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  • Has anyone else downloaded the Halloween update and noticed their birds changed levels? Mine were all level 9 this morning when I played the DC. I downloaded the update after I’d played, and now all my birds are level 12!

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  • Mighty Red

    @annem302 That’s normal – with this update, the hat and slingshot score multipliers are added to your bird levels. For example, if your Red was level 8, he’s wearing a hat that gives a x2 score multiplier and the slingshot has a score multiplier of 3, your Red’s new bird level will be 13.

    Spike Wick

    Happened to me . Mine were at 11-14 yesterday . Did update now they are at 15-18.


    Thanks @mighty-red-1! I thought I was seeing things and did not understand what was happening at all.


    Yes, I noticed that too. It looks like the new levels are a combined amount adding your card level, hat level, and slingshot level all in one now. When I played the Arena, the match-ups also displayed each other’s “Flock Power” now based on the new combined levels.

    Other additional changes appear to be:
    – a few new hat sets (three new sets?)
    – higher amounts of feathers in the Arena winning streaks
    – a Halloween level available for 24 hours
    – new AB2 logo icon on my phone screen

    Jon S


    – Hat sets include Halloween caps (20 pearls), wigs (100 pearls) and Knight Caps (1000 pearls) which add +1,+2 and +3 respectively. This of course brings yet more slingshot upgrades into the elder status. Currently I have an elder bronze slingshot

    Also to add

    -Halloween special. $13.99 offer gives you 1600 gems, 50 black pearls and 200 Terrence feathers
    – 20 regenerated “new” levels from the Snotting Hill and Madagooscar chapters. Rooms are identical but they raised up the difficulty with structure placement. At least the boss rooms are different.

    – Perhaps the major change, and it’s something that really frustrates me… Spells have now reverted back +1 multipliers instead of +20 multipliers, making the arena and completing the main levels extremely difficult making video birds and spend gems required if you want to pass.


    @jon3800 yes I’ve suddenly noticed that most of these ‘new’ structures are impossible to take down with a single bird.

    I’ve had the ‘pay to continue’ pop up way more times than I’ve ever seen during the DC and KPC today >:(

    I also just got a room with THREE laser beam pigs in it…. one on each of 3 towers, making it near impossible to knock any one of them down without getting zapped.

    Don’t kid yourself, the new buildings are very, very deliberately tougher to knock down.

    Rovio has gone beyond the point of being desperate for cash now. I think it’s time to put this puppy down once and for all.

    Mark Melton

    Well I have noticed since I downloaded the updates my birds are doing less damages as before. I usually have multiple 7 win streaks beating higher ranked and lower ranked complete blowout..sure I get knocked down now and then but always mount winning streaks but not since the change.


    Agreed, my birds and spells definitely doing less damage since the update.


    Spells are now ( 1 + slingshot lvl) instead of (lowest card level + slingshot level). The birds are still the same and give the same scores. My scores have increased with the added slingshot level but so has the competition I face. The spell changes mean the matches are more fair than they used to be and you really have to sling better to beat the competition. The spells used to make the scores heavily tilted toward spell users.

    Mark Melton

    The game has gotten to be a chore…I don’t mind a good challenge but structures I used to take out with one well placed angry bird fling…now some taking 4-5 birds to move to clear pigstructions. You would have to have multiple spells and piles of gems to do arena streaks…the ones with the bucks can buy their luck.

    Epic Buttstomp

    Bunch of sobs. I wish they gave out feathers count like that when the arena was actually playable.

    Mark Melton

    Yeah I blew a little steam off because this change is going to take a little time to adjust. It is just when you’re used to kicking @$$ and running pigstructuons into atoms and pigs burnt bacon on blackened toast..then Wham!! You can’t knock down a fly. I’m gonna keep flinging cause pigs must die.

    Epic Buttstomp

    Also game crashes many times on launching. Need few tries to get in


    I noticed that if I’m listening to music or a podcast, the volume of it drops significantly when Angry Birds 2 is open (even if its muted). The ads are also louder.


    So, now that everyone had their birds increased, we’re still at square one, as we all had an increase. Nothing has really changed.


    Hello Flingers!

    We noticed a bug that slipped through our testing that a lot of you guys have been seeing. Spells are not supposed to be level 1; but they are for “high level” players such as many of you are due to a bug in the new way of calculating card levels. “Luckily” this affects many of your opponents as well, so the playing field is not too skewed when using/facing spells. We’re sorry about it and we’ll fix it as soon as we can.

    When it comes to difficulties in levels I see a lot of the same comments each update. I can promise you that we have zero intentions of making the gameplay experience more frustrating for you, we’re actually adding several hidden fixes to remove as much pain as we can because we want for everyone to have an enjoyable gaming experience. The Arena have also had some pain relief done to it, with better rewards and less maximum difference to opponents.

