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  • Patch Notes 2.0.0
    What’s new in Angry Birds Epic 2.0.0?
    We’ve been digging deep, deep under the hood to update a number of bits and pieces of the game engine and tech. This allowed us to fine tune Angry Birds Epic in every area and get rid of many legacy issues.
    Most importantly, we incorporated tons of your precious feedback on how to improve the game flow and overall balancing. So we’re pretty thrilled to finally share all the details of what we consider the most epic update ever!
    New Features & improvements

    New Battle Preparation Screen: you’ve never been so ready to beat the piggies
    Direct access to the bird manager to switch your bird classes
    Introducing power levels for pigs for better difficulty preview
    Detailed pig info including skill descriptions and recommended bird classes added to a newly created hint section
    New ingame shop: purchase your consumables and classes like a boss bird
    Now accessible from anywhere in the game
    Easy tab system and more detailed information for every offer
    New Elite upgrades: Fancy headgear for all the birds added to the event reward chests (available from Campaigns and World Boss Events):
    Red’s Elite Samurai
    Chuck’s Elite Rainbird
    Matilda’s Elite Princess
    Bomb’s Elite Berserk
    Blues’ Elite Marksmen
    Widescreen optimization: an epic new look and better usage on mobile devices – every screen has been revised, iterated and enhanced.
    Updated tutorials: onboarding for newbirds has never been smoother
    New Splash Screen: spring is coming, the flowers are in blossom!
    New video rewards added to Event Battle result screens
    Updated camp and arena buttons now show available interactions, like a free roll on the golden pig machine or claimable rewards
    We removed the annoying pop-up for the Golden Pig at game start – but don’t worry, the Golden Pig is still there! We also adjusted the difficulty of Golden Pig battles
    Balancing bonanza

    Golden Pig Machine: we replaced the 5x roll with a discounted 10x roll
    Balancing adjustments: With the new pig power levels in place, we optimized the balancing curve for every player level for world map battles, events and daily dungeons!
    More Mastery: We increased the amount of mastery you earn by playing regular battles
    Faster progress: We also adjusted the mastery XP curve – you now need less mastery to reach the cap, especially in the early levels the progression has been sped up
    Battle Buff: We increased the power boost after watching a video ad to 20%
    Most important bug fixes

    BOOM! We identified the annoying Facebook connectivity bug. You should now stay connected to Facebook after restarting the game – finally, once and forever!
    We resolved the issues with graphics glitches and flickering characters
    The daily friend roll is now working again
    More than 100 bugs wiped out! Small ones, big ones, old ones, new ones, annoying ones and even bugs you might never have noticed – but if you still happen to stumble upon something, please let us know:

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  • burbman

    maybe I should start over again, again to see how this all works for the lower level players…naaah

    I just hope it will run on my old device!


    I wonder how much the X10 roll will be even at a discounted price?


    Dang it! Ipod now crashes on startup


    Most of my class show negative mastery,
    That was decrease too much,
    Level up once defeat enemy.


    This is rubbish.. Now we need even more mastery to max out classes!!
    I recently got a new class to level 60, and I now need a minimum of 11396 mastery to rank 61. Previously it was less than this! I don’t notice more mastery either from normal battles. Why do the updates always make it worse?!


    I have submitted a ticket to see if my device is now no longer supported by the game. Fingers crossed there will soon be another quick patch.


    @pjng – what mastery level are you at that this is occurring?


    I got already one EPIC message :) It seems that Rovio made some changes in this new patch :)

    Coach MP

    Thanks for posting this @suzyq

    “Golden Pig Machine: we replaced the 5x roll with a discounted 10x roll”

    At first I didn’t understand it. But now… I think the gpm has been broken. The old one let you roll at 3 lc=1 roll or 15 lc=6 rolls (is that correct?) The new one rolls at 3 lc=1 roll or 27 lc=10 rolls. Seems we’ve gone backwards… :(

    Mighty Red

    Hmm, let’s see:
    15 Lucky Coins for 6 items = 2.5 LCs per item
    27 LCs for 10 items = 2.7 LCs per item

    Yeah, Rovio really discounted the GPM rolls (*sarcastic voice*).



    Wondering if Rovio is hoping that people will spend real money to buy LC’s for the 10x. If we still get the same amount of rubbish that we usually get I definitely won’t be one of them. Last 5x I got the same set item, which was a duplicate in the first place, 2 more times, one after the other. As I’m trying upgrade my sets up from 62 I wasn’t impressed.


    At LAST, the game keeps me signed in to FB when it restarts and I don’t have to sign back in every single time!

    Also, watching an ad now gives you 20% more HP and attack, instead of 10% before the update.

    The rest of the update is alright, too. The changed GPM rolls don’t bug me that much. I generally see this positively.


    After EPIC message, BabyBurbman team can now play one battle before game crashes. At least it loads fully now, maybe in a few more EPIC messages I will be able to play normally again.


    @pjng I had this happen with samurai earlier. I solved it by playing a level with samurai


    It shouldn’t be too long before we get one of the new elite classes



    It sucks that we lost some value of the 5 + 1 rolls.

    I wish you could change weapons as well as hats from the level screen.

    I’m happy I don’t have to log in to facebook constantly anymore.

    I was hoping they would include a way to level old set items to your current level but I guess that would be to much to ask.


    Now if only they made it so getting Snoutlings wasn’t such a chore…


    Updated and so far, other than the ad rolls still not working, no other problems for me.


    can i still play on the old patch for few weeks and get full value from 5+1 gpm?


    I have a problem to get bonus video ad in Caves since patch 2.0. It seems that they removed it or is it a bug?



    I haven’t had the video ad in the cave for 2 days now. I haven’t got Patch 2 yet.


    @kennymcc Can’t say. No video bonus works for me. Nothing. :(


    @kennymcc I haven’t seen the video ad in the caves for a few days as well


    @suzyq @kennymcc I haven’t had a cave add for three or 4 days and I updated this morning. Still no add.

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