• I completed Floor 32 of Dr. Pig’s lab and won a piggy as a prize, but when I exited the lab so I can switch to the Piggy Team, HE’S NOT THERE! What’s going on here?!

    UPDATE ON FORUM!: Okay, sometime later after this issue, Rovio managed to become well aware of this issue & managed to fix it. Now I have the Minion Pig to fight with.

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  • justpast40

    @furyslinger200, did you check to see if he’s in your Gift Box? That’s where the Gems, Ship Energies, Coins etc from other Lab Chests appear.


    Well I’m still far from 32 … . But I’ve just checked the piggy in the lab. The label says that “… he might just join …”. Well ‘might’ isn’t the same as ‘will’ I suppose :)


    Yes, the same thing happened to me yesterday….I have sent Rovio a complaint, let’s see what they respond.


    Guys, floor 32 from Dr.Pig’s lab dissapeared and it says “More Floors Coming Soon”! I think that floor is time limited


    @justpast40 I did, and that Piggy isn’t there. I contacted Rovio Support about this. According to them, there was some bug that somehow prevents some players from unlocking the piggy that was held captive in Dr. Pig’s Lab, and they are planning to fix this soon.


    @furyslinger200, would you post when the fix is implemented? Sometimes Rovio isn’t clear as to why they issue an update.


    @justpast40 No worries, man. Rovio updated the app to version 2.4.1 this morning on April 18, 2016. After updating and starting to play the version of the App, I manage to finally see that my piggy is there, ready for action! :)

    Also, I heard someone saying that he or she had to wait a lot of hours for a Piggy to stop being tired. Well, as I played the new update, I think I have a deduction.

    Whenever a Piggy is sent to battle, he grows tired and defense & attack are decreased by 25%. However, once you play enough battles as the Birds, the Piggy regains his strength and his stat won’t have negative effects. I guess you could say that the Piggy being tired is like a “Negative Version” of Angry Mode, as explained in my theory below.

    Bird not selected for 6 battles > Angry Mode = Positive Stat Effects

    Piggy competes in a battle > Becomes Tired = Negative Stat Effects > Piggy not selected for 6 battles = Negative Stat EFfects are removed.

    I still wish Rovio could explain more on how the Playable Piggies work, though. But at least I can finally play as a pig in Fight! :)

    Do you wanna know who my pig’s opponent is? Another minion pig, who is tired. And my piggy won that match on his first try, courtesy of yours truly (me)! :D

    By the way, by playing as a Pig, Pig Panels actually give the Pig stat boosts, where as it gives the Birds nothing. Also, the Pig I played against doesn’t make the same sounds as the Security Pig or the Minion Pig fought on Tiny Island when his health is at 0.

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