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  • Hi everybody,

    Do you know when will will have the videos of strategy to use for the last two caves 10 & 11 ?
    Thanks a lot

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  • MVNLA2

    @BirdLeader — I think this question is really for you.

    Bird Leader

    @satheen @mvnla2 You know, I started on these but I ended up giving up because the time it takes to produce the walkthroughs is not backed up by the demand. In other words, Epic Cave walkthroughs really haven’t been very popular. I was thinking about creating the posts and asking users to submit their walkthroughs. What are your thoughts are on this? Are there specific levels you think warrant walkthroughs?

    cc. @admins


    @BirdLeader @satheen– There are a couple of forum threads with verbal descriptions on how to beat some of the harder levels. I have finished all the caves (and everything else) with 3 stars.
    The levels I found the hardest were 11-5, 11-9, and 11-10.
    One thing that makes walkthroughs difficult is the fact that your success depends on the mastery of your birds relative to your experience.
    Perhaps a strategy page with examples of what has worked for people at various levels?


    Hi, thanks for the answers,
    I totally understand, but the fact is we’re not all english people and dealing with another language’s explanations is much difficult than watching a video =)=)
    I used them a lot to choose best combinations and to see which bird to use on which other, or simply to see which one to use first and second, and third.

    So sad to know that ! I hoped them so much^^
    I searched on youtube but apparently no one do the same videos, it seems to be impossible to find at least 1 video of cave 10 or cave 11 :/

    PS: sorry for my french’english language =)


    @satheen — Hope you can translate this OK. Don’t know if Google translate would help.
    I’m level 37
    As I recall, cave 10 is all non-ninja. I used my favorite combo:
    red Paladin level 7 or higher– I don’t have a matched set of legendary items
    Sea Dog level 7 or higher with matched set
    Princess level 5 or higher with Yin/Yang set.
    Cave 11 is mostly ninjas, but some are not
    For the non-ninjas use the same set as cave 10
    For the ninjas, use this:

    : “Samurai, Rainbird and Druid are a great combo for level 11-9 because of damage-over-time and two birds-healers.”
    I had trouble using this on cave 11, level 9 until all my birds were level 6 or 7
    For cave 11, level 10 try this:

    Cave 11 level 10 three stars help needed


    @birdleader, i know it’s a lot to ask but would it possible to post some levels of some caves? you don’t need to put them all here…
    For example Cave 11 , level 5 – 9 – 10…
    I looked everywhere, youtube and all but couldn’t find any…
    Anyone reading this, please help a poor guy before going completely nuts!! (im serious guys)
    Once i finish cave 11 (if i ever do) i’m never looking at it again!!!!
    I hate NINJAS!!!


    i cant kill the shogun in level 2 cave 11!!
    im using Samurai Druid and Rainbird. What shall i do more??? all of them level 6 and 7
    cc @mvnla2

    Edit: Finally after endless trials, i finished level 9!!!!! Youpiiiiiiiiiiiii
    now lets see whats level 10 is about.


    @Joeyba — My experience with Shogun’s is that you need lots of hot veggie cakes. I buy them with snoutlings farmed in SRC. You can only harm the Shogun when you use a chili, and the one with most damage should be the Samurai; use the strongest one you can. I’m trying to level up my Samurai right now, so you might be able to borrow him.
    Use a veggie cake to have a full chili before you start the round. Immediately use another as soon as you have emptied the first one. Check to make sure the Shogun is the healthiest before you use additional chilies. There is nothing worse than watching red use the chili to damage someone else.


    @mvnla2 i finished it. just used the chili i was given before i start the level. I finally managed to kill that shogun!!! it gave me really hard hard time!!



    I like this idea as it will allow a page to pop up on Google search results and permit users to submit their strategies.

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