    I’m sorry again about the spell inconvenience but I hope you’ll find the other new content positive!

    Take care,

    Mark Melton

    That is welcomed news Hank, I went from making three or four 7 arena win streaks in a row before the update and now I’m lucky to mount 3 and 4 opponents win streaks. Not giving up cause I need the 300 resources from the arena. Thanks for noticing the fixes.


    Hey new member here I’ve only been playing this game for 6 weeks. This new update is game breaking. I don’t know how many times in the last few days since the update I knock down a bunch of pigstructures and some how there’s one straggler pig that I have to waste another bird to kill. Then I get to the last level and of course I’m 1 bird short of beating the level. Not to mention the arena is totally effed up. I literally have to play a perfect game to keep the game close so that I can win with my free bird with ad. If I make one mistake in the arena, game over I’ll lose by 2,000,000 points. I’m level 41, all my birds are level 10 plus my azure slingshot. I think it’s obvious Rovio wants us to buy the gem packages.

    Mark Melton

    I don’t think it is good business practice to offer the every 15 min. Gem chest I purchased for $9.99 to suddenly be changed to feathers and spells..that is not what I paid for and the gems that I was paying to get has stopped and I and a whole bunbunch of flingers are pissed off about it… I just want what I paid to get. I will no longer purchase another item for my use of Angry Birds it is us the adults old coots or whatever you want to call us who have credit cards to fund such resources. My ABs2 bucks stops here.


    @mark-melton At least you’re still getting feathers. Since my flock is maxed out, I get only spells. Every 15 minutes I get either a blizzard, a chili or a duck. That’s it. I have about 2500 spells so I’m not even bothering to open the chest anymore. I,like you and many others, paid for a MIX of feathers,gems and spells. Now I’m getting exactly nothing for my $9.99. You can get gems by completing the daily quest or if you have a FB friend or place in the arena. By eliminating gems from the chest it’s daily costing at least enough gems to get an arena win. Since I no longer get feathers, I play the DC to give gifts to my FB friend. I don’t bother with the KPP, since it gives me only spells and the chance to get 50 pearls IF I use gems to maybe get to the King pig. Very near end game here. Waiting to see what the next update brings. It’s not looking good.

    Mark Melton

    I too get all that I have placed number 1 in my league 6weeks in a row…saw the little 15 min. deals 9.99 and got the letter deal.

    What I feel the Angry Birds people are doing is ” I don’t claim to be a ABs2 master” but before the update without spending a dime” I was winning multi arena windbreaks, DC and Boss king pig challenges…beating hunger rank and lower ranks in arena..players like me were beating their spenders and they fixed it clipping those extra gems throughout the day and so less skilled cash spenders could advance. In the end it is just a game, something to pass time and when it stops being fun I out of here.

    Mark Melton

    My device is android and my screen name is “Crash Buttstomp” when I first downloaded ABs2 I worked or played whichever you prefer to call it, Feeling myself around much like the old Angry Birds game and started playing the Arena and once I started to climb up to the leader positions 1-2-3 I pretty much stayed in the top place even the diamond league taking those 300 stars,gems and pearls. I purchased a few resources here and there mainly for DC or when a tough Boss level needed one little push. Like many of you from the post I’m reading are experiencing the same struggles I am since this Bad update..basically a screwing without the candy and flowers. I’m getting beat by opponents that never came close before because my birds have not the power, even with upgraded slingshot. I’m 58 too dadgum old to fool around with a once great little game to having my wings clipped to the point Im wasting my time here when I should be in the arena making someone throw their phone at the wall.


    We’re sorry about it and we’ll fix it as soon as we can

    can we expect that “fix” anytime soon? (i.e in the next day or so)


    I can believe the ‘high players’ part – I heard others grumbling about the spell=1 issue when I was at flock strength of around 175-180 but I did not feel it. Then my last bird leveled up and boom! So it’s somewhere around 180 that this happens…


    Add to that the fact that we aren’t getting feathers from the small chests, and we aren’t getting gems either. With 1’d spells having as much impact as a wet noodle on a titanium plate, this basically means every reward given to players is nearly useless.

    I can see where the spell=1 could be a programming bug, but the latter decisions are not bugs, so it’s a pretty concerned effort to basically neutralize rewards. And with no fix coming in the foreseeable future, one can only wonder whether this is just a lucky coincidence.

    Jet Glider

    Mark Melton

    Well I still notice weirdness during some arena matches..I was working on a 7 streak run in the arena, my opponent was out of birds and I had Clarence left with two easy wood pigstruction to raise my total score…I shot should have cleared both builds completely! Only to drop like a feather.

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