What's the difference between Red and Terence?

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  • Is anyone puzzled about the difference between Red and Terence? They have the same bad-tempered actions, feathers, but dissimilar abilities, and different sizes. Terence, effectually, is also stronger than Red (and the strongest in the flock.) But they are just created to be similar bird-like characters.

    I have 3 questions: How can you tell the difference between Terence’s feathers and Red’s feathers? How come Red has a power (his battle-cry) while Terence doesn’t? Why is Terence larger than Red?

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    They’re not the same at all. Well… expect that both are red. Terence has only mass to go for it, no special ability like Red has. Their feathers are indeed too close each other in terms of color. Lazy designers, I guess.

    You’re thinking too much. ;)



    You can easily tell the differrnce between Red and Terence feathers. On this picture the top feather is for Red and the bottom is for Terence.


    @cobby, I often mix up their feathers because unless I really look closely or zoom in, the colors are too similar. I know one is more maroon and the other is more candy apple red, but they look the same sometimes.

    Terrence seems to be a shell of what I remember his strength being when I first started the game. He used to go through any structure and sometimes two or three, but now, if there is a solid block of wood, ice and especially rock/pumice, he is stopped in the middle of the structure and just sits there. It’s rare to have him roll forwards or backwards too. Balloons also seem to stop him quite easily.  Very frustrating.


    @sb311, feather colors are too close to same. Unless you see them in same time as pictured above, they’re very hard to tell apart. Not using full display brightness is not helping either.

    I agree. Terence has received special nerfing and it’s painfull to see how vey minor obstacle can stop the flight. I hate how everything gets tweaked and it’s not the player who beneficts of those. Bird abilities, spells, gravity… name it and the tweaks are there.



    Thanks for sharing that. I didn’t even notice there was even that slight difference between the two reds, thought they were the same. I’m thankful for people who ask questions that I didn’t;t even know I didn’t even know, there is never a bad question especially about a game like this that seems to constantly be making small tweaks here and there.


    Red’s feathers are scarlet red. Terence’s feathers are burgundy red. I can distinguish between them on the iPhone, but there maybe colour difference in other devices, the display settings can make them look like the same. They seem to be the same species of bird according to the other games.

    , I agree that Terence’s penetrating power has weakened compared to some time in 2017, Rovio has always messed with the bird strength.

    Generally speaking, Terence should not be used at a high angle to hit things above  ,due to his mass, his penetrating power is much lower. His power is at maximum if you are shooting him down and avoid any thick square stone and wood block in the path, sometimes he can clear the room with 3 structures in one shot with the aid of fans and flowers.

    Red is good at toppling tall and thin to medium width stone structures, but he performs poorly at hitting far away structures, ice structures, thick buildings and pigs at the bottom as the battle cry won’t work at the bottom of the building and lightweight objects.

Home Forums Angry Birds 2 Forum What's the difference between Red and Terence?

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