What keeps you playing the game?

  • I know that the game has a lot of issues, and people usually says it is becoming unplayable. I know that there is a lot of reasons to stop playing.

    But just for a change, I would like to know what keeps you playing, even with all the nerfing, glitches and other issues.

    My personal reason is that I’m kind of a completionist. I set some goals for myself:
    1. Acquire all TFs
    2. Maximize all TF’s levels
    3. Acquire all achievements
    4. Acquire all accessories
    5. Do not spend a cent on the game (I can buy better games for the price of the bundles)

    I’m basically playing only on events now. I put most of my TF’s on missions to get materials for upgrades and get some gems. Sometimes I play the daily quests, when there is a chance of a good bonus (gems or tokens)

    So, what keeps you playing the game?

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  • Rowdypup

    @ramonpontes similar to your #1, where I go on a wild goose chase for an remaining Transformers (the limited-time ones to be more specific), only for my robot reward to be replaced with accessories, which are just as cool! Mark my words Rovio- Rowdypup will conquer the colossal challenge of collecting computerized characters some day!


    @ramonpontes pretty much the same reasons as yours except 4. If accessories are available in events I will attempt to obtain them if not only obtain 1 accessory per spot. Also as I only started in August this year I haven’t seen as much nerfing as other people have so that hasn’t been an issue for me.

    Don’t know if I will ever maximize all TF’s levels as it may take about a year to do that without spending gems and I have obtained all released characters except Drift so boredom could soon set in. Although, as I have all TF’s except Drift don’t need to spend as many gems in events so I could use the excess gems I have been acquiring from daily quests and Pig Lab to speed up the upgrading process.

    @ramonpontes My reasons are similar to yours (except, maybe, acquiring all of the accessories), but I prefer to think of it as assimilating all of the Transformers (you know, because of my username being Garfield Of Borg).


    @ramonpontes pretty much the same as yours except the accessories. I find it hard to see a real improvement when the accessories are on and to have more than one per slot available doesn’t make sense.

    I also play because it used to provide some entertainment/fun and I am kind of hanging on hoping it gets fixed up and added to. Not sure if this will happen though.

    The Dark Knight

    The only things that keeps me playing are:

    1. Acquire all TFs
    2. Maximize all TF’s levels
    3. Acquire all achievements
    4. Acquire all accessories
    5. Hardcore fan of the franchise

    I wish some bags to be dealt with and stop the nerfing at bots and en/cons!


    Mainly options one and two for me, I want to quit but my need to get them all and to level 15 is greater than quiting lol


    I just want every Transformer in the game :c I was absent like for a year, and I missed so many things >n<


    Absof***inglutely nothing except sheer stupidity!


    For something to do when I got spare time on my hands. I no longer play anywhere near as I used to do since they decided to mess everything up. No fun in the game anymore.


    I hate not having a complete squad!! Makes my OCD come out a bit. Also my competitiveness comes out big time during the events!!


    Time waster. It was the original Angry Birds, then Star Wars versions .. but all that’s turned into a force to pay – or just got boring quick. This one’s going that way and quickly losing steam, too. Once, I actually played it, even through the repetition, ’cause getting achievements and unlocking transformers, thinking they may do something unique or different, was fun. Again … that’s going away, too. Otherwise, it was something different and still fun. Not some stupid puzzle game and not the same Angry Birds.

    Other than that … needing to stress down, cruddy television programming, and not wanting to clean the house.


    I will quit after the holidays. Rovio/Exient’s last stunt (the lab not giving gems anymore) changed the game from almost pointless to completely pointless. Why bother doing regular nodes if you are only going to get useless coins? Why bother doing events for characters or accessories which you won’t use since you don’t play regular nodes anymore?


    @swing the 3 super rarium recipe gives gems again

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