can even do some penalties to you for doing that.


    @gulgor0 How? Its currently a local game so Rovio can’t touch our Transformers data.

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